Celebrity Jets That Will Blow Your Mind

Airplanes can take us anywhere in the world. Being able to travel by plane is a great privilege that is not accessible to many people. While some of us can barely afford it, others splurge for first and business classes. Yet, for some, flying first class is not enough. For these select few extremely wealthy individuals, purchasing an entire plane is enough to solve a lot of their problems. Yes, you read that right. There are certain celebrities that are wealthy enough to buy their own jets and fly them wherever they want at any given time. Luckily for them, the private jet industry is so extensive that it can cater to all tastes.

From seaplanes to massive jetliners these celebrities have invested millions of dollars in their own flying experience. Here you’ll find everything about these celebrity’s jets.

John Travolta


Owner of seven private aircraft, the actor John Travolta, is not only a frequent flyer but also a licensed pilot. His private stable at home is rumored to include a Boeing 707 private jet (five million dollars), an Eclipse 500 (around 2 million dollars), a Bombardier Challenger 601 (one and half million dollars), and two Gulfstream GIIs (both around a little less than half a million dollars). Travolta’s love for aviation is real. In fact, he’s got an “Airport Mansion” in Florida with its own airstrip. He truly loves it!

Warren Buffet

Luc Char/Quora

Warren Buffett is known for being one of the wealthiest people ever, but he’s also known for being frugal. And his jet-owning journey is a testament to that. Before embracing the highlife, Buffet owned a used Falcon 20 jet which cost him less than a million dollars. After that, he sold one of his other jets and bought a Bombardier Challenger 60 for around seven million dollars. Powered by two turbo-fans, this plane is able to take him everywhere. Buffet is definitely doing something right.

Jim Carrey


One of the greatest comedians and actors of all time, Jim Carrey is also a private jet advocate. He actually owns a Gulfstream V jet that is valued at fifty-nine million dollars. The aircraft is known as one of the highest-performing and safest private jets in the world, capable of achieving speeds near the speed of sound. When he’s not flying Carrey charters his aircraft for other travelers, charging eight thousand dollars per hour. Smart move from Jim.


Julia Kharchenko/Pintrest

With enough space to sit sixteen people comfortably and still have room for a master bedroom, kitchen, and two bathrooms, Jay-Z’s aircraft defines luxury. The value of the rapper’s jet is estimated to be forty million dollars. But he didn’t spend a cent on it. The jet was gifted to him by his wife, Beyonce. The Challenger 850 Learjet is considered the largest super-midsize business jet. That’s one way to travel with great exclusivity. We would not need to worry much about turbulence.

Taylor Swift

Tony Nicoletti/Daily Record

Known to be one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities, the artist Taylor Swift has enough in her account to avoid the whole airport commotion. One way to avoid that is to purchase a jet just like how she did. In fact, she used to own two jets but has recently downsized to one. It is fair to say that Swift flies in style in her ultra-luxurious forty million-dollar private jet. With over one hundred and seventy trips, she has definitely put her aircraft to use. She has also invited numerous celebrities to fly with her worldwide. Does she also perform shows in the jet? Maybe so…

David Beckham


Known for exuding style on football pitches, the retired football star, David Beckham now exudes style elsewhere. The former athlete purchased the Bombardier Challenger 350 ultra jet in order to enjoy the fruits of his labor. This ultimate super-midsize business jet has taken him and his family to live football games all over the world. It is said that once, Beckham flew his son and teammates to a remote region in Germany to play a football game. He deserves the best dad award.

Angelina Jolie


The multi-award-winning actress, Angelia Jolie not only owns a jet but also pilots it. That’s right. Jolie has been a licensed pilot since 2004. However, different then other celebrities, Jolie decided to purchase a fast jet rather than a luxurious one. She possesses a single-engine, red and white Cirrus SR-22 plane and this aviation piece is worth three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. It’s considered to be one of the world’s fastest single-engine aircraft. Flying at the max speed of three hundred miles per hour, Jolie is certainly living on the fast lane!

Jackie Chan


Hollywood action-film star, Jackie Chan loves his jet more than any other thing he owns. Chan’s aircraft is an Embraer Legacy 650 which he purchased for twenty million dollars. With only ninety-seven jets of this kind produced worldwide, the actor purchased a rarity. After owning this plane for a few years, he expressed, “My Legacy 650 is perfect for long trips, and it has everything I need on board. The Legacy 500 is futuristic…” We would certainly love it too.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion/Twitter

Singer/songwriter, Celine Dion makes sure to always save a spot in her private jet for her personal chef wherever she goes. Traveling around the world for Celine includes highly luxurious flights, due to the purchase of her forty-two million dollars, Bombardier BD-700 jet. This aircraft can fit fourteen people easily and with a chef onboard, we can only imagine what kind of party extravaganza happens on air.

Oprah Winfrey

Pacific Coast News

The multi-billionaire American talk show host Oprah Winfrey’s name is almost synonymous with fame and success. To prove this point, she purchased the Gulfstream G650, an aircraft with a prize tag of an astounding seventy-five million dollars. On top of that, she custom-built it with all the luxuries and features money can buy. It is said that in this mega-jet, Oprah has flown superstars all around the globe.

Tiger Woods


Arguably one of the best golfers ever, Tiger Woods is also known for being an extremely wealthy athlete. From Tiger’s point of view, wealth comes with luxury. Interestingly, he does not drive to the tournaments, he flies to them instead on his fifty million dollars Gulfstream G550 jet. It is said that this aircraft model is popular amongst athletes, as Tom Brady and Michael Jordan own the same one. Therefore, if you spot it soaring through the skies, we know there’s a celebrity inside of it.

Steven Spielberg


Steven Spielberg can be considered Hollywood’s best director ever. Having to attend film sets, and film festivals in different locations. Spielberg’s decision to buy a plane became a luxury worth delving into. He spent forty-two million dollars on the famous Bombardier Global Express XRS aircraft. The plane is capable of flying for sixteen straight hours at a top cruising altitude of fifty-one thousand feet. Spielberg is certainly flying high.

Bill Gates


The former richest man in the world, Bill Gates decided to treat himself for all his handwork and humanitarian initiatives. With already three jets in his possession, The Microsoft founder decided to buy a fourth one, which was the forty million dollar Bombardier BD-700 Global Express jet. In addition to these jets, Bill also owns a seaplane and a helicopter. He’s also a huge advocate for private flying. Can we blame him for that?  

Mark Cuban


The billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban’s net worth is estimated to be four billion dollars. He’s in the Guinness World Record for the accomplishment of the “largest single e-commerce transaction.” That purchase was a forty-million-dollar Gulfstream V jet. However, that’s not the only aircraft Cuban possesses. He also owns a Boeing 757 which he acquired for thirty-six million dollars. He uses this plane to transport his NBA players and the interior is designed by Nike. Money can certainly buy anything…

Richard Bronson

Steve Parsons/Getty Images

Owner of the company Virgin, Richard Branson is privileged enough to decide how to fly. Besides flying on his company’s commercial airline company, Virgin Atlantic, Branson also flies on his private Dassault Falcon 50 EX aircraft. He uses his private jet to fly to his private island. With a price tag of three and a half million dollars, this mid-size jet can fit ten people maximum and the comfort inside is unparalleled to any other jet.

Jerry Seinfeld


Different than other celebrities, the comedian and actor, Jerry Seinfeld does not truly owns an entire private jet. Instead, he co-owns three jets via a NetJets. Seinfeld has two Bombardier Challenger jets valued at thirty million and twenty million dollars and a 2006 Cessna 680 model. Even though he doesn’t entirely own these jets, the comedian will not have any trouble flying around the world. He has a lot of options in his airplane stable.

Tom Cruise

North American Jets/Twitter

Besides being an action film superstar, Tom Cruise is also known for doing his own stunts in films like Top Gun and Mission Impossible. The actor admits that his love for flying planes came about during the filming of Top Gun. With his pilot license up to date, Cruise owns a WWII P-51 Mustang fighter and a Gulfstream IV-SP. Rumor says that his jet includes a theatre room, jacuzzi, and air-filtration system that brings in fresh air to the cabin every two minutes. He probably practices his skydiving stunts out his jets too.

Jimmy Buffet


Taking a different approach when it comes to private plane ownership, the singer Jimmy Buffet is a little more “old school” than other celebrities. He possesses a 1990 Grumman HU-16 Albatross seaplane which he bought for roughly sixty thousand dollars. Buffet is a proud owner of his three-engine business aircraft. He also continuously improves and restores his plane and it can be spotted flying up in the Caribbean sky.

Elon Musk

Patrick Pleul/Getty Images

Elon Musk, who is known for being the boss of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX is a multi-billionaire with enough wealth to purchase whatever he wants. That includes one of the most expensive privately owned jets and he puts it to use. Elon’s private aircraft choice was a Gulfstream G650ER which has a price tag of seventy million dollars. Of course, we wouldn’t expect less from Elon. In one year, the business mogul has logged 150,000 miles on air. He’s flown his beloved plane all around the world.


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