Family Adopts Strange Dog Chaos and Tragedy Ensue

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Rosco terrified every single person he came across. And with good reason… He wasn’t just a normal dog and the vet noticed it right away when Jason walked in carrying him by his leash. The doctor called the police on them immediately. Jason had been waiting out in the lobby, totally oblivious to what was about to happen; but that all changed when they arrived minutes later—they were going to make sure this never happened again.

Escaping from the police

Jason’s first instinct was to get his dog Rosco and make a run for it when the vet called the police. He still didn’t know why they were there, but he didn’t want to risk something happening to this innocent pup. Jason felt terrible – it was already too late before he even knew what had happened.

Police arrived

But before he managed to make his way out of the vet’s office, the police had already arrived and there was nowhere Jason could go now. The cops offered him no other option than to give up Rosco to them without a fight, but when they started explaining themselves, Jason’s demeanor changed for unknown reasons.

No Ordinary Dog

Now it all makes sense. Rosco is not just any old dog – Could I have been so blind to the truth this whole time? But what happened with the police when they arrived at Jason’s house? Why did they insist he gives up his beloved pet who has been at his side through thick and thin?
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Terrified of Rosco

When Jason met Rosco’s gaze for the first time, it lingered. There was something special in those amber eyes – they captivated him, drawing his stare until he could not pull away from them. It took a few moments before the mutt returned its attention to the wall once again. Yet somehow Jason found himself walking towards it anyway as if there were an invisible force pulling him closer and closer with every step he took. And there was- because something about this animal left him spellbound.

A Rescue Mission

Jason knew he was taking the dog home because it would make his grandmother happy and there were two reasons why. The first was that he had already mentally named the large black dog Rosco. The second reason was that the guy who sold them looked like he wasn’t feeling too great about taking care of these animals himself…

Mysterious Origins

Jason couldn’t stop thinking about the dog from yesterday. He recalled being told by its owner that nobody wanted to buy it because it looked too mean and would probably end up being put down if someone didn’t take him home soon.

A game of numbers

Hearing the news, Jason knew he couldn’t leave the dog behind. A part of him feared that this man, who was seemingly less than trustworthy, would make an unreasonable request for payment or an inquiry about why Jason wanted such a thing. Fortunately, it didn’t go down like that; instead, it seemed as if the man was eager to get rid of the strange-looking animal.

Asking the wife?

In his mind, Jason knew he should probably first discuss bringing a dog into the house with his wife Monica. As well as the knowledge that they already had two small children – four-year-old twins – who might not be able to handle this dark, scary-looking animal coming into their home. What if it reacts badly?

Making a decision

Jason knew his wife well enough to know that she would say no. Therefore, time was running out. He didn’t want to risk sending Rosco – this sweet pup who has been loved and cared for since birth – off to a shelter where he could end up being put down. With this thought heavy on his mind, Jason makes a quick decision…

Buying an Rosce

Jason paid the shady seller and led the meekly trudging Rosco to his truck. The silent creature had been well behaved during the entire ride back home, barely making a noise; only once or twice throwing Jason an expressionless glance from inside of its cage. When they arrived at his small townhome, however, Jason noted that he had never heard this strange animal speak up yet.

Too calm?

Jason stared at the dog barking furiously at him- he had never seen a canine act like this before. Had Rosco undergone some sort of training when he was alive? Maybe he used to be the police or military pup but just didn’t have what it took. Was this type of composure really normal?

New Home

When Jason stepped outside to take Rosco for a walk, he found Monica glaring at him from across the street. He was lucky that his sons had arrived just before her and pulled open the front door for him. With no time to spare, he hastily rushed inside with an anxious fear building up inside of him – would Rosco lose control again?

Best Friends

Monica rushed up behind the twins, fear clear on her face. But Rosco, despite his terrifying appearance, took it all calmly in his stride. Melvin and Martie started jumping with joy, saying that they now had the coolest-looking dog ever! With Rosco taking this all in ever so calmly, Monica could hardly be that mad.

Monica was mad!

But Monica was actually very angry. She couldn’t believe how careless he had been! He didn’t even consult her before making such an important decision! Didn’t he think about how it would affect the kids when they got a new pet who wasn’t prepared for their needs? And why did he decide to purchase a pet from some random person who just showed up at the local market one day?


After listening to Monica’s ranting and hearing her out, Jordan apologized for not communicating sooner. He explained the whole story of what happened with Rosco, and told Monica that if it wasn’t for him then this dog would be at an animal shelter getting killed. This made it so she felt a little less angry.

What are Rosco’ intentions?

I was wrong, she thought to herself. He might not be perfect for me, but he isn’t all bad. When it came to the twins, however – who had been prone to being very vocal and hyperactive since they were born – there was always an extra level of care needed when around Rosco. Jordan nodded along in agreement with her thoughts before continuing, It’ll do us some good if we’ve got someone watching over them while they’re here.

Settling Down

Much to Jordan and Monica’s relief, Rosco quickly proved himself to be a perfect family pet. He was unfazed by anything – including cats which he usually didn’t care for – and as an added bonus, his threatening demeanor made him one of the best guards they could have ever asked for. They had no idea what they were in for though when it came to just how protective he would be…

Scarring the public

When either Jason or Monica walked Rosco through the park, they were given a wide berth by other dog owners, joggers, and those sitting nearby. While Monica and Jason were put off by this reaction, even more so than before – it seemed to make no difference to Rosco whatsoever.

Worries Escalate

Rosco has been in my home for a little over a month now and he hasn’t shown any sort of change from day one. He seems almost completely indifferent to everything around him – not showing any excitement or sadness either way. I worry about him because it doesn’t seem healthy for an animal to be so unresponsive all the time.

Medical check-up

Jason made an appointment at the vet to get Rosco examined. This simple examination would turn into a tough ordeal that he couldn’t foresee happening. The appointment was scheduled for three days from now. Before going, Jason researched what might happen himself beforehand…

Into the Unknown

After hours of researching, he was unable to pinpoint whether or not the dog belonged to a specific breed or even if there was anything wrong with it. There were many possibilities for what could be wrong with the animal, but nothing seemed quite right. Only the vet would know for sure and provide him with information about Rosco.

Not bringing the twins

The twins begged Jason and Rosco to take them with them when they went to the Vet because they said they might be able to calm down the dog. At first, Jason refused but then he reconsidered because he didn’t want his kids to worry too much about it.

Going to the Vet

Besides, it wasn’t like we really needed anyone else to keep Rosco calm. Jason was sure that not even the cold and scary office of the vet could scare this animal. But man, did it end up scaring me – so much more than I had ever expected!

A busy waiting room

When Jason arrived at the veterinarian after his morning classes, he noticed it was extremely busy inside. There were a lot of people waiting for service which caused them to take much longer than usual. Thankfully, most people weren’t there with emergencies like today so his pup could be seen right away – but they still had to wait in line for what felt like hours before they got anywhere near being able to talk to someone face-to-face.

People look scared

Some people put their pets back in their cages or grabbed a tighter hold of the leash. They seemed wary and cautious to Jason, who had grown accustomed to being greeted this way by strangers before. He knew this feeling well enough – but it would never end up hurting him until now.

I was waiting outside

The woman who worked at the vet clinic approached Jason while looking quite embarrassed. She requested that he and his dog wait outside for their appointment because some of the other patients had been complaining about feeling uncomfortable.

Unfair judgment

Jason looked down at the peacefully calm Rosco and took a deep breath of disappointment. This dog would never hurt anyone without provocation and he knew it. Yet, he would probably always be mistrusted just because of how he looks…

Against His Will

The other patients in the waiting room had been avoiding looking at Jason, and even though he was not happy about it; he grabbed his leash before taking Rosco outside for an appointment. But as fate would have it – nothing could prepare him for what would happen next….

Somebody has an interest in him

After being outside for only a couple of minutes, an old man carrying a cane walked past the pair of brothers but halted in his step when he glances at Rosco. He asked Jason if this was his dog and when he agreed, the man kneeled next to the frightening black animal.

A senior veterinarian

Unlike most other people who saw Rosco, this man seemed to be completely unafraid of the dog’s looks. He explained that he was the senior veterinarian who was just coming back from his break. He was in a rush for the next appointment, but something with Rosco motived him to still stop for a second

Switching Jason’s appointment

He did not want to elaborate on what exactly caught his attention, but he wanted Jason to know that if he was able to make the appointment with another veterinarian for himself, it might be possible for him to speed up Jason’s appointment.

It had been all arranged

Jason thought it was a little odd at first when Dr. Rodgers said that his new patient hadn’t arrived yet, but knowing how cold it was outside and thinking about how long they might have to wait until their original appointment- Jason agreed to stay for a while longer without hesitation. Ten minutes after agreeing with Dr. Rodgers, Mr. Smith called from the lobby letting them know he was here and Jason followed him inside feeling relieved that he didn’t have to deal with this anymore today.

People had been angry at him

He felt like he was getting a lot of angry looks from other people when they realized that he cut in line in front of them- but he didn’t care. He knew these prejudiced fools could just go suck an egg if it were up to him!

A solemn mood

Jason walked his dog Rosco into the office where he met with a senior vet who was suited up in all of the appropriate gear. It seemed as if she were getting ready to conduct an operation rather than just assess their situation.

The veterinarian studied Rosco

While Jason tried to tell the vet about what he thought was wrong with his dog, it seemed as if the vet did not hear anything he said.

Excusing himself

After speaking for about 20 minutes, the veterinarian abruptly cut Jason off to tell him that he had something important to do. Before Jason could say anything else, the veterinarian marched through the side door of his office, slamming it shut and leaving a confounded Jason on his own inside.

Soft discussion

Jason heard some voices coming from the other side of the door, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. The conversation only lasted for a couple minutes before it stopped, and when there were no more voices coming from inside the room Jason assumed that the vet would return any second now. However, after waiting for another 5 minutes or so with nothing happening, his suspicion slowly grew stronger and stronger.

The vet never came back

Jason waited patiently for what seemed to be an eternity. As time passed, he began feeling increasingly frustrated; it was taking too long and there wasn’t any way of knowing what was happening inside the room. He knocked aggressively on the door, hoping somebody would answer soon enough. Nothing happened; nobody came. A few moments later when Jason touched the doorknob, he realized it had been locked from the other side all along

Kicking down the door

When he realized nobody was responding after his repeated calls, his anger began to take over. What was going on? Had it all been some kind of misunderstanding? He lost control and kicked in the door where the vet had just left 20 minutes ago – maybe even less than that.

Explaining his thoughts

Calmly, the veterinarian stood in the other room waiting for what would happen next. His door had just been kicked open but all he did was raise his eyebrows before looking at Jason. Do you want to know what’s going on? He asked and after noticing that it was almost time for his shift to end, the Vet decided it wouldn’t hurt to answer this question.

The police are on their way.

He explained to him that he had just called the police on both of them and Rosco and that they might be there any minute. Jason was taken aback. He wanted to ask why but Dr. Desmond told him that it would be best if the cops were able to explain it better than he could.

A fast decision

Jason felt an electric current surge through his body as he thought about what the vet had said. Why would they call the police on this innocent animal? There had to be some other explanation for why Rosco came here, and Jason wasn’t about to let go of him without a fight.

Tried to escape

With Rosco chasing closely behind, he ran to the other door of the room he had just entered and tried to get out of the building as quickly as possible. But it was already too late; the police officers were waiting outside, and they blocked his path.

They wished for Rosco

It was obvious that they wanted the leash from Rosco and to take him away as they also had an animal control vehicle with him. But Jason wasn’t going to give Rosco up without a fight. He stood in front of his and screamed that if they wanted him, then he would have to go through him!

An officer walked up to Jason

One of the police officers slowly moved forward to try and deescalate the situation, offering what little explanation he could to Jason. It was about time someone gave him some answers after all; it would only take just a few minutes of their time.

The vet had recognized Rosco.

The police officer started by explaining that the senior vet had recognized Rosco and when he was sure that he was dealing with the right dog, which he could only confirm after examining him thoroughly, he contacted the authorities who came as soon as possible.

Dogmatic Religious Leader

The fluffy creature that Jason had got off the shady dealer wasn’t just some random Mexican hairless dog. The furry guy was actually owned by a religious leader in Mexico City who preached about how to live life according to ancient Aztec traditions.

Used during funerals

There are many stories told about how these dogs were used in the afterlife. You see, according to those legends – it was said that this breed of dog would guide souls to the underworld. But when you look at it from a religious perspective – let’s just say it wasn’t really anything you’d want to do. And so, they had one named Rosco which is shortened down as Xolo among other names; who would actually calm people down when they’re grieving over someone who passed away recently.

Reassuring the relatives

When the priest conducted funeral rites, Xolo would stay close to him, unaffected by the corpse or services for them. This was supposed for people to know that it wasn’t God’s job to take the soul of a person away from this world – he didn’t need such ceremonies because he knew his power over life and death. Dogs were trained not to react when they attended funerals; they never showed sadness at all.

The dog was stolen

But a few months ago, Xolo was actually stolen from the holy man by those who didn’t believe in him. The dog was expected to have been killed by these people, but somehow it had managed to find its way back into the hands of my shady friend who then sold it to me for an extremely low price.

It was hard to say goodbye

Jason was utterly baffled, but the evidence had shown him that his suspicions were true. All of these new answers clarified what he hadn’t understood before- about himself and most importantly, about his dog. He knew that he would be letting his beloved pet go soon so it could finally return home where it belonged, back to its original owners who needed it much more than Jason did. But never for a moment did Jason think of how hard it would be to say goodbye when the time came.

Receiving a reward

In the end, he of course had to give Xolo up and it was given back to its original owner in Mexico. Lucky for him though, the religious leader who helped Jason get Xolo back home turned out to be a very rich man and generously rewarded Jason for his services.

Buying a new pet

When Jason and his family got a new dog, they made sure to do the research beforehand so that there would be no regrets later. They knew what had happened with Rosco and wanted to make sure things would turn out differently this time around. Every now and then, Jason misses Rosco but he knows that it is for the best that he stays away.

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