Celebrity Siblings Who Co-Starred Together On-Screen

From the Olsen sisters to the Franco brothers, there are a lot of celebrity siblings who have starred together in films and television shows. But while some sibling duos are more well-known than others, there are many other pairings out there that may surprise you. Keep reading to find out which famous siblings have teamed up to create TV and movie magic.

The Cusack Siblings

The iconic Cusack duo practically took over the industry when they starred in almost a dozen movies together in the ’80s and the ’90s. John Cusack would typically take on the leading role while Joan Cusack played a supporting role in comic relief.

Some of the films the two have appeared together in include “Class”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Grandview”, “U.S.A.”, “Broadcast News”, “Say Anything”, “Grosse Pointe Blank”, “Cradle Will Rock”, “High Fidelity”, “Martian Child”, and “War, Inc”.

The Franco Siblings

Dave and James Franco are Hollywood powerhouses, as they’ve been seen in popular films like Now You See Me and Spider-Man. The two have appeared on-screen together since the early 2000s, when James Franco had one of the main roles in “Milk” as Scott Smith, while Dave played a much smaller part of Telephone Tree #5.

Regardless, the duo has gone on to collaborate and star side-by-side in films like “The Disaster Artist” and “Zeroville”.

The Mara Siblings

While the Mara siblings have only been seen on-screen together once, it’s widely agreed that the two need to work together more often. Rooney Mara appeared briefly in the direct-to-video “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”, which stars her big sister, Kate Mara.

The Jonas Brothers

While you may know the Jonas Brothers for their hit songs like “Sucker” or “Burnin’ Up”, you may not know that they’ve been seen on-screen together numerous times.

In the past, when they weren’t recording music or jamming out together at concerts, these brothers starred in Disney Channel movies like “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”. The trio even had their own short-lived TV Show on Disney titled “Jonas”.

The Wilson Siblings

At the beginning of his booming career, Owen Wilson starred in “Bottle Rocket”, which gave him the opportunity to work alongside his brothers, Andrew and Luke Wilson. In the 1994 indie comedy, Andrew plays the Future Man in the movie, while Luke plays his old friend and partner in crime, Anthony.

The Wayans Siblings

The Wayans family is made up of 10 siblings that have some serious star power. In the late ’80s/early ’90s, Kennan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans catapulted their large family into show business when they started in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” and “In Living Color”. These shows paved a path of stardom for the Wayans siblings.

The Gyllenhaal Siblings

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal have starred in small roles as kids in films like “A Dangerous Woman” and “Homegrown”, but what really blasted them into fame was when they played brother and sister in “Donnie Darko”.

The Fanning Siblings

In the popular film “I Am Sam”, Elle Fanning utilized her youth and similar looks to her sister, Dakota Fanning, by playing the two-year-old version of Dakota’s character, Lucy Diamond Dawson. The siblings have also appeared together in the TV miniseries “Taken” and have even done some voice acting together in the English-dubbed version of Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro”.

The Murray Siblings

Since the beginning, Bill Murray’s older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, has been working alongside him in all of his comedic ventures. In fact, Brian was one of the reasons his brother got into comedy, as he got him started in improv at The Second City in Chicago.

Since then, the brothers have starred in many TV shows and films together, including “Caddyshack”, “Scrooged”, “Ghostbusters II”, “Groundhog Day”, “The Razor’s Edge”, and “Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings”.

The Hemsworth Siblings

While Chris Hemsworth is well-known for his part as Thor in the film series, it’s likely that you didn’t spot his brother, Luke, in “Ragnarok”. Luke even plays Thor too while in the play that Loki puts on while hiding as Odin.

The third Hemsworth brother, Liam, hasn’t appeared alongside his brothers on-screen yet, but we’re sure they will all act together at some point in the future.

The Affleck Siblings

Since they were little, the Affleck brothers have been acting in commercials and assorted plays in their hometown of Massachusetts. All of their hard work in their youth ended up paying off, as they both have now made their mark on Hollywood.

Perhaps the duo’s most memorable appearance together was in the hit film “Good Will Hunting”, where they play a set of friends who show tough love to each other in the best ways. Other media they can be seen together in include “Chasing Amy” and “200 Cigarettes”.

The Farmiga Siblings

The Farmiga sisters are two talented actors that have done a few movies together. Taissa, the younger sister, got her start when she starred in Vera’s directorial debut, “Higher Ground”, where she played a younger version of her sister. The two also played mother and daughter in “At Middleton”.

The Bateman Siblings

Jason and Justine Bateman were the talks of the town in the ’80s, after they did two TV movies together, “Right to Kill?” and “Can You Feel Me Dancing”. While the public has had many not-too-kind words to say about these films, it did allow the actors to make names for themselves in the industry.

Later on, the two reunited on TV for an “Arrested Development” episode where Justin plays a woman whom Michael (Jason) thinks could be his sister, ironically enough.

The Olsen Siblings

The Olsen sisters are a trio that we’ve all come to know and love, as they’ve been on TV together nearly their entire lives. Before their roles on “Full House”, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made a slew of direct-to-video movies for kids and even had one theatrical release titled “New York Minute”.

As for their little sister, Elizabeth, she also experience a rise in fame after starting off in one of her sisters’ movies, “How the West Was Fun”.

The Skarsgård Siblings

The Skarsgård brothers have appeared in many films together, both in the States and in their homeland of Sweden. Alexander and Gustaf Skarsgård star in a Swedish comedy called “Trust Me”, while Alexander and BillSkarsgård star in the 2000 film, “White Water Fury”. As for the future, they’re also set to appear in the new Robert Eggers movie, titled “The Northman”.

The Deschanel Siblings

Zooey and Emily Deschanel are two talented actresses with the biggest baby blues in Holywood. This iconic duo spent time together on-screen when Zooey starred in her older sister’s hit show “Bones”. During the show, the two played each other’s distant relatives.

The Culkin Siblings

The Culkin brothers have starred in multiple of each other’s films since 1990. Starting off, Macaulay and Kieran starred in the “Home Alone” movies. Then, Rory joined Macaulay in “Richie Rich” and “The Good Son”. While Macaulay has taken a step back from acting, Rory and Kieran’s end to acting is nowhere in sight.

The Lively Siblings

Blake and Robyn lively have made a name for themselves in Hollywood and have been in show business for a while now. Blakey and her half-sister Robyn both Star in the 2006 horror film titled “Simon Says”, but they haven’t done anything else together as of today.

The Roberts Siblings

Julia and Eric Roberts have both achieved great success in show business, but they’ve never truly collaborated on a movie together. In fact, the only time you can see them on-screen together is when Julia appears quickly in the ’89 western “Blood Red” as Eric’s little sister.

The Apatow Siblings

Maude and Iris are the daughters of a writer and director named Judd Apatow, meaning they were practically destined for stardom. Maude and Iris grew up on-screen together in Judd’s cutting-edge, hilarious comedies. They’ve starred in “Knocked Up”, “Funny People”, and “This Is 40”.

The Gleeson Siblings

Recognize these iconic brothers? If you do, it’s probably due to their recent venture together on the Amazon original series “Franke of Ireland”. The Gleeson siblings play Frank and Doofus on the show and even wrote the parts together themselves.

The Deutch Siblings

This family is full of some serious star power, as Zoey and Madelyn Deutch have followed in their mother Lea Thompson’s footsteps. Back in 2011, the sisters first made their debut in acting with their mom in “Mayor Cupcake”. More recently, all three played as family members in “The Year of the Spectacular Man”, which was written by Madelyn and directed by Lea.This family is full of some serious star power, as Zoey and Madelyn Deutch have followed in their mother Lea Thompson’s footsteps. Back in 2011, the sisters first made their debut in acting with their mom in “Mayor Cupcake”. More recently, all three played as family members in “The Year of the Spectacular Man”, which was written by Madelyn and directed by Lea.

The Silverman Siblings

While you may know Sarah Silverman from “Saturday Night Live” or from “The Sarah Silverman Program”, you might not know that she has a sister who shares her sense of humor. Laura and Sarah Silverman have worked together a few times over the years, mostly on Sarah’s own show.

The Breslin Siblings

Abigail and Spencer Breslin thrived as child stars, especially when they were together. Perhaps their most well-known work together was in “Raising Helen” with Kate Hudson and Hayden Panettiere, where they played siblings Sarah and Henry Davis.

The Mowry Siblings

Tia and Tamera Mowry are an iconic duo, but did you know they had a brother? Tahj Mowry has starred alongside his sisters in their hit ’90s show “Tia & Tamera” and in Disney Channel’s “Seventeen Again”.

The Mikkelsen Siblings

Mads and Lars Mikkelsen are a set of ultra-talented brothers that have become giant stars due to their roles in the past. Mads got his big break when he starred in NBC’s “Hannibal”, while Lars made his claim to fame in “Sherlock” and “House of Cards”. The brothers have only been in one movie together, the Danish drama “Flame and Citron”.

The Penn Siblings

Sean and Chriss Penn rose to fame when they starred alongside Christopher Walken in the 1978 movie “At Close Range”. They weren’t the only Penn family members in the movie, though, as Eileen Ryan, Sean and Chris’s mother, plays their grandmother in the movie as well.

The Ross Siblings

Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross are talented actors that have been in several well-known movies and television shows. They even starred in one together when appeared in the 2007 TV movie “Life Support”.

The Bridges Siblings

The Bridges brothers can be seen on-screen in various television shows and movies. These include “The Fabulous Baker Boy”, “The Company She Keeps”, “The Thanksgiving Promise”, and “Hidden in America”. If there’s one thing for certain about the Bridges siblings, it’s that they’re a family full of talent.

The Cameron Siblings

Kirk Cameron was launched into the Hollywood spotlight as a full-fledged teen heartthrob when he starred in “Growing Pains”. Later, this paved the way for his younger sister, Candace Cameron, to become a star of her own when she played a role in the hit show “Full House”. Kirk also guest-starred on the popular show, where he played the role of Cousin Steve.

The Duff Siblings

Hilary and Haylie Duff have been acting since their childhood and have grown up surrounded by fame. These sisters have shared their spotlight before, as they co-starred in the 2006 teen comedy “Material Girls” as bratty, socialite sisters.

The Wood Siblings

Early on in Natalie Wood’s career, her younger sister, Lana, could be seen beside her in smaller roles. You may recognize the duo from when they played the same character at different ages in John Ford’s “The Searchers”.

The Savage Siblings

Ben and Fred Savage have shared time on-screen more than you may realize. First, Ben appeared on his older brother’s TV show, “The Wonder Years”. Then, the two played brothers Brian and Eric in the film “Little Monsters”. Plus, Fred even made an appearance on Ben’s hit show “Boy Meets World”.

The Estévez Siblings

Charlie Sheen, real name Carlos Irwin Estévez, took on a stage name when he started acting just like his dad, but his brother, Emilio, didn’t feel the need. When both of these brothers rose to fame in the ’80s, they added Hollywood royalty to the family name. These brothers can be seen on-screen in “Young Guns”, “Men at Work”, “Rated X”, “Widsom”, “Loaded Weapon I”, “Never on Tuesday”, and as babies in “Badlands”.

The Baldwin Siblings

While Alec, William, Stephen, and Daniel Baldwin haven’t been seen in any TV shows or films together in the past, all that is allegedly about to change. In fact, all four siblings are set to star in Daniel’s new documentary called “My Promise to P.J.”.

The Madsen Siblings

Michael and Virginia Madsen were exposed to the film industry early on, as their mother had a passion for the industry. As they rose to fame, they starred in a few small movies together, including “The Florentine”, “Ballad of Nightingale”, and “Being Michael Madsen”.

The Michalka Siblings

Aly and AJ Michalka not only sing together but act together, too. These sisters starred as siblings in the Disney Channel original movie, “Cow Belles”, where they gained most of their fame early on.

The Murphy Siblings

Over time, we’ve all come to know and love Eddie Murphy for his incredible sense of humor, but did you know his brother’s a comedian himself? That’s right, Charlie Murphy has starred in a couple of Eddie’s movies over the years, including “Harlem Nights” and “Norbit”.

The Hamilton Siblings

Prepare to have your mind blown. At the end of “T2”, when Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is fighting the T-1000, the liquid Terminator turns into Sarah, forcing her to shoot herself. The real reason why this scene looks so real is that the Terminator in this part was actually played by Linda’s identical twin sister, Leslie.

The Einstein Siblings

Albert Brooks (born Albert Einstein, but changed for obvious reasons) and the late Bob Einstein have been in one movie together in 1981, called “Modern Romance”. In the film, Bob appears as a pushy sporting good salesman.

The Quaid Siblings

Dennis and Randy Quaid have only starred alongside each other once in Walter Hill’s “The Long Riders”. In the film, the two are cast to play brothers in nine different roles.

The Curtis Siblings

The Curtis family features star-studded members that each have been successful in their acting careers. The daughters of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee and Kelly, both grew into successful actresses and starred together in the 1983 film “Trading Places”.

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