Discover 10 Symptoms of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a serious illness that occurs when the bronchial tubes, which facilitate airflow to the lungs, suffer from inflammation. The CDC reported in 2016, over 8.9 million cases of chronic bronchitis were reported in the United States, and the majority of these patients were over the age of 75.

Though not as deadly as other diseases, bronchitis significantly affects your respiratory system, it’s painful, and it can lead to serious health conditions if left untreated. So, it’s important to be on the watch for the following symptoms…

10. Chest Discomfort


Having inflamed airways makes breathing extremely difficult because less air travels to the lungs. As a result, bronchitis patients feel a tight, sharp, or stabbing pain in the chest, specifically in the area behind the breastbone.

But, this is just one of the symptoms wrought by swollen bronchial tubes…

9. Shortness of Breath


Like chest pain, shortness of breath is one of this condition’s most noticeable symptoms. It’s also caused by limited airflow in the affected airways. Options like taking medication or using humidifiers often relieve bouts of breathlessness.

Don’t let the next symptom convince you to keep your guard down…

8. Productive Coughing


Coughing caused by bronchitis starts as dry, but as the days pass, it will start to bring up a yellow or grayish-colored phlegm. Those who have chronic bronchitis may also find blood in their phlegm at times. In any case, when someone coughs up blood, it’s important to seek medical attention right away.

On the other hand, clogging can be seen in other parts of the body…

7. Nasal Congestion 

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Colds are also common with acute bronchitis cases. Oftentimes, it’s the stuffy and runny nose kind of cold, which can make patients feel even more uncomfortable. Sometimes bronchitis can cause a sore throat, which can make speaking difficult. 

Congestion causes the strangest symptoms at times, as the following symptom demonstrates…

6. Wheezing 


Wheezing is the whistling sound that one makes while breathing under strained circumstances. In this case, it accompanies the shortness of breath wrought by inflamed bronchial tubes.

This next symptom can exacerbate every other symptom on this list…

5. Sleeplessness


Sleep can help you recover from infections by boosting the immune system. But, reduced breathing capacity, coupled with other serious symptoms, disrupt what should be a peaceful night’s rest. As such, sleeplessness can hinder the immune system in addition to making the entire experience more miserable.

It’s really no surprise that this next symptom happens more often when sleeplessness occurs… 

4. Fatigue

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Dr. Jen Tan, who specializes in immune systems, says that the vicious cycle of bronchial fatigue occurs because of two combined factors: constant coughing and sleeplessness. Both can slow down recovery and exacerbate other symptoms.

The following symptom, while unpleasant, is simply the body’s way of combating the infection…

3. Fever


Fevers are a result of the body trying to battle the virus that causes the infection. Specifically, certain viruses and bacteria cannot survive in hot temperatures, and the body knows this and cranks up the heat in an attempt to kill the infection-causing substances. Adult patients with fevers of 103 F (39.4 C) and above should seek medical care immediately.

Although bronchitis is a result of inflammation in the chest region, pain can be felt elsewhere in the body, too…

2. Back & Muscle Pain

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Aside from common bronchial chest pains, bronchitis patients may feel muscle aches and back pain from time to time. This is typically a result from constant coughing.

Our last symptom is also a sign that patients should call a medical provider immediately…

1. Sudden Weight Loss


Because breathing is more difficult with bronchitis, the body exerts more energy than it’s used to. This extra effort can also burn more calories. Other symptoms can also affect the appetite. As such, patients often experience significant weight loss. This symptom could indicate that the patient is not getting proper nutrition, which in turn can hamstring the immune system.


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