50 Awkward Family Photos

There are good family photos, and then there are bad family photos. The good ones go in your nana’s scrapbooks or up on the living room wall, while the bad ones rarely see the light of day. Until now.

We’ve rounded up some of the most awkward, cringe-worthy family photos we could find. From unflattering angles to mid-disaster moments of chaos, here are fifty photos so bad, they’re almost good.

Aunt and Uncle were crowned Golden Couple at our local fair for being the longest married couple in the county at 72 years.

This passage lacks better grammar or prose.

Grandma got bit by a pelican on the pier and then began scolding it.

He looks absolutely ashamed!

One of my goats was pregnant with twins and she was due the same week as me so I made her dress up for some maternity photos.

This one is amazing. It’s the GOAT for sure.

My sister was six years old when she first tried sparkling grape juice. She looked tired but happy.

Whenever I hear an anti-vaxxer say something about me being connected to Satan through vaccines, my expression sours.

Dad never did have much luck in the arm wrestling circuit but he has high hopes for his boy.

Excellent captions make me want to take a photo of them or post them on social media.

This pretty much sums up my childhood.

I love how they’re all smiling! It looks like they’re having so much fun together.

We didn’t want just any family photo.

What are you saying? This is such an amazing picture of my family!

When You’re Ready To Be More Than Just A Student

Looks like a young woman who could be mistaken for Yeardley Smith

As a child, I would dress up as a clown whenever there was a reason to celebrate – in this case, the birth of my younger brother.


I asked my grandma if she had some rice to put my phone in when it got wet and she pulled this out of a cabinet.

One foot in front of the other.

It looked like I left my kids with their babysitter and ran away for dear life!

I find this to be one of my favorites

I Grew Up With Life-Size Barbie Dolls

No comment. There’s nothing for you here. Keep scrolling through this feed.

My daughter never heard the end of it from her siblings after her heart breaker shirt turned to fart breaker for school pictures

My favorite! This made me laugh out loud.

My Dad in High School (1959) vs. Me In High School (1986)

You are well-advised to stop smoking cigarettes. They are unhealthy!

During our perfect beach photo shoot, my oldest son jumped on my back while I was holding my infant son in my arms.

This has me laughing so hard that tears are coming out of my eyes.

My sister gave me the death glare while my dad holds me when I was an infant.

This picture is so beautiful!

I love this picture!

The best indeed needs to be made into posters.

I remember my grandma giving my sister and me mullets back in the 80s. Now you know why my hair is so short!

What does it mean to have the poodle look?

I Prayed My Children Wouldn’t Inherit His Head Size.

Where did the cigar and polka dot bowtie go?

If your mum wasn’t so busy putting herself out there for you, did she even love you?

She was braver than me.

Picture of my parents on their wedding day.

That glare he gave me!

Our daughter would not cooperate with her photos. She was doing everything but smile – here she is getting ready to hulk out.

You go ahead and do what makes you happy. You’re awesome!

Go ahead and make yourself happy- you deserve it!

I’m not sure what it is about this photograph, but I love it so much.

My daughter was supposed to be a flower girl at her aunt’s wedding but napping is life.

Naps are essential for good health

This picture my mother captured of me when I was two years old.

Please follow this guide on how to use this product.

An old photo of my great grandma and her twin sister taken in Springfield, Missouri.

When I was younger, my parents wanted me to go into medicine.

My Parents’ Wedding Day, the 1980s

That’s such a cute gesture.

My husband’s grandfather hung all his photos of grandchildren on the wall.

This is an awful photograph.

This photograph of my daughter and her father riding the Tennessee tornado roller coaster at Dollywood is priceless.

Little-known life hacks: You may have suspected one of your children is a demon, but are you really certain? If so, take them on the Tennessee Tornado Roller Coaster.

In 1990, my parents dressed me up like a new wave recording artist.

We are all born for love.

My Son’s First Time on my favorite ride was horrifying. I just couldn’t believe he was so scared! As for my husband, he always looks terrified.

My wife, does so well in front of the camera

1984 vintage Polaroid of me and my mother at 12 weeks old.

My beloved mother was beautiful.

The Memorable Christmas Cards from my grandparents

What if they’re having sexual intercourse with other fish?

The photographer kept telling my son to smile more – which translated into this for him.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days, he says.

My husband had to undergo major surgery because he busted his kidney while wrestling with his brother.

achievement not unlocked

My Daughter Wouldn’t Stop Crying until she got her own ice cream cone,

Supporting dogs because they’re cute!

I apologize for my crimes against the ozone layer.

Ah, yes. The ’90s were such a nostalgic time for me. In those years I loved experimenting with my hair and makeup

My mother and grandmother demonstrated safety standards in the 60s

It’s time for me to say goodbye

This photo was taken when you couldn’t just take a picture and see it right away.

I can’t stop laughing at this, even though it’s really inappropriate. Where is Mr. Censor? No words starting with A are okay in the U.S.?

A friend just texted me these old pictures of a baby she found at my parent’s house. As it turns out, it was me at four weeks old! Lucky for them they captured this beauty before I grew out of it.

There’s a reason why most newborn photoshoots are with their eyes closed/sleeping- they do not yet know how to focus on anything at this early stage.

It was hard to get all four brothers in line for a picture but the oldest tried his best!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it only seemed to escalate from there.

I Found This At My Parents’ House. Do I Laugh or Cry?

In this world, people tend to put things in a certain order. So one day you might feel like someone who never gets enough time for themselves and the next day someone who has everything they could ever want but don’t appreciate it.

The old man grinned at me from his passport photo.

Apparently, 1978 has been determined to be one of the best years ever.

My parents just bought a new hot tub, they were so excited.

but why were they naked?

Grandma was exhausted after thirteen of her grandchildren were over for two days around Christmas time.

My grandmother was old, very old, for her years were nearer eighty than seventy; but her eye was undimmed, and her heart was young.

Christmas Morning Memories

Do you happen to know if your father is John C. Reilly?

Grandma crocheted these wonderful vests for each of my husband’s siblings and they’re wearing them with pure joy!

He is pulling off the style- handsome young man!

I Received This Photo From My Dad While He Was Babysitting My Daughter.

This has me laughing out loud!

A picture of me from my 2001 school photo

I just came back from Splash Mountain.

Snow King Chairlift- Here is my dad with my grandma in 1956.

How many people have lost their lives while trying to climb this thing?

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