Funniest (and Most Useless) Gag Gifts On Amazon

We all have to buy gifts from time to time–birthdays, holidays, anniversaries . . .that’s a lot of gifts! Rather than scouring the Internet looking for the perfect thing to buy the man or woman who has everything, stick around, and let us introduce you to some of the funniest–and weirdest–gifts you can buy on Amazon!

Bacon Strips Bandages


How cool would you be if the next time your child fell and scraped his knee you kissed it and then covered it up with a bacon strip bandage? All the kids in school already have cartoon character bandages. Stand out from the crowd! Also, there’s a prize inside the box . . .

Thanos Swimsuit

This attractive Thanos swimsuit is perfect for the man in your life who wants to pretend he’s an evil-bent villain while drinking Margaritas and playing Maroco Polo with the kids. It’s also good for Marvel-themed pool parties and the beach. Obviously.

Umbrella Hat


The Umbrella Hat is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe who isn’t into holding things but also doesn’t want to get wet. Or, anyone who forgets things like umbrellas that can easily be left behind, but would never forget something that he can put on his head.

The Buttress Pillow

While we don’t have many words for this product, Amazon assures us it has many uses for the creative type on your gift list, or if you happen to know anyone who simply needs a place to rest, “Great for back, side and stomach sleeper. Good as a support, super soft, and comfortable in many positions.” And, we have MORE good news–the price of The Buttress Pillow is lower now than it was when it first hit the market.

Chicken Leashes


Don’t be chicken! Just go ahead and order one of these super helpful leashes in case you’re ever driving near a farm and . . . wait for it . . .you see a chicken crossing the road.

It’s better to be prepared than left without a plan for your possible farm-related emergencies. This chicken leash can help you save the day!

Beard Ornaments


Because the holidays are the times to bring your own festivity with you wherever you go. These beard ornaments will make you and your friends the life of the party.

Electronic Yodeling Pickle


Do you know what there isn’t enough of in the world? Yodeling vegetables. Prove me wrong. This yodeling pickle will keep you entertained and if you give it to someone else they will suddenly be filled with questions about who you are and how you are living your life.

Tiny Hand Finger Puppets


We think these Tiny Hand Finger Puppets would be helpful for students whose teachers don’t call on them often enough. What teacher could ignore anyone who raises their hand and, in so doing, also raises five more hands? Five is better than one. That’s just science.

Senior Woman Using Inhaler Wall Decal


You too can hang this image on your wall for the fair price of $24.99. Dare to be different! Everyone else in your neighborhood can have their “Home Sweet Home” signs and other commonplace entryway decors. But you’re way more interesting and unique. If you want to be your own person, or know someone else who does, order this senior woman using her inhaler decal today!

Car French Fry Holder


When you’re on the go and you need some fries but you also need to drive with one hand . . . the car french fry holder is your BFF. Forget about the days when you had to reach over into the bag on the passenger seat for delicious fries. Now you can just grab one right next to you and keep on truckin’!

Tortilla Blanket


Some people are always cold. It can be the middle of summer or the dead of winter; doesn’t matter. They’re always saying, “It’s freezing in here!” Rather than sending all your hard-earned cash to the gas company, you can just wrap them up in this stylish tortilla blanket and roll them around until they’re warm again.

Brainy Ice Cubes


Show her you’ve got the brains to match your good looks, no matter how much you’ve already had to drink! These brainy ice molds will show her you’re more than just a pretty face.

Dad Bod Fanny Packs


We’re not exactly sure why this exists but over 2,000 ratings and a 4 1/2 star average cannot be wrong. These Dad Bod Fanny Packs are livening up backyard bar-b-cues everywhere and we’re formally inviting you to get in on that action.

Dill Pickle Lip Balm


So, you’re halfway through a date. You’re sure it isn’t a love connection, and you definitely don’t want to Netflix and Chill. If you’re familiar with this scenario or know someone who is, this is a great gift. Dill Pickle lip balm will keep your bad dates away from our lips without the awkwardness of having to come up with an excuse.

Boyfriend Pillow


For those lonely nights when you’re sleeping alone but you don’t really to be . . . this boyfriend pillow will keep you company! It would also make a great gag gift for anyone who complains about not having a significant other.

Anatomy Swimsuit for Her


You never know when you’ll be at a pool party where someone needs to explain the entirety of female human anatomy. With this very helpful–and accurate–inside look at what makes us humans tick, you’re sure to please anyone on your gift list!

Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillows


No gift list is complete without something featuring Nicolas Cage’s face. Some people say Bruce Willis’ face signals the holidays, but we think it’s Nicolas. These Nick Cage pillows are the perfect addition to anyone’s home. Especially during the holidays because of the red sequins!

Toilet Tape Dispenser


This product is called “The Butt,” and for good reason. For such a weird gift it’s also surprisingly functional!

Extremely Unoffical Star Wars Book


For the man or woman who has everything, but wants a little more, this Star Wars Kama Sutra book is a hilarious gift!

Meat Shredder Claws


These meat shredder claws would be great for the griller or smoker in your life who cooks delicious meat for the whole family but isn’t into using knives. Or, just for anyone who really wants to look like Wolverine while preparing food.

Finger Covers for Cheesy Food


These non-stick Chips Finger Tips are legit! You know the feeling . . . you’re rushing around between dropping kids off at soccer practice and ballet, and you need a snack. All you have to grab is your kid’s fun-size bag of Cheetos and you still have to touch the steering wheels, your phone, and change the station on the radio. If you do all that with cheesy fingers you’ll arrive at your next destination looking like a messy child yourself. These contraptions will help you eat your snacks and keep your reputation intact. Win-win!

Mobil Phone Cell Block


This is one of those products we all need but didn’t know we needed it until we saw it. In fact, we might even wish we invented it. The Mobil Phone Jail Cell is just what we need to keep our family moments intact while also being creative and fun while doing it.

Ostrich Head Pillow


If you want to know how to do something the right way, you can usually look to nature to figure it out. These Ostrich Head Pillows mimic the action of burying your head in the sand with just one caveat–the makers of this product provided a little hole through which you can breathe. They thought of everything!

Unique and Delicious Soda Flavors


We’re going to drop a name here that you’re going to want to remember: Lester. This gentleman makes sodas in flavors we’re sure you’re going to want to try and share. You can get a variety pack of Lester’s Fixins to include Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ranch Dressing, and Bacon, to name a few. We’re thinkin’ if you show up to your next party with this six-pack everyone will want to drink with you.

Mac Inspired Candle


When you need a new Mac in your life but you can’t afford a MacBook, this Mac Inspired Candle will help tide you over!

Breathable Alpaca Underwear


It could have been anything, really. A cow, a dog, a pig . . . anything. But this company thought, “You know what? It’s gotta be an alpaca, and it’s gotta be on underwear.” Who are we to argue with anyone’s creative genius? This Alpaca Underwear has an average of 4 1/2 stars, so you know it’s good.

Spring Loaded Glitter


These spring-loaded glitter bombs are becoming the ultimate prank across the Internet. It’s a little bit funny but could also be considered mean, so we don’t really recommend it for any of your good friends or your nicer relatives!

Not My Job Stamp


When it comes to coworkers you don’t want to offend them and you don’t want to give them a gift that will, in turn, annoy you for years to come. So, those bull**** buzzers and anything else that makes a lot of noise might not be the best choice here. This Not My Job stamp, however, is a good go-to when you want something that will bring a smile to their face and provide subtle humor in otherwise stressful moments.

Tie Filled With Meat


When you want to bring a classy gift to the party and you think you might want a snack on the way, this jerky tie is for you. Classy meets delicious, who could argue with that?

Keep it Simple


When you want to cut right to the point with a gift, this tasty cold beverage glass is a good place to start. Just the basics. We like it.


Celeb Facts - Celebrities Who Suffer From Ocd (obsessive-compulsive Disorder)

  1. World-famous soccer player David Beckham has discussed his OCD several times. He revealed to Independent that he has tried to stop his OCD, but it hasn't worked. One of his obsessive behaviors is the pain he feels when getting a tattoo.
  2. The 20th-century American magnate Howard Hughes died in 1976, at least partly due to his severe OCD. There is a famous story about Hughes spending four months in a darkened movie screening room, never once leaving. While in the room, the billionaire stored his urine in bottles.
  3. Katy Perry has admitted to being a germaphobe and does some pretty intense cleaning rituals in her home. She has called herself "Howard Huges" when it comes to germs. She also admitted in an interview that she also has a need to put everything in alphabetical order.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Howard Hughes in a film about the billionaire's life ."The Aviator" displayed Hughes' struggle with OCD to which DiCaprio has also admitted having. Dicaprio's OCD is nowhere as severe as Huges, but the actor said one of his compulsions is to walk through doors several times.
  5. Lena Dunham made a name for herself by writing and starring in "Girls." The HBO show deals with many of her real-life battles with OCD. She told Vogue one of her goals is to make the discussion about OCD more mainstream. She wants to teach kids that it's okay to say 'I'm anxious.'

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