Iphone X Expectations

The iPhone X is Apple’s newest release, dubbed as their 10th anniversary phone. This will be Apple’s first re-designed phone since 2014’s iPhone 6. Some of the features you can expect with the X include facial recognition for phone access, a 5.8-inch OLED screen, vivid colors, and the option to create expression-customized animated emojis.

The iPhone is already emptying shelves via the Friday morning pre-sale and quickly announced the initial shipment has reached maximum capacity for orders. Customers can expect orders to be fulfilled with 6 weeks. Some retail locations may carry more Friday, but don’t get your hopes up — the company won’t be expecting as many devices as assumed. We recommend pre-ordering via the Apple store or website, or via your wireless phone service provider.

Compared to the $699 iPhone 8, the X starts at a whopping $999, the price of a brand new gaming PC. The iPhone 8 will be released in September.

It’s worth upgrading to the X if you enjoy the latest mobile hardware. The X is equipped with a faster processor, a sleek glass back, and the Plus edition comes with software enhancements for the camera for extra editing options.

The X utilizes the same exact lightning charger it introduced with the past few models within the last few years. The X can also be charged wirelessly, including wireless chargers provided by Belkin and Mophie.

Users worried about storage will be pleased to hear the first X offering comes with 64GB, while the 256GB version will cost you $1,149. This is necessary due to the 4k videos and high quality pictures you’ll most likely be taking on a regular basis. With other files such as documents, music, and apps, expect the first 64GB to fill up fast.

We’ve all seen Samsung’s water-resistant phone advertisements, but what about the X? The iPhone X is supposedly waterproof as well, but it isn’t recommended to go swimming with it, just as the Samsung line of mobile devices. The iPhone X is fairly durable as well, but with any other device, it’s highly recommended to grab a phone case as well. The Pixel 2 is similar to both of these devices in shatter and water stress tests.

The size of the iPhone X comes in at 5.7 inches, the biggest screen to be used by an iPhone. The 8 Plus comes with a 5.5 inch screen. Similar to the Google Pixel 2, there will be no headphone jack available for the iPhone X.

Getting a bit technical, the iPhone X is powered by the A11 Bionic chip. We can only assume this chip was based upon the same 10nm process as the Snapdragon 835 seen in previous devices. The Pixel 2 XL, in fact, uses the Snapdragon 835 central processing unit chip for everyday data processing on mobile devices. In other words, this new manufacturing method may mean a better performance benchmark test and greater battery life. The A11 CPU comes with two cores, both 25% quicker than the CPU carried in the iPhone 7, plus an addition four cores for other processing purposes.

The amount of RAM hasn’t been announced, but the iPhone 8 is expected to come with 2GB. Don’t be surprised to see a different number with the X, but no one can say for sure yet.

So how’s the camera, you ask? Don’t expect to see a significant difference between the X and iPhone 8, but there are two minor differences that can change one’s decision. Selfies in Portrait mode as well as blurring the background, while the second portrait lens on the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus utilize a quicker lens, 2.4 vs. 2.8.

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