Get Rid Of Ear Infections With These 10 Methods

Ear infections are no fun, no matter what age you are. Luckily, these infections don’t last long. In fact, with proper treatment, they clear up without permanently damaging the body. 

Here are some popular methods people use to banish nasty ear infections… 

1. Taking Pain Relievers


Over-the-counter analgesics such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, and antipyrine and benzocaine otic are often used to soothe ear infections. Doctors, however, discourage aspirin for kids, as it can trigger Reye’s syndrome.

Doctors have these painkillers paired with other medications for a much stronger kick…

2. Taking Antibiotics

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Unlike ordinary painkillers, antibiotics destroy infection-causing bacteria without killing the body’s healthy cells. Amoxicillin and Augmentin in particular are often used to treat ear infections caused by bacteria.

Nothing brings comfort than a soft, warm touch…

3. Applying A Warm Compress

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Here is an easy home remedy to ear infections. Soak a clean cloth on warm water, wring it out, fold it, and apply it on your ear. This method relieves the pain and loosens the fluid buildup inside.

A remedy for another condition can kill two birds with one stone…

4. Gargling Salt Water


Sometimes, the bacteria from a strep throat infection can travel up and affect the eustachian tube, causing ear infection. The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends gargling warm salt water to remedy both conditions. Simply mix a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water and swish!

Heated water gives huge comfort in numerous ways…

5. Inhaling Steam

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Steam is a popular home remedy to relieve conditions like congestion as it helps open and soothe the airways, easing the pressure and pain inside the ear. You can either take a hot shower or inhale the steam from a bowl of hot water. (Create a tent by putting a towel on your head and cover yourself as you inhale.)

Sometimes, the littlest things can create a huge difference…

6. Proper Infant Feeding


Since the pressure from bottle feeding while lying down can trigger an ear infection, simply standing up saves your baby from having to deal with this annoyance.

Proper posture can go a long way too…

7. Standing Still

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Standing erect does a lot to fight ear infections. Importantly, being in an upright position helps drain out the built-up fluid inside the middle ear.

The same can be applied for when we snooze…

8. Sleeping Upright 

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Uncomfortable as it may sound, sleeping in an upright position or while leaning helps mitigate the ear pain caused by the infection. It also helps unclog the middle ear of its fluid buildup.

Simple kitchen ingredients can come in handy in many ways…

9. Eating Garlic 


Eating garlic may strengthen the immune system and its antibacterial properties prove to be excellent guards against bacteria. Note that babies under 6 months should not eat garlic, and those 6 months or older should be introduced with caution. 

And when all else fails…

10. Getting Surgery

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If the fluid buildup continues, a surgical procedure called myringotomy could be appropriate. The physician creates a small hole in the eardrum to drain out the built-up fluid inside, after which a small tube is then inserted to ensure continuous drainage.


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