GMC Terrain Review

The GMC Terrain is a sporty vehicle that has many design and performance features that appeal to casual drivers and families. GMC offers several unique trims for the 2018 Terrain, which include the SLE, SLT, and Denali.


On the road at night, the Terrain gets a lot of attention because it has stylish, C-shaped lights. The lamps that are placed in each panel generate crisp, bold lighting, so the Terrain can travel through dark or foggy environments with ease. During the day, everyone will notice the sculpted grille that’s found along the base of the vehicle. Although each trim has a unique grille design, the design aspects blend nicely with other exterior elements near the hood.


In the cabin, there are many trendy features, such as leather-wrapped accessories and aluminum trims. Because all of the seating is designed with plush padding, comfort levels never suffer when everyone enjoys the surroundings during long driving trips. When passengers need to access snacks, accessories, and other items while in the cabin, they can take advantage of the Electronic Precision Shifter. This tool makes strategic adjustments in the cabin in order to free up space after a button is pressed.


GMC has multiple engine options for the Terrain, and each motor provides different benefits on the road. All of the engines are turbocharged, so the SLE, SLT, and Denali perform efficiently in areas that have harsh road conditions.

The 1.5L turbocharged gas engine gives drivers enhanced efficiency and a lot of horsepower. During hauling and towing situations, the engine works hard and generates 203 pounds of torque. Strategic drivers can manage this torque easily by taking advantage of the 9-speed transmission.

GMC’s 1.6L turbocharged diesel engine has less horsepower. However, it produces more torque than the standard turbocharged gas engine.

When compared to the 1.5 engine and the 1.6 engine, GMC’s 2.0L turbocharged option provides the most horsepower. This engine has the best towing and hauling capabilities as well because it can produce 252 horsepower.

No matter what engine option is selected, efficiency won’t drop on the road, as all trims are equipped with traction tools. FWD trims have traction options that can handle traditional driving conditions, heavy snow, and the weight that generates during hauling and towing tasks. Trims that are designed with AWD equipment can effectively travel through off-road environments very easily. Also, because the wheels are aligned differently, AWD trims have a solid fuel economy.


All of the safety tools that are included with the GMC Terrain protect everyone on the road. Along key areas on the exterior frame, there are unique sensors that detect hazards. When another vehicle or object gets too close to a sensor, the driver will get an alert in the cabin so that proper procedures can be implemented to increase safety.


While driving the GMC Terrain, all of the safety tools work strategically with the console that’s found in the cabin. The process of gathering information about safely features is easy, as the infotainment system has a simple interface. Because Bluetooth technology is included in the system, proper safety procedures can be implemented while effectively driving through traffic.

The infotainment system also provides benefits when music, maps, and other tools are needed while driving. During these situations, a driver can project information that’s on a phone onto the console by using Bluetooth.

Navigational technology tools are also available in the cabin, and the interface is designed like a smartphone. The technology that provides information about routes also gathers traffic data, so a driver will get traffic alerts whenever the conditions change on heavily populated highways.


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