Design Ideas That Worked Better in Someone’s Head . . .

There are some basic rules of interior design that DIY homeowners and contractors generally follow. The five basic elements include color, form, line, mass, and texture, and when they’re properly observed they lead to harmonious form and function.

There are other DIYers and contractors that take all the design manuals, light them on fire, sweep up the ashes, and then throw them into the ocean.

In this article, you’ll see what happens when designers throw away the rules and embrace moments of haphazard inspiration by failing to plan ahead . . . lucky for us, their facepalms are our knee slappers!

When Your Water Drains Uphill


We guess this one is for people who fear a clogged drain more than a flooded bathroom.

When You’ve Got a Chess Guy But He’s Drunk


We’re not sure what to focus on first–the fact that these steps are basically invisible to the naked eye or that the squares themselves fail at the one job they had–creating a checkered pattern . . . either way, this is a good reminder to plan before you jump into an interior design project.

When Your Sink is a Diva


This sink looks like a diva who’s trying to upstage the rest of the appliances in this kitchen.

Also, what could possibly be the reason for this design choice? Was it wrought of a miscalculation of space on the contactor’s part or a moment of inspiration from the homeowner who prides herself on being daring and different?

When Your Furniture Maker Tries His Hand at Cabinetry


So, you’ve been stuffing couches for a living and, finally, you retire. Just then, someone asks you to build their cabinets. You think, “Great idea! I have some leftover stuffing and upholstery pins right here!” Then you defy your common sense and jump into this project with both feet. Next, someone pays you and now this exists.

We have so many questions.

Easy Access


Seeing as how literally everywhere else in the bathroom was available, this was a bold choice.

A Cursory Glance at Design Plans Could Have Stopped This


We’re trying to give this beam the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this is the home of a gymnast who struggles with the balance beam and needs daily practice. Or, maybe this is the home of a Limbo champion who brought this beam home as a trophy from his latest win? Either way, there has to be a reasonable explanation.

A Refrigerator for Tall People?


If you’re a real estate agent trying to sell this house, here’s your spiel, “Never before have you been able to keep the space under your refrigerator this clean!” You’re welcome. Follow us for more real estate advice.

Glitch in the Matrix or Overzealous Crown Molding?


We can’t tell if this is a mistake or just the evidence of someone who really likes crown molding. Scratch that. Someone who is in LOVE with crown molding. Or, maybe they just used Minecraft to design their real-life house?

When You’re Trying to Camoflauge Your Tardis


The Doctor approves this design.

When You Want Your Guests to Die Clean


At first glance, this rock shower looks beautiful and functional. Upon further investigation, we think it might be a torture device. Who do you know that can stand on top of a smooth, wet stone without losing their footing, even when they’re wearing shoes?

You’re not fooling us, shower maker.

This is a Remodel . . .

The fact that this is a remodel means it somehow looked worse before. I hope this homeowner kept their receipt and is demanding a refund.


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