30 Goofy Cat Photos Everyone Can Enjoy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Internet loves cat photos. From the cutest ball of floof to feline friends up to no good, we just can’t get enough. So, the RocketFacts team has compiled some of our favorite goofy cat photos.

Get ready for some seriously silly fluff balls just begging to be cuddled. And a huge thank you to these kooky cats’ owners for capturing this nutty amazingness.

A true master of disguise 

TongueTheAnus/Bored Panda

When it comes to vanishing into the thin air, leave it for this cat. Not even his paws can be seen. 

The old wise cat

GreatlyUnlock861/Bored Panda

If you pay attention, the great Sensei will teach you the ancient ways of great kung fu masters. 

But avoid asking stupid questions else he might strike you on the head with a rock.

It’s been a long day for puss


Being a cat can be exhausting. You have to be cute and sassy at all times. This poor puss is exhausted and can not take it anymore. 

At least he finally understands Beyonce’s hit song Pretty Hurts.  

What have I done?


The look on Mama Cat’s face says it all. She did not quite think this through. We bet she thought all that humping didn’t come with consequences. 

A little privacy, please?


If these cats needed an audience for their kiss, they would not be hiding on the vegetable shelf. This is the part where you close the door and act like you saw nothing. 

Taking one for the gram 


You are not the only one who loves taking Instagram-worthy pictures. Kitty here has to make sure her angles and lighting are perfect. 

One of these things is an imposter


Kitty had enough of humans and decided to hide among his furry brothers. Only that, he is a cat and the only one alive. 

Sorry not sorry 


Cats are defiant animals.  And this one doesn’t care one bit that you caught it nipping on your food. In fact,  he will do it again. 

The newest rock band in town

meister2a/Bored Panda 

It’s funny how most (if not all) rock bands in the 1900s have a photo in this pose. Maybe this is a new cat rock band that we know nothing of? 

This cat loves being extra for no reason at all


If “minding my business” was a creature, it would be this dog. Doggie is like “I don’t know what the heck he is on but I will mind my business”. 

But it looks like kitty is just being extra. 

What do you take us for? 

You can see the confusion on the face of these cuties. 

 “Where did those ugly things come from? Why is a waste of money getting those slippers when we could just cling to your feet for free?”  

Bumble kitty


By now you should know that those recipes from Tik Tok don’t end well.  

This kitty cat’s owner tried a tumeric fleece bath recipe from Tik Tok.  And it is stuck looking like a giant queen bee.

Who’s the dude? 


Humans aren’t the only creatures that hate competition. Puss here loves being the only cute fur person in the room. And would go to any length to have it so; even if it means distorting his cute little face with a scowl. 

This cat doubles as a scarf!

Heinrich428/Bored Panda

Even though this gent loves when his pet snuggles with him, he is sure to make a fuss. And guess what? That sassy cat up there doesn’t care. She loves her comfy position as much as he does. 

Wait, it’s not what you think


This is one of those moments where you are caught in the act and you feign surprise.  

Puss is a natural actor – look at the look of surprise on that adorable face. 

Obi-Wan, is that you? 

Mario_cy_83/Bored Panda

Cats do silly things all the time. Take this sassy cat for example who decided to wear his owner’s t-shirt. 

Now, he is stuck looking like the feline version of Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

I have been duped! 

mercurio_liquido/Bored Panda

This naughty cat loves laying on egg crates and popping them. His owner replaced the eggs with golf balls and he feels betrayed. 

Just look at the accusations in those eyes. 



The earth needs saving and Catzilla has risen as the savior of mankind. Even the shark in the background can feel the catzilla’s power. 

Angel or devil – I can do both

fyflate89/Bored Panda

This cat has a dual personality ; he can be sweet and pissy. Whichever one you get is all  on you. So you choose. 

Time to fight crimes

vladgrinch/Bored Panda

Who says you can’t be cute and fight crimes? 

And if there is a crime being committed here, it is the offense of cuteness. These gorgeous Zorro-lookalike cats should be sent to a cats’ jail for being this cute. 


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