Dog Doesn’t Leave the Baby Alone for This Chilling Reason

Phillip and Margaret were living the American Dream with a big house, a picket fence, a cute dog, and a beautiful baby girl. Or so they thought. Their dog Butch was a rescue, and while things seemed normal at first, Butch’s behavior changed drastically after baby Caroline was born. He never left Caroline’s side, and often seemed on edge.

Was Butch sensing danger? Was Caroline at risk? Phillip and Margaret would soon investigate, and wouldn’t be prepared for what they would find.

A troublesome night

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It was Sunday, September 10th, and what appeared to be an ordinary night did not turn out to be ordinary after all. Phillip and Maggie were fast asleep in their bed, until Butch, their dog began barking wildly from the baby’s room, eventually waking up the whole neighborhood. What started out as a simple bark suddenly turned into a story that moved the whole nation.

Who was Phillip?


Phillip Blake was a troublesome kid. His parents quickly decided to put him in military school. When he turned eighteen years old, he joined the military and began traveling the world. At a young age, he realized that being in the military would make it harder for him to be in a stable relationship and he wondered if he would ever have a family of his own…

Who was Maggie?


Margaret Tanner, commonly known as Maggie, was adored by everyone she crossed paths with. She was raised in rural America. Oklahoma to be exact. Everyone knew that Maggie was destined for bigger things. She loved pottery and dreamed of having her own business. For this to happen, she needed to move to the big city.

Getting closer to his dream

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After years in the military and winning numerous accolades, Phillip decided that it was time for him to join the CIA. He quickly climbed the ranks and became the director of CIA. There he was responsible for all things related to the national security of the country. For him, this was a strategic move. He no longer had to travel on duty. He was now suitable for a stable relationship.

How did Maggie and Phillip meet?

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At a bar in Dallas, Texas. Sitting at a table with his co-workers, Phillip noticed a young lady sitting alone at the bar, so he decided to make a move. She introduced herself as Margaret Tanner. She had just moved to the city and shared with him her dreams in aspirations. They talked and drank the night away. They left the bar together, Phillip gave her a ride and dropped her home safely. Driving back to his house, he thought to himself, “could she be the one?”

The marriage

After months dating each other Phillip proposed to Maggie and her joyful tears said it all. A year later, they got married in Phillip’s ranch just outside of Dallas. It was a day to remember for them and for the guests. They threw a big wedding and everyone had an incredible time. Yet, Phillip’s family who hadn’t known Maggie that well, were skeptical about the marriage. Why would Phillip marry a girl from Oklahoma, who’s family didn’t have much to their name?

The Blake’s residence

Phillip rapidly decided to buy a ranch style home, not too far from the city. Maggie loved the home and the area they lived reminded her of her childhood. Phillip bought this house thinking of their future together and it was a perfect house for that. Yet, it wasn’t all smiles and sunshine. Phillip and Maggie’s big purchase caused the locals to talk about them. Being new to town, the neighbors didn’t know what to think of them yet.

A new family member?

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Already twenty weeks pregnant, Maggie felt very lonely during her first couple of weeks pregnant. Phillip was always busy at work and wasn’t able to give much attention to his wife. One night over dinner they decided to adopt a dog. This way, Maggie would have company and protection. Yet, with no dog pounds around them, where would they find a dog to adopt?

The street dog

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One day when Maggie had finished her pottery work, she decided to go for a walk. This day her walk proved to be very difficult. The baby just would’t stop kicking, so Maggie had to stop every once in awhile. She was struggling, but kept strong. During her walk, Maggie noticed there was an animal in the nearby dumpster. It looked like a dog from afar. As the animal noticed her presence, it began started getting closer and closer. Afraid of what could happen. Maggie froze.

Scary looking dog

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There was a rumor going around town about this abandoned dog that kept going from door to door begging for food. Word on the streets said that he had been living next . It was a scary looking male pitbull. A lot of people in town were scared of him. Maggie wondered if that could be him. As the pitbull got closer she noticed his kind eyes. The dog was very skinny and now within arms reach, it looked like he was begging for help. The dog ended up following her all the way home. Why was the dog following her?

Butch, finds a home!

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Weeks after meeting the pitbull, in her thirtieth week of pregnancy. The dog was now I frequent visitor, he would come to their porch and Maggie would feed him everyday. At night he would sleep in their porch. He looked desperate to find a home. Consequently, Phillip and Maggie decided to take him to the vet and adopt him. They named him Butch. On his first day inside the Blake’s residence, they noticed that Butch wasn’t playing with the toys much. He was always by Maggie’s side. What was going on?

Rushing to the hospital


On the thirty seventh week of pregnancy, Maggie’s water broke and she had to be rushed to the hospital. Chaos was set. Maggie screamed in pain while Butch wouldn’t stop barking. That same day, Phillip left work early and went to the hospital to see his newborn. Butch was left alone at the house for the first time.

Meet Caroline!


The Blake’s residence had two new members and they were inseparable. Caroline was three weeks old and Butch didn’t never left her side. He treated her as if she was his own. No one quite understood what was going on, but they surely loved each other. Phillip thought it as quite odd for a stray dog to act like that. He began to question if there was something wrong with Butch or perhaps even Caroline since she was born earlier than expected.

Maggie and Phillip’s date night


Phillip was noticing that Maggie didn’t have the same energy and demeanor. After so many sleepless nights it was normal for her to be like that. Maggie needed a a change of scene, so Phillip decided to take her out in town for drinks and dinner. Maggie had already found a babysitter to take care of Caroline for the night. The babysitter’s name was Jennifer and she was recommended by one of their neighbors. Yet, Maggie wasn’t that comfortable allowing a stranger in her house.

The babysitter meets Butch


Jennifer was getting to know Caroline, but Butch was always next to Caroline’s. Jennifer noticed he hadn’t even touched his food. Every time Jennifer got close to Caroline, Butch would bark at her. She got wary of the dog and to kept her distance. Yet, Butch wouldn’t stop barking every time she could near the baby. Was there something wrong with Butch?

A night to remember

Maggie and Phillip decided to stay in town and get a hotel for the night. Phillip called Jennifer and offered her some extra money, if she stayed for the night. Needing the extra cash, she couldn’t say no. When Jennifer was tucking Caroline in her bed, Butch got out of control and almost attacked her. Scared of the dog the babysitter immediately locked her self in the guest room. In the middle of the night Butch heard something from Jeniffer’s bedroom and dashed over there, but the room was locked. He scratched the door and barked at it the whole night.

The talk of the town


That night loud noises, dog barks, screaming etc were heard throughout the whole neighborhood. And many rumors were spread around town. Each person had a different theory about what had happened. People began thinking that there was something strange happening at Blake’s Residence. Yet, Phillip and Maggie could not point out what exactly had happened. However, after that night Butch wasn’t acting like he used to anymore. Had Butch done something wrong?

A couple’s trip

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Phillip decided to take some time off work to enjoy the company of his wife. He then booked a couple’s trip to Hawaii. They were going to be gone for four days, so they called up Jennifer. Needing the extra money, Jennifer said yes. But this time, Phillip wanted to see if any abnormalities would take place while they were gone. So, he decided to do something that even Maggie couldn’t believe.

Call the police!

Jeniffer was now more aware of Butch’s behavior and kept a respectful distance, but it wasn’t that easy since she needed to take care of Caroline. So Jennifer’s solution was to lock the dog inside the laundry room. With food and water, Jennifer thought that Butch wouldn’t bother. After putting the baby to sleep, the babysitter locked herself in the guest room. This time louder noises were heard from her room and Butch lost it. His barks increasingly got louder and grew more desperate by the minute. Suddenly, the loud noise of the police sirens wailed in the distance overshadowing everything else that was going on. Someone called the cops, but why?


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