Look Closely: These Images Are Not As They Appear

There’s a reason why the saying “there is more to this than meets the eye” holds true. Sometimes, things are not what they appear. Like these images we’re about to show, a second glance is a must to see the bigger picture.

Keep reading to look at some of the wildest optical illusions on the internet…

Garlic Surprise 

Typically, peeled garlic will come in separated cloves. Take a closer look at this image, though, and you’ll notice the garlic came out of its shell in once piece, rather than individual cloves!


Two Is Better With No One

Most people, just like this couple, document marriage proposals because they are such pivotal moments in life. But here, they may have captured more than just the proposal. Zoomed in, this photo shows a creepy face peering through one of the windows on the front door!

Reddit / MRwrong

The Perfect Model 

At first glance, this girl looks like she’s showing off her midriff. A closer look, however shows the stomach is not actually part of her body; it’s a mannequin wearing jeans..


Ultimate Camouflage

If you think this photo only shows an old couch, think again. A man is actually lying facedown on the couch! His military outfit definitely helped him blend right in.


An Extra Hand

Ads always go through an editing process before they’re launched, but this ad definitely didn’t get the full edit. Notice the extra hand on the man.

Bored Panda

Uncannily Similar

These two women seem to be having coffee next to a mirror at a first glance. However, a second look would show that the two women reflected are totally different people.

Reddit / 00890

Happy Holidays! 

Everything seems well-coordinated with this wreath until you look at the photo a little longer. Just look right behind the bow, and you’ll see a special greeter.


Cold Feet 

Weddings signify a couple’s lifelong commitment to love and support one another. But sometimes, people get cold feet. Just look at the groom’s shoes, for instance.


Not-So-Picky Eater

More often than not, people get tattoos that signify sincere meanings. We’re not sure of this guy’s motivation though, as he clearly does not live up to his “vegan” tattoo.

Reddit / evantheking

The Real Star 

Selfies are fun, until you get a photo-bomber. Here, this woman’s dog decided to steal the spotlight by drinking straight from the toilet while she snapped the photo.


Class Sit-in 

Humans aren’t the only species present in this college lecture. Look closely, and you’ll notice a giant black dog who is clearly paying attention in class.


Messy Hair, Don’t Care 

This woman’s hair isn’t the only thing on top of her head. Most people would have panicked at having a tarantula on top of their heads, but she doesn’t seem to care.


Nature’s Wild 

This public restroom truly has a unique ambiance. Some people might want to go running when they realize the large snake in the window!


Moving Leaves 

While most people would think this photo is just a bunch of dead leaves on a tree, it’s actually not. Flocks of brown birds gather on the thin branches to blend in!


Colorful Caterpillar?

Another perfectly-timed photo, this shot almost gives the illusion of a colorful caterpillar resting on a tree branch. In actuality, it’s a line of birds!


Cross-Stitched Cats

The mesh screen makes this cat carrier look like the cats are actually a stitch design. They’re not, though; these are real cats!


Sculpted Ears 

This stunning shot has no other explanation except it’s a combination of luck and one of the best works of Mother Nature. If you look carefully at the elephant’s ear, it almost looks like a human face. The wrinkles on its skin help create the illusion of a human eye and ear.


You Can’t See Me 

Some animals depend on camouflage to avoid predators and keep themselves safe. Like in this photo, the subject is hardly visible in one glance because of all the snow. But really, there’s actually a white rabbit hunkering down in the snow.

Getty Images

The Owl That Can Be Moved

These owl figurines undeniably make an exquisite design for a lamp. But they’re not the only animal there. Thanks to its brown fur and large round eyes, the cat would easily pass as one of them.

Reddit / miz0909

File Organizer

The person who organized this storage shelf must have a great sense of humor. They might have taken it too far though to include a space for his cat. We just hope it’s not because he keeps on misplacing it!

Imgur / unknown author

Someone’s Watching

Let’s be honest, we all get the uncomfortable feeling of being watched at times, especially when we’re alone. Unfortunately, for the worker assigned in this pantry, the case may be true as a pair of eyes seems to be peeping and observing.

Reddit / TheTrueMcLovin

A Child’s Love

One of parents’ most proudest moments is when their children openly express their love for them. In this case, we’re not only sure if the father will cry first out of joy for his child’s love or cry out of frustration for his vandalized car.

Reddit / NeutrinoBlue

Not Safe For Kids 

This toy cash register might not be considered kid-friendly. After all, this ordinary-looking toy features something questionable: a button for beer. 


Fashionably Creative

At first glance, this image may seem rather dull and ordinary. However, if you’re imaginative enough, you’ll realize the sleeves of the red t-shirts actually form a human face. It comes with a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, and even a defined jawline.


Casting Shadows 

Like the previous photo, this also appears as a fairly normal decoration. But when you observe closely, you’ll notice the decoration was actually just three pieces of glasses. The other three are merely shadows reflected through light.


Picture-perfect Frame 

With a very scenic look, this frame looks picture-perfect. Don’t let it fool you though, because this isn’t actually a framed picture. Rather, it’s an image of the Australian outback taken through a window inside a ruin.


Missing Fire

We normally see things cast a shadow when placed close to some sort of surface, so it appears irregular that in this photo, only the matchstick has one. However, science explains if the original light source meets a greater source of light, the latter is unlikely to cast a shadow. Hence, the picture below.


Towering Cityscapes 

Some of the most beautiful images of cities are taken from above, showing a view of all the skyscrapers and city lights. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for this photo, as what you’re looking at here are tombs in a cemetery in Kyoto, Japan. The “skyscrapers” are actually headstones and mausoleums.


Rock Guards 

Another beautiful landscape setting, this picture features some unique rock formations. Ultimately, when you put them all together, they would easily pass as two figures of a dog.


Acoustic Symmetry 

One glance and you would think this photo came straight from a draft of a real estate plan. As if it’s an apartment with a modern concept, the open space is designed to be a main source of natural light. However, it’s also not the case for this photo, as what you’re actually looking at is an interior shot of an acoustic guitar.


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