Maximize Office Efficiency with the Best PPM Software

Project portfolio management (PPM) involves a project portfolio manager examining a pool of projects. Every single project is an essential cell for an organization. That means that project management is necessary for ensuring the completion of projects, and as such, the success of an organization. Clearly, the job of a project portfolio manager is important for a company’s success. Fortunately, there is software available that can aid these individuals in their quest to maximize efficiency in project management.

Why Choose PPM Software?

PPM software helps ensure that projects are carried out in a way that they complement one another in terms of business goals, timeline, and resources. Specifically, PPM software offers:

  • Time management as it utilizes the data available to make informed decisions.
  • Assessment of risks as PPM software offers transparency and data about your project by not only identifying risks but also qualifying them and giving probable solutions using your portfolio data.
  • Resource allocation. Better business decisions should be a priority for every business entity. PPM software gives information on what various team members are handling and for how long hence allows you to distribute resources effectively.
  • Offers business insight as the software gives detailed stats about the project. For effective management of numerous projects, you need PPM software to provide you with advanced information.
  • Fixing performance issues. Namely, effective project management involves the identification of areas where problems arise and seek solutions for the same. PPM software will help you to keep track of both unhealthy and health indicators.

Best PPM Software

Not sure where to find the best PPM software? Check out some of the best in the business below!


Salesforce has a wide range of functions and capabilities. It works using custom configurations to enable you to manage projects adequately. You can get a Salesforce application to manage your project. The tool allows you to allocate resources, prepare Gantt charts, track time, create project templates, and ensure that there is team collaboration. Salesforce project management has various apps that you can download and use in your project including inspire planner and milestones PM+.


Salesforce offers many options for project management; let’s take a look at the cost of their Sales Cloud offerings (each price is for a single user for a single month):

  • Sales Essentials: $25
  • Lightning Professional: $75
  • Lightning Enterprise: $150
  • Lightning Unlimited: $300


This is a unique software as it is all-in-one project management software. It works with collaboration platforms like Rolex, Adobe, Deloitte, and Staples. This is a full-featured project portfolio management system, and it is easy to use and intuitive.

Using Celoxis allows you to have access to comprehensive resource management capabilities. The software will enable you to allocate resources depending on roles, skills, and availability. It is also essential in tracking project finances as it gives you automatic information about revenue estimates following your plans. The software can be integrated seamlessly with numerous popular business applications using high-quality integration critical platforms.

Pricing & Discounts

Celoxcis costs approximately $25 per month with discounts.


Sciforma PPM is a powerful project portfolio management software that allows the project delivery leaders to attain high growth and realize the strategic objectives via viable and valid management of the project portfolio. The software has the following capabilities: resource allocation, project planning, collaboration for informed decision making, and time-tracking. The software also allows you to discover a robust portfolio status overview, simulations, and adequate capacity planning and project health scores.

Sciforma offers a flexible platform that allows you to manage multiple project environments at the portfolio level, public sector, and professional services. It also enables you to prioritize the project portfolio. It has features like multi-scenario solutions and budget-driven ranking options. 

Pricing & Discounts

The cost of this software ranges between $20 to $60 per month. Discounts are available for particular user types.


Changepoint PPM software (Daptiv) is essential for managing many aspects of the project portfolio, including time, resources, finances, expenses, revenue, and contract management. The tool is effective for financial analysis, hence crucial for making informed decisions regarding project portfolios aimed at improving cash flow and accurate forecasting of margins, revenues, and costs.

The software facilitates the creation of Gantt charts essential for project management, real-time financial analysis, and workflow management. The tool is flexible, and it can be implemented through the web, SaaS. The software smoothly integrates with a wide range of tools like SAP, MS suite, Dropbox, and Google.


Pricing is quote based.

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