Cold Sore Treatments to Manage Outbreaks

Cold sores are painful blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus 1, or HSV-1 (this is different from HSV-2, which typically causes genital herpes). Although they can show up almost anywhere on the body, they most often will occur in and around the mouth, cheeks, and lips. While cold sores are generally not serious, people with compromised immune systems may be at risk. There are also rare cases where sores can spread to the eyes, nose, and throat, leading people to potentially experience severe symptoms and other life-threatening conditions.

Most people will experience cold sores in their lifetimes and many people can face recurring sores. This leaves plenty of people looking for some type of relief that doesn’t require costly medical intervention. While there are some simple home to treat and eliminate cold sores, they can be time consuming and costly, and even then, there is no guarantee that the sores will not return. Fortunately, there are number of treatments on the market today that quickly reduce the look and sensitivity of cold sores.

Abreva – Abreva, also known as Docosanol, is used to effectively treat and eliminate cold sores. It reduces the swelling caused by buildup of toxic HSV virus in skin cells and prevents the virus from entering healthy cells in the surrounding area. As a result, sores heal up quickly, and new sores do not have the opportunity to form. Prices can vary, but a tube will usually cost $15-20, depending on the retailer. Specific retailer discounts are available, as well as coupons from the official site.

Emuaid – Emuaid is a homeopathic, topical ointment that is typically used to treat burns, but has been found to fight cold sore treatments. It attacks microbes and pathogens that contribute to the development of the sore and provides sensations of relief to affected skin areas. Results are usually visible within the first 24-48 hours after application. It typically costs around $48 per 2oz container.

QuickClear – QuickClear is a completely natural supplement made of seven herbs (including burdock root, ashwanganda, echinacea root, passion flower, fenugreek, and barberry root) which are used to eliminate painful and unsightly cold sores. Regular and consistent use can be effective not just topically; not only does this product attack the virus topically, but it claims to eliminate the fungal host from the body. It is available as capsules, spray gel, and lip roll on. Depending on the type and quantity of treatment, it can cost roughly $30 to $80.

ProsurX – Many have claimed that ProsurX is one of the most effective treatments on the market today for both cold sores and genital herpes. It attacks the virus through nanoparticles and not only reduces the appearance and pain of sores, but also helps prevent spread of infection. People can expect to see results after their first treatment.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

The best way to stop the spread of cold sores is to never develop them in the first place. This virus is spread through activities like touching affected areas and sharing common items (like towels, toothbrushes, and shaving utensils), as well as kissing. It is best to refrain from coming into contact with infected areas until the sores are properly managed. As with anything else, being proactive when dealing with cold sores is more effective than any consistent treatment. Given how common cold sores are, however knowing how to deal with an outbreak is important.


History Facts - Jonestown

  1. On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of the Peoples Temple, a religious group based in San Francisco, died after drinking poison. It has gone down in history as the second-largest tragedy killing Americans in a single non-natural event, next to the September 11 attacks.
  2. Out of the hundreds of people who followed 'Jones' order, 11 were able to survive, including Hyacinth Thrash, an African-American woman who had been asleep in her cabin. When she awoke the next morning, she saw all the bodies, including her sister, Zipporah Edwards.
  3. Jim Jones was a white minister who preached progressive ideas to a religious sector. During the 1970s, he was at the peak of his popularity, with thousands of members. However, Jones became paranoid, so he decided to move to an agricultural settlement in Guyana.
  4. In November of 1978, US Congressman Leo Ryan decided to check out Jonestown, the settlement the cult leader named after himself. Ryan and his four companions were shot dead by Temple gunmen. Jones persuaded his followers to drink the punch laced with cyanide.
  5. Many people were surprised by the crimes committed by the preacher, but apparently, he had been engaging in cruel acts since his younger years. Tim Reiterman shared that Jones possessed a need to control and deceive people, and felt anger toward those who abandoned him.
  6. Jones was also caught performing animal cruelty as a child. Chuck Wilmore, a childhood friend, shared in The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, a documentary, that Jones had an obsession with death and religion. He was said to admire Adolf Hitler.

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