Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit

When it comes to keeping valuables safe and secure, self-storage units are often the best answer due to their versatility. But it can be a little daunting to decide which company to go with, wondering if self-storage is as safe as people say it is. There are a few factors to take into account when choosing which one is best for personal needs, including climate control, size, location of the unit, and price. (Pricing will vary not only by company, but also size and location.)

Selecting the Right Unit

Public Storage – Public Storage is a storage facility and service that keeps the process of renting units easy to understand and simple. Whether it’s a local business looking to relocate excess files and records, or a baseball-card collector hoping to clear up some extra space in the attic, the first step in choosing a unit is to understand personal needs and conditions of the objects being stored. Public Storage offers a size guide right on their website that shows a 3D representation of what a certain sized unit looks like on the inside, as well as a step-by-step process of what signing up for a unit involves.

Public Storage also offers special deals of $1.00 for the first month’s rent and (up to) 15% off per month (online exclusive offer). Some added benefits and deals include no long-term contracts, climate-controlled units, and a special store-as-you-go unit.

Extra Space – Extra Space Storage provides an extensive planning guide on their website that gives tips for organizing certain products, how to store them, and do’s and don’ts for making moves a whole lot easier since planning can be one of the hardest parts of moving. Extra Space facilities also boast great security, having around-the-clock security camera surveillance that padlocks alone just can’t guarantee.

Extra Space also offers climate-controlled units, which they describe as a unit which generally stays within the temperature ranges of 55°F and 85°F. Why would climate control be considered an important feature? For one, it decreases the amount of humidity in the unit, which reduces the chance of mold, rust, or pests. It also helps to protect heat-sensitive valuables like CDs, wine bottles, or leather-based products.

U-Haul – Another key consideration to keep in mind when moving is convenience. U-Haul services offer special delivery to help transport goods. This service has units that have many different advantages, such as winter storage, climate control, RV/Boat/Vehicle storage.

One of the added benefits of going with this service comes in the form of U-Box containers, which provide some much-needed convenience for those making longer trips. Consumers can order as many U-Boxes as they want to their home or place of business to make packing simpler. Customers may also choose the option of having some extra assistance in making packing a breeze. From there, delivery services will take these boxes across the country or even around the world. Each box comes with a lock and a key, and the box will be safely stored in U-Haul’s facilities until the customer arrives to pick them up.

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