Laughable Signs Only Found in Texas

From cowboys to cattle, Texas culture is easily identifiable. Even more, Texas signs, whether they’re on the side of the road, at a restaurant or at a parking meter, can tell a lot about this southern state.

Ever wonder what restaurant, road and church signs you might come across in the Lone Star State? Look no further, and get ready to laugh, y’all!

Eerie Warning

San Antonio Report

Think you don’t have to wear your seatbelt? Think again. You better buckle up in Texas, because the eyes of the state are watching!

No Checks, But Cattle’s Okay


This place of business takes everything but checks. Horses, cattle, cash…Heck, they even take timber and camels? Obviously it’s a joke, but where else would you see this sign than Texas?

Cow Crossing


Sure, it’s common to see animal signs on the road, but this one? Take a closer look, and you’ll see the cowboy hats on the cattle. Totally Texas, if you ask us!

Rattlesnakes Ahead


Giddy up, but also watch out! There might be rattlesnakes down this Texas path…

Cowboys Park Here


This sign is classic Texas. If you’re not a cowboy, you might want to look elsewhere for a parking spot!

Max Speed Limit


Texas drivers must drive pretty fast, considering this sign is saying 90 miles per hour is acceptable. So, next time you visit Texas, be sure to keep your eyes out for speeders!

Small Towns


There’s nothing quite like funny small town names, and Jot-Em-Down is no exception. Looking at this Texas sign, you might think it’s a joke. But no, Jot-Em-Down is indeed a real place in Delta County, Texas!

Choose One


Yet another Texas welcome sign, this one’s got guts. Surely this sign isn’t serious? It’s telling drivers to pick a lane, but truly, if you were any of these three, you should be off the road, not driving on it!

God’s Country


Hondo, Texas has quite the unique way of telling people how to drive. Talk about a fiery “welcome” sign!

Texas-Style Farmer’s Market

@somewheretexas / Instagram

Sure, most states in the U.S. host farmers markets, but in Texas? Some of them are advertised on none other than a tractor!

Farm Roads

@matthewcappadonna / Instagram

This road sign surely describes what it’s like to drive through Texas. Located in the Big Bend National Park, this sign explains there’s a “farm road” ahead.

A Drive-By Reminder

@nlively / Instagram

Nothing screams Texas like an old fashioned “y’all” included in a roadside billboard!

Falling Cows


You read the sign right. It’s telling passerby to watch out for falling cows! Where else would this sign appear other than in the middle of a Texas road?

Funny Threat

@signcrafttexas / Instagram

This sign was spotted alongside the road somewhere in Texas, and although it’s technically a threat, it’s pretty funny.

Whose Appetite Is It Anyway?

@elarroyo_atx / Instagram

El Arroyo is a Texan restaurant famous for its funny billboard signs. Just take a quick look at their Instagram account, and you’re guaranteed to laugh out loud!

Humans vs. Dogs

@signcrafttexas / Instagram

Dog walkers, beware! This sign is important for anyone walking their dogs in a public spot. But even more, it communicates directly to the dogs!

Driving “The Texas Way”


Welcome to Texas! Although this sign isn’t necessarily funny, it still sends a true Texas message to drive friendly, which perfectly aligns with the tenets of Southern hospitality.

Don’t Mess with Texas


You heard the sign: don’t mess with Texas. Especially when it comes to littering!

The “Great” State of Texas

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Yikes! This Texas sign warns “liberals” to keep on driving.

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