Favorite Dog Breeds in Each State

Who doesn’t love dogs? After all, they are furry, playful, and they provide their humans companionship. And while some people might think every U.S. state favors the same dog breeds, that’s actually far from the truth.

So, which is the best dog breed to own, based on where you live? Here, we break it down for you.

Connecticut: Siberian Husky

By Kateryna Orlova/Shutterstock

The Siberian Husky wasn’t as popular worldwide before 2018 but they have been one of the most searched dogs in Connecticut for almost a decade now. They are known for their mesmerizing eyes and their stamina.

Oklahoma: Chinese Crested

By Darina Matasova/Shutterstock

These exotic-looking small dog but contrary to popular opinion, the Chinese Crested do not hail from China. They have two variants of the breed: one is mostly hairless besides their head, tail, and feet. Another variant of the dog has a full coat. Regardless, they make great pets for just about anyone looking for a small dog!

Alabama: Shih Tzu

By Eli S/Shutterstock

The Shih Tzu does not hold back when it comes to showing love. This lively breed dates back to as early as 1,000 BC and was likely sent to Chinese royalty from Tibet as a gift. How it got to Alabama? We have no idea!

Tennessee: Papillon

By dezy/Shutterstock

The Papillon dog breed come from the breed of toy spaniels that are frequently seen in paintings by the Old Masters. The oldest one dates back to the 16th century. They are cute, fluffy and make a great addition to any family, including those living in Tennessee.

Arizona: Chihuahua

By otsphoto/Shutterstock

Arizonans especially love Chihuahuas because of their fierceness. The state has a serious number of creepy crawlies, which Chihuahuas do not fear. These dogs are also perfect for Arizonian weather because it is roughly the same as to where they originated from – Mexico.

Wyoming: Mutt

By SeventyFour/Shutterstock

A mutt is a mixed breed dog. They seem to be live longer, have lesser health problems and of course, friendlier. You can find a mutt anywhere and everywhere, including in Wyoming.

North Dakota: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

By Lenkadan/Shutterstock

The gentle, graceful Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a favorite in North Dakota. This toy spaniel breed is extremely adaptable, meaning it enjoys either city or country life. In fact, it’s happy to do whatever its owner does, provided it gets plenty of attention and affection.

Arkansas: Basset Hound

By Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Basset Hounds are very laid-back, which makes them an agreeable addition to homes in Arkansas. Apart from the Bloodhound, this breed has one of the more meticulous noses out of all dogs. However, they prefer lounging on the couch or the porch so don’t try taking them on long walks because you might just end up carrying them back home.

Colorado: Golden Retriever

By SasaStock/Shutterstock

The Golden Retriever sets a golden standard for companionship. They do well with families cuddling at home and they are also a sturdy gun dog perfect for a hunt or a long hike, perhaps why they make great pets in Colorado.

Georgia: Yorkshire Terrier

By timoshenkoophoto/Shutterstock

Despite their adorable looks, Yorkshire Terriers are tough pooches and were bred to be on the lookout for rats on farms and hunt them to protect crops. Nowadays, dog lovers simply welcome them in their homes as furry companions, no mater what state they live in.

Michigan: German Shepherd

By Osetrik/Shutterstock

In some places, the German Shepherd is called an Alsatian. This breed is one of America’s most popular dogs and for good reasons. They are smart and very much capable of working. Did we mention loyal as well? If you live in Michigan, you can take your German Shepherd out for a long hike or a ride on the lake. Trust us, they’ll love it!

Hawaii: Pomeranian

By wirakorn deelert/Shutterstock

Is it because it looks like a coconut? The miniaturized version of the spitz-type sled dogs of the Arctic, the Pomeranian is a hit in Hawaii. This petite pup measures only 6-7 inches (at the shoulders) and typically weighs no more than seven pounds. But it’s got a big personality – there’s never a dull moment when you have a Pom in the house.

Mississippi: Pitbull

By Natthapot Chantaraviboon/Shutterstock

Did you know that the Pitbull was originally bred to bait bulls? Yes, which is the main thing that landed them in the farm. As years went by, they have become “nanny dogs” because of how gentle they are around children. They are popular in most American states, including southern states like Mississippi.

Indiana: Poodle

By Lim Tiaw Leong/Shutterstock

Poodles are known for their unique coat and their intellect. They also make great service dogs, especially for people with physical and mental disabilities. Apart from being of service, poodles also have another occupation! They are used for hunting truffles, a hobby common in states like Indiana.

Kansas: Old English Sheepdog

By Chendongshan/Shutterstock

When you see an Old English Sheepdog, you see one of the fluffiest creatures ever to roam the planet! But, do not be fooled. A strong and solid bulk of muscle is beneath all the fur! These dogs are definitely bigger than Toto from The Wizard of Oz!

Delaware: Akita

By Kseniya Resphoto/Shutterstock

If you’ve cried over the movie “Hachiko,” then you probably have a clear idea of how loyal these dogs are. They were originally known for being a snow country dog from the mountains of Japan, and now many Americans welcome them into their homes.

Louisiana: Saint Bernard

By everydoghasastory/Shutterstock

The famously watchful Saint Bernard is a firm favorite in the southeastern state of Louisiana. The “gentle giant,” who originated in the Swiss Alps, is loved throughout the world for being a wonderful family dog and is very patient with children. A Saint is always happiest when it’s spending time with its human companions.

Maryland: Bichon Frisé

By Shaggyphoto/Shutterstock

If you want personality in a pup, get yourself a Bichon Frisé and the whole of Maryland agrees. It does not shed as much which makes this breed perfect for those with allergies. It might be helpful to note that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic.

Nevada: Shetland Sheepdog

By K E Walker/Shutterstock

The Shetland Sheepdog or “Sheltie” is a fan-favorite in Nevada. They are smart and definitely trainable which explains why they’re used as a medical alert dog.

Massachusetts: Corgi

By Viola Ater/Shutterstock

Corgis, in general, are an active and smart breed. They are easy to train and are great with children, even with other dogs. They make great house pets in every state, including Massachusetts.

Alaska: Bloodhound

By NSC Photography/Shutterstock

Living in a state that is composed of mostly forests, it’s no wonder why Alaskans love Bloodhounds. These large dogs can weigh up to 110 pounds! But despite their strength and intimidating looks, Bloodhounds are incredibly sociable and affectionate, making them a great family pet for families who love the great outdoors.

Minnesota: English Springer Spaniel

By photosounds/Shutterstock

The English Springer Spaniel is known for being a people-pleaser and is known to be the go-to companion for many Minnesotans. They are great with kids and are very social despite the fact that they were bred to hunt.

Vermont: Bernese Mountain Dog

By Eve Photography/Shutterstock

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong and sturdy pet. They are one of the hardest-working breeds which can help a great deal on the farm. Despite its imposing stature, the Bernese is no threat to humans – even children – which explains why it’s the top choice in Vermont.

Missouri: Japanese Spitz

By Solo-traveller/Shutterstock

They are cute, loyal, friendly, and incredibly smart. The Japanese Spitz were bred to be watchdogs because of how protective they are and are not afraid to fight for their families. Oh, and their bark is also loud despite their small size. Missourians can truly appreciate these furry dogs in their notably cold winters!

Montana: Belgian Malinois

By Eudyptula/Shutterstock

Although the Belgian Malinois is not as famous as other breeds, they do get the recognition they deserve especially in Montana. They are a confident, smart, and hard-working breed that thrives when it gets a lot of exercise and bonding time with their owner.

Kentucky: Dachshund

By Shedara Weinsberg/Shutterstock

Dachshunds’ noses are extremely strong which make them perfect for hunting badgers and other small animals, a hobby common in states like Kentucky. In some situations, these hotdogs trail wild boar!

Nebraska: Border Collie

By Fusekle/Shutterstock

As you can see on the image above, the Border Collie has one of the friendliest faces a dog breed could have. However, when they are with their flock, they tend to get this intense stare that helps command their animals. They are very energetic and their stamina is off the roof which makes them a top-choice for herding, even in Nebraska.

New Hampshire: Whippet

By Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock

The Whippet is a hunter’s best friend, which may be why they come highly recommended for people living in New Hampshire. They can easily catch a speedy rabbit and other small mammals. However, they are known for competing in agility, flyball, lure coursing, and rally. They are also passionate and love taking care of their human owners.

New Jersey: Mini Pinscher

By CobraCZ/Shutterstock

Miniature Pinscher or “Mini Pinscher” was bred in Germany to hunt vermin. Primarily, rats in homes and farms. It’s commonly misconceived that they were trying to develop a breed like Dobermans but a smaller version because of some similarities.

North Carolina: Alaskan Malamute

By travelarium.ph/Shutterstock

Although it has Alaska in its name, the Alaskan Malamute is the top breed for people in North Carolina. These pups strong, energetic, independent, and of course, smart. They were bred to help their human owners pull sleds, hunt seals and polar bears.

Ohio: Bull Terrier

By Georgiy Myakishev/Shutterstock

The Bull Terrier was originally bred as a fighting dog in the 19th century. As time passed, they became a fashion statement, family companion, and finally a show dog. One of their distinguishable features is their long, egg-shaped head, and they make great companions in all states, including Ohio.

Oregon: Dalmatian

By Alexander Hagseth/Shutterstock

Dalmatians are famous for being in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians and kid-favorite Paw Patrol. They are hunters, firehouse dogs, and circus performers and enjoy long walks. In Oregon, there are plenty of places to walk dogs, which is why we recommend Dalmations in this state!

Pennsylvania: Labradoodle

By Danii Brown Photography/Shutterstock

What do you get when an adorable Labrador and a fluffy Poodle make a baby? A Labradoodle! Unbeknownst to a lot of people, they are actually hypoallergenic guide dogs. In Pennsylvania, these dogs can enjoy spending lots of time outdoors with their owners.

Illinois: Rottweiler

By Serova_Ekaterina/Shutterstock

The robust Rottweiler might get a bad reputation, as some state municipalities have outlawed the breed, but they are a popular breed across many U.S. states. The Rottie is one of the most loyal dog breeds and is lovable and easy to train. Owners in Illinois can count on their mutt to be an excellent guard dog.

Rhode Island: Portuguese Water Dog

By Lynda McFaul/Shutterstock

Former President Barack Obama has put Portuguese Water Dogs back in the map. As the Obamas were praised, half of the media’s attention was on Bo and Sunny. Aside from being connected to the former president, these pups are affectionate, smart, and easy to train.

Iowa: Jack Russell Terrier

By BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock

Unless you have had a lot of experience with dog ownership, don’t adopt a Jack Russell Terrier. They are an energetic breed that requires a lot of attention, and when they do get uncomfortable, they are not shy to vocalize.

South Carolina: Boxer

By larstuchel/Shutterstock

There are many reasons why a person can fall in love with a boxer, and people from South Carolina can attest to that. Historically, these pups go back to 2500B.C. during the ancient Assyrian empire.

Maine: Greyhound

By Elena Vasilchenko/Shutterstock

Greyhounds were bred to hunt hare, foxes, and deer. These dogs are faster than you have ever imagined – by reaching speeds of 40 to 45 miles per hour – and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. A state like Maine would be perfect for these pooches.

South Dakota: Boston Terrier

By rebeccaashworth/Shutterstock

Hear ye, hear ye, introducing “the American gentleman!” The Boston Terrier’s popularity in its namesake city is pretty much a given but it’s more of a hit in South Dakota. They make a great urban pet because of how friendly they are and their impeccable manners.

Utah: Poodle

By everydoghasastory/Shutterstock

These recognizable dogs is the favorite in Utah. Its curly coat offers man grooming options. The Poodle is active, highly trainable, and much smarter than they look like.

Virginia: Cairn Terrier

By Marina Plevako/Shutterstock

Now, we have Toto from The Wizard of Oz! Just kidding. The Cairn Terrier is famous for acting side-by-side with Judy Garland. They used to be tasked with hunting vermin down and those need courage, tenacity, and intelligence which the Cairn Terrier possess.

Florida: Maltese

By Pitchayanin Jang/Shutterstock

Whether it’s for carrying around in a cute bag or having them strut their stuff on a leash, Floridians love their Maltese dogs. They are known for their silky white hair that can reach the floor and of course, their loving nature. Plus, they’re small enough to bring to the beach!

Washington: Boerboel

By Miroshnikova Arina/Shutterstock

The large, intimidating South African Boerboel is an excellent guard dog. However, they are also known to be loving, calm, and kid-friendly. Those living in Washington might enjoy this breed, due to their love of the great outdoors. These dogs love long hikes and spending excess time in nature.

Idaho: Pugs

By Yuttana Jaowattana/Shutterstock

Pugs fit their stereotype as being one of the laziest dog breeds ever. Regardless of their stocky build, these pups are part of the toy group. They are a popular breed in most states, including Idaho, (maybe because they look like potatoes?!) and can most commonly be found at breeders.

West Virginia: Doberman Pinscher

By skyfotostock/Shutterstock

The Doberman Pinscher is believed to be a mixture of Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and German Pinscher. Although that hasn’t been confirmed, we can definitely see the resemblance.

New Mexico: Vizsla

By Alexandra Morrison Photo/Shutterstock

The muscular Vizsla mature up to 1 to 2 years and reach their full size around 6 to 8 months. They are beautiful dogs who make great pets in pretty much any environment, including in New Mexico, where their short hair will keep them cool during hot months. Males reach up to 24 inches at the shoulder while females only reach 23 inches.

Texas: Great Dane

By Dmussman/Shutterstock

The Great Dane originated from Mastiff-type dogs but are far more refined and definitely leaner than most of the breed. Just like Texas, these dogs are big! Make sure to take them on extra walks, as they have a lot of energy!

New York: Havanese

By Jne Valokuvaus/Shutterstock

The Havanese is as clingy as can be which is why they earned the nickname “Velcro dog.” They have long, silky hair that flows with the wind, expressive eyes that have mastered the art of begging. New Yorkers should expect to walk them frequently, as these dogs love to be around their owners nonstop!

Wisconsin: Lhasa Apso

By SubertT/Shutterstock

The Lhasa Apso is originally from Tibet, where they were placed in palaces and monasteries as watchdogs. Today, the Lhasa Apso is no longer guards a palace. Instead, they loyally protect their family from danger. Because of their warm and long fur, we think they’d make great pets in Wisconsin.

California: French Bulldog

By Lined Photo/Shutterstock

The Instagram darling of all dogs is notably the French Bulldog. Lots of celebrities flair this breed on their Insta grids. For this reason, it’s no surprise that Californians are as obsessed with them as they are with soul cycling! This breed is playful, carefree, and most importantly, protective of their human owners.


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