GIFs To Make Mama Proud

We all want to make our mothers proud of us…but we don’t always hit our mark. Whether it is a total durp face caught at the wrong time or missing the mark in a physical feat. Here are some impressive and some not-so-impressive videos of young women caught at the perfect time.

To Oyster or Not to Oyster

If you have never tried an oyster, don’t let someone film your first time. They have a unique texture and taste. This young lady found out on camera that the slimy, salty snot rocket feel of an oyster can illicit quite the reaction.

If Only That Pole Was 2 Inches Shorter

Imagine trying to explain that bruise! The approach was good. Hand placement was solid. Good traction on the take-off. But gravity was a little stronger than she anticipated. Almost impaling yourself on a pole in the middle of the square is sure to make mama proud though.

Serious Core Strenth Required

Did you see that rail wobble? That is some serious core and leg strength to keep from falling off. Questions do still remain. Why is she wearing high heels when wearing spandex shorts? Is that a lifeguard stand and if so, where are the lifeguards?

From Now On, I Only Want My Drinks Poured Like This

I’m just really impressed. The accuracy of the high pour is hard to master. But that accuracy in a moving high pour through an arch is absolutely legendary. Tip this lady double and send the video to her Mom for approval.

Its Like Real Life Balance Beam

While she may not have made the Olympic gymnastics squad, this young lady is still very impressive. Standing back-flip into a no-hand cartwheel while on top of a retaining wall…executed flawlessly.

Quite the Spin You Have There

The award for best use of a prop goes to this young lady. Manipulating a cowboy hat like this just does not happen. It takes practice, dedication, and the pursuit of the perfect spinny-twirly thing.

Uhmmm, M’am. You Put On The Wrong Boots

Obviously excited because she has perfected her two-step, this young lady forgot just one little detail. She put on the wrong boots. Two-steps get cowboy boots. 10 for the dance, 3 for the costume, careless mistake really.


History Facts - The Gregorian Calendar

  1. Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Before this, Europe had been following the Julian calendar. Since the old calendar was off by 11 minutes, it was no longer accurate. To resolve the problem, the new calendar was developed.
  2. Every four years, the Julian calendar included an additional day in February to account for leap years. However, the Italian scientist responsible for developing the Gregorian calendar, Aloysius Lilius, realized that these additions made the calendar longer than it should have been.
  3. There is a minuscule time difference per year between the Gregorian calendar and the solar year. Despite the efforts made by Lilius to make the calendar seamlessly sync up with the solar year, it is still off by 26 seconds.
  4. Many Protestants saw this move as a plot against them. Even though the papal bill to reform the calendar only concerned the Catholic Church, Catholic countries such as Portugal, Italy, and Spain, adopted the new system right away. Protestants rejected the calendar.
  5. When England switched to the Gregorian calendar and advanced the days from September 2nd to September 14th in one night, many supposedly rebelled. They allegedly demanded to have their 11 days back. Many skeptical historians believe that none of these protests actually took place.
  6. During the middle ages, the new year fell on March 25th. The Julian calendar originally marked the start of the year on January 1st. However, European countries replaced it with days that had more religious significance.

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