Makeup Removers: Types for Different Skincare Routines

Anyone who’s worn makeup knows this golden rule: always remove makeup before going to bed. Whether you wear makeup a lot or just occasionally, it’s important to take good care of your skin. This way, when you wear makeup, there will be less risk of it harming your skin.

No matter if you wear high-end makeup brands or drugstore dupes, it’s always advisable to invest in a good remover that takes everything off with relative ease while being gentle on the skin. Makeup removers work into the deeper layers of the skin, removing dirt and makeup particles.

In order to pick a remover that is good for your skin and other needs, it’s important to be familiar with the different kinds available.

What Kinds Are There?

There are as many types of remover, some of them in the form of liquids, creams, soaps, wipes, and a whole lot more. There are also specially crafted products for different skincare needs or for removing specific kinds of makeup.

Gentle on the Skin

One of the places where people tend to go wrong is finding a makeup remover that is too harsh for their skin. A gentle remover works to gently get rid of makeup and dirt on the face in a single swipe. Products that contain micellar water are a good bet when it comes to finding a quality remover that’s gentle on the skin. One simple product test is to try removing eye makeup. Good removers can usually get the makeup out with one or two swipes; sub-quality products usually take much more work, creating extra stress and friction on the eyes.


Wipes are a great tool for anyone who has a bad habit of going to sleep with makeup on. They are probably the easiest makeup removal tools, mainly because they require such minimal effort. All someone needs to do is take the makeup wipe out of the box and wipe the face in a swipe or two, making them incredibly efficient. A good tip is to keep a box of makeup remover wipes next to the bedside so that you can always remove your makeup, even when you feel too tired to do anything else.

Oil-Based Products

Nowadays, makeup is often waterproof. This makes it a lot harder to remove with a simple, gentle cleanser. For waterproof makeup, it is generally advised to use an oil-based cleaner. An oil-based cleanser works to break down the makeup that would otherwise not come off with just water. Because of this, a lot of people tend to prefer oil-based cleansers over other kinds, especially if they want to remove their makeup quickly.

Facial Cleanser Plus Remover Combo

A facial cleanser that also doubles as a makeup remover is ideal for those who don’t like using the cotton ball technique to take makeup off their face. A facial cleansing remover works like a regular facewash that breaks up junk on and in pores, then removes it from the face. While these cleansers claim to work just as well as regular removers, it might take a little effort to get that lean feeling. They typically require some extra rubbing comes or a few washes before everything is removed completely.

Choosing an Ideal Remover for Specific Types of Makeup

Just as there are different types of makeup for different skincare needs, so too are there specialized removers for various kinds of makeup.


Foundation can be removed with any of the kinds of makeup removers mentioned above. If using a waterproof foundation, something like an oil-based makeup remover is probably more ideal.


Lipstick is something that can either be incredibly easy to remove or incredibly hard; there is no in-between. Makeup wipes are some of the best when it comes to removing lipsticks and lip tints, though.


Eyeliner tends to be made of waterproof formulas, thereby making it one of the hardest to remove; it can also make it hard on the eyes if you have to scrub repeatedly to remove it. Using an oil-based cleaner or a makeup wipe is one of the best ways to get rid of eyeliner.


If you are someone who applies a light blush every day, something like a cleansing makeup remover should suffice in removing it.


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