iPhone 6 Deals: Find the Best Offers Today!

When looking to change the ol’ phone, there’s no reason to pay full price. Plenty of retailers and carriers offer discounts on plenty of popular smart phones, including the Apple iPhone 6. Below are some of the best deals that major carriers offer.* It’s never been easier to get a great phone at an affordable price!


Verizon offers some stellar deals on iPhones. Currently, they list an iPhone 6s 32GB in an online deal for $5.00 a month over a period of 24 months. This is down from $14.58 a month. What’s nice about this offer is that no trade-in is required. However, a new line is required for this deal to apply. Similarly, Verizon also offers the iPhone 6s Plus for $10.00 a month over a period of 24 months at 0% APR.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro delivers here. One of their best offers for an iPhone 6s Plus 32GB is $249.99; this is down from $599.99. This offer is available when switching (note that it does not include the tax and activation fee). Metro offers a few deals for this phone, including a Switcher Instant Rebate and a Phone Instant Rebate Offer. The Switcher rebate is an instant $50-off rebate for an iPhone 6s purchase and port-in with a pre-existing number. This deal does exclude numbers that have been on the T-Mobile network or Metro within the past 3 months. The Phone rebate is worth $349.01 off, and it is for those getting a new line or upgrading their current phone.

Metro also offers an iPhone 6s 32GB Rose Gold for $149.99; this is down from $549.99. Note that this price excludes tax and the activation fee. Like the iPhone 6s Plus, Metro also offers both a Switcher Instant Rebate and Phone Instant Rebate.


Cricket currently boasts some great deals for both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. An iPhone 62 32GB is now available for $99.99 with a number transfer. Some restrictions include that no one can port-in from AT&T. Plus, this offer does not extend to upgrades. Cricket also mentions that other fees may apply with this offer. For those looking for an upgrade or a new number, this phone is available for $199.99, with an upgrade also needing a fee of $25.

For the iPhone 6s Plus 32GB, Cricket has a number-transfer option for $199.99 (similar restrictions, fees, and exclusions apply here as they do with the iPhone 6s deal from Cricket). Those wanting to upgrade or have a new number can get one for $299.99 (with an upgrade fee also applying here).

Boost Mobile

Those looking for an iPhone 6 at a great price can find that here; Boost has offers aplenty. It’s important for prospective customers to note that data plans are required for many Boost offers. Current deals include an iPhone 6s for up to $250 off (or $199.99) or $270 off ($179.99). A pre-owned iPhone 6s 16GB is available for $130 off ($99.99).

Final Thoughts

Switching phones doesn’t have to be expensive. Top retailers and carriers currently offer some great deals that can help people save some serious money. With a little research, having a new or pre-owned, high-quality smartphone is within reach.

*Disclaimers: The product manufacturers, carriers, and retailers mentioned in this article have not independently verified the information on this page. Some deals are only for a limited time. Some deals are only online; others may only be in-store and through participating locations. Offers listed here may only be available to select customers. Some deals may include additional fees, taxes, and restrictions.