Chill Out with the Best Mini Fridges

It would be great to be able to leave your work area during the break expecting no interruptions, emergencies, or high-profile emails. However, busy days don’t let you enjoy lunch outside the office, and lunch breaks are usually only a few minutes. That’s why almost every working office has a mini fridge where meals, beverages, and snacks are stored. Of course, this style of refrigerators are also perfect for smaller spaces like dorms and apartments.

Check out some of the best brands (and amazing deals) below.

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Compact Refrigerator

This mini fridge is a little on the larger side, making it suitable for a medium-sized office or even a small apartment.It offers a storage capacity of about 4.4 cubic feet and is only 32 inches in height. You can fit it under a table or a counter if you prefer keeping it out of sight.

All this being said, it is still a mini fridge. Despite it being compact, it has a wide variety of features, such as:

  • adjustable shelves,
  • can holders that hold a maximum of eight cans,
  • a tall bottle storage area,
  • a freezer (a fantastic feature for a mini fridge), and
  • an egg tray designed.

All in all, it has all the components of a real refrigerator, just in a compact size.


It starts at $238.

GE Clean Steel Compact Refrigerator

This option is a standard-sized mini fridge: it has a decent-sized interior of about 3.9 cubic feet.

It is suitable for storing drinks and snacks in small spaces. In fact, it has been rated 4.6 stars by customers who have bought it, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Part of these high ratings stem from the fact that it’s fairly silent and can well serve as a second fridge.

Features include:

  • three glass shelves,
  • a can holder, and
  • a freezer area.

Pricing & Discounts

This fridge was initially priced at $309; now you can save an outstanding $30. In other words, it is sold now at $278.

Danby 1.6 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator

This is a great model that is quiet enough to keep in your bedroom and cheap enough to be within your budget. It also helps preserve the environment because it needs less energy to run (meaning it’s gentle on your electric bill). This efficiency is because it uses an R600a refrigerant, an eco-friendly hydrocarbon that causes less global warming potential.

It has been rated 4.8 stars by initial customers, and it’s no surprise why: you’re saving the planet and your wallet!

Pricing & Discounts

This brand lets you save a record-breaking $58, reducing its price from $159.99 to $102.48. Talk about a steal! Of course, this initial price isn’t the only way you’re saving money: it is guaranteed to be durable due to its low energy consumption.

Avanti 3.3 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator

This option is a bit taller than regular miniature fridges with a height measuring 33.5 inches. Its size makes storing extra drinks and snacks ideal for medium-sized offices and as a secondary fridge.

It has unique features you can’t miss:

  • a separate chiller cavity (short-term storage),
  • glass shelves,
  • 2-liter bottle storage,
  • door bins, and
  • a temperature regulator.

Pricing & Discounts

This option is currently offered at a discount of about $13. This discount drops its price from $199 to its current price of $186. 

GE Stainless Steel Spacemaker Compact Refrigerator

This option is more spacious than any other fridge on our list, allowing you to store more than the standard miniature fridge. The interior of the refrigerator is amazingly roomy 5.12 cubic feet of space. However, its height is 34 inches, which is not that much taller than other mini fridges.

Available at a reasonable price, initial customers have rated it an astonishing 5/5 stars. It features:

  • an interior light,
  • clear crisper, and
  • two glass shelves.

Pricing & Discounts

Its initial price was $509. Now, the brand offers a discount of about $51, making its current price $458.10.

Home Lab Mini Fridge

This model is versatile and can be used either for a dorm room or even your home basement. It has a capacity of about 3.3 cubic feet.

It is designed with an attractive interior, but that’s not all that makes this entry stand out. This refrigerator also allows you to turn it on when you need it and off when you don’t, without affecting its functionality. It can do so with its temperature regulator, which also enables you to keep your food or drinks at just the right temperature.

Pricing & Discounts

It has a fixed price of about $195, which is cheap for its size.

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