Couple Welcomes Twins on Their Same Birthday, Doctor Says, “I Don’t Think You Want to See Them”

Married couple Lyndon and Talia were over the moon. They just welcomed their twins to the world, and they can’t get over how things fell perfectly into place. They were excited over the fact that officially as of now, they weren’t the only ones who shared the same birthday. It’s their twins’ birthday too!

But a few hours after Talia gave birth to the twins, the world came crashing down on them. “I don’t think you want to see them,” the doctor told the couple. Lyndon knew that meant they were hiding something. He can’t help but think… did they push things too far with what they did to the twins?

The worst day?

Lyndon and Talia’s birthday was shaping up to be the worst day of their lives.


They planned everything down to the last detail: this day should have been a double celebration for them. Not only do they share the same birthday, their newborn twins now share their birthday too!

Lyndon and Talia worked so hard to achieve this. It was no coincidence that they have the same birthdays… but it seems as if they’re about to pay the price.

Becoming a family

The couple kept thinking any minute now, they’ll officially become a family.

As Talia pushed out the second twin successfully, there was a huge smile on Lyndon’s face. They did it! He immediately looked at his wife in assurance and she was smiling widely too.

They both patiently waited as the nurses cleaned their babies up. After a while, they seemed to get the idea that no one would be bringing the babies to them…

Something wrong

Talia was panicking, looking around the birthing suite.


Why was no one giving her their twins? She had watched enough videos of other mothers’ experiences to know that newborn babies are usually placed on the mother’s chest. She had looked forward to that moment her entire pregnancy…

Talia knows Lyndon knew there was something wrong too, as he kept asking the nurses what’s going on.


“Your babies are fine. They’re healthy. We have to clean you up and wheel you back to your room…” The nurse explained to Talia and Lyndon.


The couple wasn’t even able to get a word in upon the nurse’s explanation. They just want to hold their babies! Is that too much to ask?

After being cleaned up, Talia was advised to rest while they were waiting for the babies. How could she rest? All she keep thinking about was her babies.

Curious situation

Sleep didn’t come easily to Talia, but Lyndon urged her to rest.

With how much Talia suffered giving birth to their son and daughter, Lyndon knew it was up to him to keep a strong front for the both of them. Especially now when the doctors were keeping them in the dark about their children!

Lyndon kept it a secret, but upon the first cry of the second twin, Lyndon saw something change with the doctors…

Doctor’s visit

Talia woke up upon hearing the door open. Doctor Mendez came inside, followed by nurses.


Talia always prided herself with being able to read people’s expressions well. Judging by the Doctor Mendez’s expression, she was about to bring bad news to Lyndon and Talia.

The couple immediately thought of the worst. Did something happen to their babies?


At first, Doctor Mendez kept things casual… but the couple didn’t buy it for one bit.

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The doctor asked if Talia was feeling okay, if there were any discomfort she’s currently feeling. After insisting that she was fine, Talia could not help herself anymore.

“When can I see my babies?” Talia pleaded the doctor and nurses with her eyes, on the verge of crying. Even just a glimpse now would be alright with her.

Hiding information

When Doctor Mendez shared an unexplainable look with one of the nurses, Lyndon confirmed that they were hiding something from them.


Why would they hide the babies’ condition from their own parents? Are they allowed to do that? Lyndon was clueless over the whole thing. Now, he badly wishes one of their parents came with them. He knows they would know the situation better.

“Here’s the thing…”

Worrying situation

Doctor Mendez told them that the twins were in critical condition.


The couple held each other in horror. How could that happen? They heard each of the babies’ cry. What could have happened that put them in a critical condition? There were a lot of questions forming in the couple’s minds, yet none was spoken directly to the doctor.

“There’s not much to worry, as they have a high percent chance of survival for the both of them. We’re still trying to observe them as we have noticed something different with both of them…”

Desperate pleas

“When can we see them?”

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Talia was feeling so desperate now. She just wants to hold her babies so badly… or even see them at the very least. Knowing now that they may be sick, the urge was stronger than ever. Why were they denying them of that?

Then the doctor said something that enraged Talia.

Unbelievable claim

“I don’t think you would want to see them…” Doctor Mendez trailed off, looking sternly at Lyndon and Talia.

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The couple were both so shocked at what Doctor Mendez said. How could she say that to them? Doctor Mendez might have seen them looking in disbelief as she finally continued on.

“Something happened with the twins… and we suspect it has something to do with the pregnancy. Did something unusual happen?”

Everything was normal

The couple thought back to their journey.

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Things were pretty normal… at least for Talia. She couldn’t have anything that went wrong while carrying her twins. Basing on all the books she read, she was so sure they did nothing wrong.

But the same couldn’t be said for Lyndon. If his suspicions were right, he knows exactly what the doctor is talking about.

A different take

As much as Lyndon would like to say that Talia’s pregnancy was like any other normal case out there, he knows that it wasn’t at all.


Judging by how Talia looks right now, it seems as if she truly forgot what they did. Looking back, he now thinks what they did wasn’t truly worth it now that their children’s lives was in danger.

How could they tell the doctor that the reason their twins are in a critical condition right now might be their obsession on having the same birthday? The lengths they did just to make that happen…

An interesting start

Having the same birthday was the one thing that amazed Lyndon so much about his relationship with Talia.

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Talia could have been any other girl he met just a year ago, but when he found out that they have the same birthday, he became more interested with her and their new relationship.

After all, how often do you meet a girl that shares the same birthday with you? Add the fact that they met just a day before their birthday… talk about fate working wonders!

The perfect match

Lyndon hadn’t been such a huge believer in signs, but with his shared birthday with Talia, he took that as a sign that he should put more effort into this relationship.

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When he got to know Talia more, he genuinely saw that he truly scored a great girl when he met her. She was the perfect match for him.

Lyndon knows that Talia feels and thinks the exact same way as him. Despite what their family kept saying…

Going too fast

Lyndon’s parents warned him about how fast his relationship with Talia was going.


On their first-month mark, they were already inseparable! For Lyndon, it felt as if they have known each other their whole life. He could not imagine how much he fell in love with Talia.

As the months go by, things were going perfectly well… until Talia broke the news to him.

Taking the news

Talia was pregnant! When she told Lyndon, she was so scared – that much was obvious.

After all, there was a possibility that Lyndon might leave her alone to raise their child. But, Talia did not expect how Lyndon actually received the news. He was jumping for joy!

They immediately went to the clinic to know more about their baby. That’s when things finally started.

Double excitement

According to the Doctor, there was a possibility that Talia could be carrying twins.

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Lyndon did not know how to react on that news… but he surely wasn’t sad about it. It was actually a great news, although a heavy one at that. Twins meant more responsibilities than expected, Lyndon knows this just by watching his parents care for his younger twin brothers.

Still, it was too early to tell. But another news sparked some excitement to the couple…


When the doctor told them Talia’s approximate due date, Lyndon could not quite believe the dates he heard.


Lyndon even made the Doctor repeat herself. It was too surreal and coincidental. They did not think it was even a possibility for their case.

Like having twins, there was also a possibility that Talia would give birth on their birthday!

Too happy

Lyndon could not stop talking about it… and neither did Talia.

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This unexpected gift of having twins, as they would like to treat it, was something they happily received. What more, they could all have the same birthdays with each other… and it would be a huge celebration for their family.

Even though he doesn’t want to be too vocal about it, Lyndon couldn’t wait to finally find out what’s going to happen in the future.

Settling down

Apart from the excitement that came from their first consultation, everything went normally for Lyndon and Talia.

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Talia’s family was even singing praises to them. Like Lyndon’s family, they agreed that it seemed as if everything was going too fast with the couple’s relationship. But eventually, they learned to accept the two…

Even more after they announced the twins Talia was carrying!

Not bothersome

Lyndon could not stop his excitement that he almost talked about it everyday with Talia.

Talia knows that could have easily made her so annoyed with Lyndon and his non-stop talking about the twins. But, she actually loved it.

She thought Lyndon was going to abandon her when he found out about the pregnancy. But here he was, even more excited than Talia. And Talia couldn’t help but join Lyndon and his talks about their future.

An instant wedding

It was a whirlwind of a relationship for Talia.

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She did not see it coming. Months before, Talia did not expect that she would be carrying twins within a year’s time, let alone be walking down the aisle to marry someone.

Talia felt incredibly lucky to marry Lyndon. He was a genuinely good guy who shared the same excitement as hers the first time they found out they shared the same birthday.

Downing news

While Talia was having a healthy pregnancy so far, just before she hit her third trimester, they received a somewhat bad news for them.

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Given how carrying twins is prone to high risk, the doctor warned Lyndon and Talia that there’s a possibility their due date would be earlier. The young couple was shocked and sad, as their goal to have the same birthday as their children became close to impossible now.

Talia just accepted the news, just focusing on the fact that their children were healthy. But Lyndon was a different matter all together.

Going too far?

When the doctor asked them if they have any questions, Talia had none… but she was shocked at what Lyndon asked.


He was asking for tips on how they can manage to hit Talia’s previous due date. Talia knows Lyndon had been so fascinated about their whole family sharing the same birthday… but she did not expect it went this far.

Thankfully the doctor seemed unbothered by Lyndon’s question.


With the tips the doctor told them for Talia to carry full-term, Talia wanted to hurt Lyndon so bad.


She was so bitter about Lyndon’s question. While she does want the best for their babies – it comes at a price and that is Talia’s freedom.

The doctor basically advised her not to move at all!


Lyndon was so resolved with the doctor’s words, he did not notice Talia’s change of mood.

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It was back in their house when he finally noticed it, after the door slammed on his face. Lyndon actually had no idea what set Talia off, so he just chalked it to pregnancy hormones.

They have been like a well-oiled machine right from the start, and Lyndon had handled Talia’s mood swings like a champ. Little did he know this time was more than just a mood swing.

Eyes on the goal

Based on experience, Lyndon was so sure Talia’s hot head would have calmed down by dinner.

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Lyndon was whistling happily around the house. While their consultation a while ago started quite saddening, Lyndon was so thankful he asked that question.

They can still share the same birthday as their twins!

The audacity

Talia could not believe what she was seeing after going out of their room.


It seemed as if her bitter mood didn’t phase Lyndon even one bit. He was skipping around happily around the house. She could not believe the audacity of her now husband.

“Are you for real?!” Talia screeched, making Lyndon stop in his tracks. His clueless expression enraged Talia even more. What was wrong with him?!


To say Lyndon was shocked would be an understatement.


He genuinely thought Talia’s sour mood would be gone by dinner time… then all of a sudden, she was yelling at him! Lyndon did not know what he did wrong.

He immediately thought of all the things he said, did he say something offensive to his wife?

Digging a deeper hole

“I don’t know why you’re angry with me, Talia,” Lyndon calmly said.


While he was feeling annoyed over the fact that Talia was angry at him out of nowhere, Lyndon knows having a screaming match with his wife will not do anyone good.

And… it seemed as if his words enraged his pregnant wife even more!

Trying to explain

“I cannot believe you,” Talia muttered at him in disbelief.

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“If you’ll just tell me?” Lyndon asked, almost pleading. He was too clueless, he hates it!

Then, Talia went on to explain how his question with the doctor a while ago was over the line. Lyndon only frowned, not finding anything wrong with what he asked.


“Lyndon, you’re basically putting me on house arrest. I’ll go crazy!”


Talia finally spelled out everything to her hardheaded husband. She couldn’t pinpoint whether it was because of her mood swings, or Lyndon was just genuinely clueless over everything.

She couldn’t explain the relief she felt when realization finally dawned on Lyndon’s face.

Astounding disappointment

After that, Lyndon just felt so down.


He finally saw why Talia was so enraged after their session at the clinic. But what was he supposed to do? As far as he was concerned, they both wanted to achieve Talia’s first due date!

“But don’t you want us to have the same birthday with our children?”

Unconsciously insensitive

Upon voicing out his words, Lyndon heard himself and how… insensitive he sounded.


He also realized it the minute a pillow suddenly slammed on his face, after Talia threw it from sitting down the couch.

When Talia walked out of the scene, Lyndon knew it was going to be a long week for him.

The silent treatment

For days, the house had been quiet. Talia refused to talk to him!

Lyndon had been sleeping on the couch, rethinking all his decisions. He knows he should have been more aware… but he had no idea how to fix things.

Talia can sure hold a grudge…

Never ending!

Lyndon thought their fight was just going to last for a week… but it lasted until their next visit to the doctor!

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He was sure things would have mellowed down, but apparently, Talia truly took everything he said to heart.

Then the doctor said something that unexpectedly mended their fight…

A truce

Lyndon could not get over his shock the minute the doctor started apologizing to them.


According to the doctor, she should have explained things more when she broke the news to the couple about Talia’s due date adjustment.

Lyndon was shocked that even though his intentions were placed wrongly, it was the right thing to do for Talia!


Talia sighed in defeat after the doctor explained things further.


Since it already came from the doctor that she should stay at home, there was no reason anymore to make Lyndon suffer.

Looking at her husband, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she saw Lyndon hiding a smile.

Sweet nothings

Talia thought about holding on to her pride and still continue to give her husband the silent treatment.


But she did not expect for Lyndon to spoil her with gifts, as if he was back to courting her!

It made her so emotional after receiving flowers and her favorite snacks every day. She thought the next months of suffering might be worth it…

Not at all ideal

Staying in the house and not moving at all had been a nightmare for Talia.

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She had been staring at the empty wall for hours, unmoving, and feeling like she was growing crazy! At her eighth month, moving had been so hard when her belly was twice the size of a normal pregnant woman.

She kept thinking she was being tortured…

Doubling his efforts

Lyndon did everything for Talia to rest, not allowing her to stand up or move at all.

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He knows it annoys his wife to no end, but Lyndon’s really determined to do everything he can for their children to share the same birthday as them! Talia kept saying he was obsessed…

But then, he knows she was also sharing the same determination as him!

Questionable decisions

Their questionable decision started when Talia hit their due month.


Just a little less than three weeks, and it will be their birthday already. The couple just have to make sure that Talia wouldn’t go into labor ’til then!

According to all the books they read, drinking lots of fluids help stall labor… and so Talia did it everyday.

Desperate times…

It happened a week before their birthday.


Lyndon felt like he woke up from a good dream the minute he felt someone punching him aggressively.

It was in the middle of the night, and their nightmare began. It still wasn’t the right time!

Trouble in the making

Talia told him she was feeling cramps.


Lyndon was so much aware that they still have a week left. Just a week! And they would already hit their goal.

One look at each other, Lyndon knows Talia would do anything to stall the labor.

Still hopeful

Lyndon was so grateful that Talia’s water still didn’t break.


There was still hope. After making sure Talia was at least comfortable and relaxed in their bed, Lyndon did the one thing he avoided doing.

He pulled out his laptop, and searched for tips on how to stall labor…

Looking for answers

The list Lyndon was everything they have been doing… until he caught one thing.

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He swallowed nervously, thinking and thinking over again. Would this be worth it? While it was a perfectly normal thing to do, he wasn’t sure if it would be perfectly safe for Talia to do.

Lyndon still wants to secure their safety after all!


Nervously, Lyndon went to his resting wife.


Will Talia agree with him? He carefully woke Talia up, settling down beside her. After asking whether she’s feeling alright still, he stopped talking and showed Talia the laptop screen.

At first, Talia was so confused. Then realization slowly dawned on her…

No control anymore

“Is it safe?” Talia slowly asked, also hesitant with what she saw.


Lyndon honestly told her he has no idea, but it’s the one thing they still haven’t done out of all their options.

Whatever Talia decides, Lyndon knows he’s in full support of it… no matter what.

The decision

After about a minute or two, which felt like forever for Lyndon, Talia finally decided.


Lyndon was in disbelief, but as promised, he will agree with whatever Talia decides this time. He had to admit, he was a bit hesitant with her decision… but he had to keep in mind they still have a goal.

“I’ll do it.”

Getting ready

Calming his nerves, Lyndon took a deep breath.

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Given how limited Talia’s movements were, Lyndon had to exert the most effort helping Talia get into position.

There was some slight struggle on Talia’s part, but after a couple of minutes, Talia was finally lying upside down on their bed.

Too nervous

Due to his nervousness, Lyndon had to constantly ask Talia whether she was feeling alright.


According to his research, gravity doesn’t help when it comes to laboring women. To stall it, they have to lie upside down!

It was a bit mind blowing for Lyndon, but they got to try everything now.

Lying upside down

The couple of minutes that followed was torture for Lyndon.

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“Did the cramps stop already?” Lyndon asked quietly, staring at Talia’s feet leaning on the wall. He was honestly hoping it would work now, or else they will have to go to the hospital already…

And all hopes of having the same birthday will be gone!

Is it working?

Talia didn’t answer Lyndon right away… which scared him for a few minutes.

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Then, in a whisper, Talia told him she doesn’t feel any cramps anymore. Lyndon sighed in relief, honestly so thankful that it was working.

But he was still worrying. After all, they didn’t even consult their doctor before doing this!

Learning more

Then, Talia’s question made Lyndon want to back out.

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After staying upside down for 20 minutes now, Talia had to ask Lyndon how long does she have to stay in that position. Lyndon didn’t even think about that!

Lyndon rushed back to the site where he saw the recommendation…

Not good

Lyndon’s eyes went wide upon seeing what he saw.


He doesn’t have the courage to tell Talia what was currently stated in the website. How could Lyndon tell her that she had to stay like that ’til their birthday?

Lyndon refused to speak. He just knows Talia wouldn’t take this lightly…

Fearful answer

“Well?” Talia finally spoke, looking at Lyndon impatiently.


Lyndon was silently hoping Talia would let it drop, but of course, that was wishful thinking. Closing eyes, as if afraid to see what was going to happen next, Lyndon told Talia about her fate.

Then, complete silence followed his words…

Complete silence

Lyndon had to open his eyes to see Talia’s reaction.


His wife was just staring at nowhere… no doubt trying to process what she just heard. After seeing her reaction, Lyndon had to agree that he would be like that too if he was subjected to this horror.

After a couple of minutes, Talia finally told him this all better be worth it.

Alarming situation

Deep inside, Lyndon was thinking the same thing too.

He finally laid down in bed, adrenalin now slowly subsiding. It was still in the middle of the night, and his body clock was programmed to sleep… but before he could close his eyes, Talia gasped so loud it rattled his whole body.

“What happened?!” Lyndon couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, fear and paranoia taking over.


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