Things You Missed from The Office!

“Conference Room, five minutes!” We need to have a talk.

We aren’t fully disgruntled with you guys, but we are a little gruntled. You say you’re the biggest fans of The Office, but when we mention these gems that occurred throughout the series, most people look surprised.

So, we need to settle this right now. Grab your World’s Best Boss mug, hang your yogurt container lid around your neck, and pay attention! Are you a fan of The Office or not?!

We’ll be the judges of that . . .

Teapot Cameo

You noticed the way Toby looks at Pam. You chuckled when Andy pathetically asked, “Why can’t I be in the club?” You even noticed Oscar, Pam, and Toby’s outfits were all coordinating during this scene. But, did you notice the teapot Jim gave Pam during Yankee Swap (or White Elephant, depending on where you’re from), was invited to the Finer Things Club?

Here’s something else we wonder . . . did Pam thoroughly wash that teapot after Dwight used it as a netty pot, and then again before this luncheon? We hope so.

Palm Trees in Scranton

The Office

We won’t insult your intelligence by implying you didn’t know where The Office was filmed.

We all know it was filmed in Van Nuys, CA. We even know that sometimes there were palm trees accidentally captured in the background of the driving scenes. It takes a keener eye, however, to notice some of the quick moments accidentally filmed by the crew.

In this scene, when Phyllis and Karen are paired up for their big Amazing Race sales day, the camera guy accidentally shot a palm tree right next door to the Dunder Mifflin parking lot! Did you see it?

Dwight’s Office Beet

The Office

You already knew it wasn’t the night crew that watered the plants in the office or rearranged Michael’s desk toys in a pleasing fashion. No way. That was Dwight. But, did you notice the extra special plant featured in season 6?

Every now and then, the camera guy shot at an angle that showed a plant sitting under a plant light on Dwight’s desk. It’s right behind the photo of his grandma and the 1000 piece puzzle we’re not sure he ever found time to complete.

Behold, friends. That right there is a beet! We can only assume it’s an official Schrute Farms beet, which makes it one of the best on the Scranton market!

Bonus points for anyone who went right out and planted a beet of their own and put it on their work desk.

The Second Best TV

The Office

So, you say you’re a top-notch fan of The Office? We believe you. But are you THE biggest fan of The Office? Well, let’s see . . .

Did you even notice that the plasma TV Jan broke with a Dundee in season 4’s dinner party is featured again in season 5? That’s right! There it is in all its cracked glory sitting over a much bulkier TV.

Here’s what we think happened–Michael wanted to replace the sleek plasma TV that he could easily push into the wall when his guests came over. When he went to replace it, he was a little low on cash as a result of Jan bleeding him dry, the fact that he bought too many magic sets, and he was forced to buy too many of Jan’s candles. So, he had to buy an older, used TV.

Michael’s Bedazzled Wallet

The Office

Have you ever noticed this gem in season 4?

Remember when Michael told Pam’s landlord that meeting her was like talking to a sweet old lady on the bus? Sure you do! But, did you notice that before she arrives, he orders coffee and then pays for it with cash from a fancy wallet? Very fancy–it has little pink jewels on it!

We’re sure Michael bedazzled his plain black wallet in his spare time, which would make him more like a nice old lady than Pam’s landlord.

Nonsense News

The Office

If you’ve never seen the television show Miami Vice, you probably missed the reference to Crockett and Tubbs in this episode. We won’t count that against you since it was a popular show way back in the 1980s. (Incidentally, if you look it up, we think you’ll be impressed by the authenticity of Michael and Dwight’s costumes).

What you may not have noticed is the gibberish written in the fake article next to the newspaper photo. You gotta hand it to the props guy, Phil Shea. He definitely committed to his job! Someone took the time to write a whole article of nonsense including this excerpt, “As anybody can easily tell, this newsletter doesn’t really have a lot to say. It’s really just a prop to fill some space and sort of look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all.”

A well-timed pause and screenshot will reveal the rest of what’s written there!

United States of Dwight

The Office

If you noticed THIS detail, you’re already a winner in our hearts. For everyone else still trying to prove their office fan status, follow us here.

Schrute Farms was established in 1812. So, naturally, Dwight flies a flag that features the right amount of stripes, but only fifteen stars.

Historically, our country’s flag looked like this in 1795, after Vermont and Kentucky joined the colonies. This look didn’t change until 1818. So, Dwight was paying homage to the roots of his home and farm.

We think the real stars are the props department (again). Right on, Phil Shea!

The Champion of Two Shows

The real champion of both The Office and Parks and Rec was a three-legged dog.

Lucy, named Champion on Parks and Rec, was adopted from a pit bull rescue in Los Angeles in 2004.

If you were really paying attention during season 8 [insert joke here about how half-hearted fans of the show never watched season 8], you would have seen Andy adopt 12 dogs at a silent auction fundraiser, and recognized Champion in the mix.

Be honest . . . did you recognize her the first time you saw this episode?

St. Patrick’s Other Flag


Michael got a lot of things wrong. Phrases (“How the turntables have turned”), wine and the flavor of its “oaky afterbirth,” and prison with its terrifying Dementors! We all notice these blunders and laugh heartily along with the rest of the audience.

But did you notice the flag he proudly flew during the St. Patrick’s Day episode in season 6?

He got it partly right. The flag was green (good), white (still accurate), and red (whoops!). Instead of displaying an Irish flag, he had the Italian flag front and center.

We’re surprised Meredith didn’t notice this since St. Patrick’s Day is her favorite day of the year.

Cheese Cart Peek-a-Boo


Sure, you knew Michael was inside the cheese cart. You knew when Andy was telling David Wallace “it’s a lot of fun to let the goldfish take a little swim in the blue cheese,” he was going to leave Michael behind so he could eavesdrop on Jim’s meeting. Even knowing, we still laugh in anticipation of how this is all going to play out.

What you may not have noticed is the moment when we actually get to see Michael peeking out from behind the checkered tablecloth. Peek-a-book Michael is one of our favorite moments from season 6! Did you catch it?

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