Fly High with the LG Wing

The LG Wing 5G has made history: it is the first 5G swivel smartphone in the entire world. This phone provides users with a multi-screen experience, improving creativity and productivity. Here is some information about the phone’s features, specifications, pricing, and associated deals.

Soar to New Heights with Swivel Mode

This phone comes with Swivel Mode, a function that allows users to rotate its primary display by 90°, revealing a secondary display. Users can rotate the primary screen back when they are finished using the secondary screen, or when they want to store the phone in a purse or pocket. 

Multi-taskers will appreciate the multi-screen design of the phone since they can use the 6.8″ primary display and the 3.9″ secondary display at the same time. They can watch a video on the primary display while browsing the web on the secondary display. Or they can play a game on the primary display while chatting with friends on the secondary display. The possibilities are, for the most part, endless.

An Artist’s Dream Phone

The phone also comes with a Content Creation Toolkit that can help users generate high-quality images and videos, with up to 4k definition. Furthermore, the phone includes a Portrait Mode function that allows users to add colorful backgrounds and stickers and a Night View function that allows users to take well-lit images in the dark.

There are several cameras on this phone:

  • A 64 MP standard rear camera with high-quality definition
  • A 13 MP ultra-wide-angle rear camera with a 117° field of view
  • A 12 MP ultra-wide-angle rear camera with Hexa motion sensors as well as triple-axis stabilization
  • A 32 MP pop-up front camera that helps users take high-resolution selfies

Additionally, the phone is equipped with a Gimbal motion camera function, so users can record videos seamlessly. It is worth noting that the phone allows for dual-video recording since its front and back cameras can be used simultaneously.

WiFi Capabilities and Storage

This phone has 5G capability, rendering users able to engage in lag and glitch-free activities. It also has a 4,000mAh battery that provides users with all-day battery life. Best of all, it has 256 GB of ROM, of which 224 GB are usable, and 8 GB of RAM, giving users plenty of storage space.

Technical Specifications

  • Display: 6.8″ FHD+ OLED primary display, 3.9″ OLED secondary display
  • Rear Cameras: Standard 64 MP camera, ultra-wide-angle 13 MP camera, ultra-wide-angle 12 MP camera with Hexa motion sensors
  • Font Camera: 32 MP pop-up front camera
  • Memory: 256 GB of memory (224 GB is usable)
  • Storage: Supports microSD cards that have up to 2 TB of storage space
  • Sound: LG 3D Sound Engine
  • Battery: A non-removable 4,000 mAh battery
  • Chipsets: Wi-Fi Direct®, 5G-Ready, and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, Version 5.1 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct® and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Charging: Wireless charging, USB Type-C™ port, and Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 4.0+
  • Dimensions: 2.93 inches in width and 6.67 inches in height


The LG Wing costs $999.


Verizon is offering customers several deals, including:

  • Customers who add a line to an unlimited plan as well as trade in a phone can receive a discount up to $750.
  • Customers who already have an unlimited plan with Verizon and trade in a phone can receive up to a $500 discount.
  • New customers who are porting a line can receive a $250 gift card.

Prospective buyers should consider contacting LG Electronics or Verizon if they want to receive more information about available deals. 


Celeb Facts - Perfumes That Our Fave Celebrities Actually Wear

  1. Hailey Bieber told Elle Australia I don't know what the name of mine is, but all the bottles are in the shape of a star, and mine is red and has music notes on it. It smells awesome. Turns out the scent in question was from Bond No. 9 and is called Westside. A bottle currently runs between $230-$330.
  2. British model Suki Waterhouse told Harper's Bazaar that she is not one who regularly wears perfume. However, she continued to say that it is usually a fragrance by Ferragamo if she is wearing perfume. She usually just uses essential oils when she bathes to give herself a natural scent.
  3. Model and Mommy Ashley Green told Eonline that her go-to scent is by Chloé; I cannot live without my Chloé perfume. Chloé is a soft, feminine scent, so it is easy to understand why Green loves it. The great news is a bottle runs around $50, so you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance as well.
  4. Kate Moss prefers Cerf Blanc by La Maison Hedonique. The bouquet is natural and has top notes of cardamom, leather, and cedarwood, the opposite of many floral scents on the market. Their website offers a trial size for about $10, but after that, you'll need to shell out over $100 for a 30ML bottle.
  5. Susan Sarandon actually prefers to wear men's fragrances; she says her love of the scent sandalwood leads her in that direction. One perfume she likes is Eva from the Italian perfumer Santa Maria Novella. The perfumery started in 1612 and is still churning out scents people love.

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