Nordstrom Clothing: Best Styles and Deals

Nordstrom has humble beginnings, starting out as a shoe company. It’s hard to believe such a modest store grew into a luxurious retail clothing supplier. Throughout the years, they have successfully pleased customers, showing plenty of dedication to consumers first.

Why Choose Nordstrom?

  • Nordstrom has an excellent return policy, as there is no time limit. Customers who are unsatisfied with a purchase can return the item or exchange it.
  • For refunds, the money will be credited to the card if you paid with this.
  • They offer gift cards as well.
  • The brand has also made itself a reputable shopping source with its exclusivity. The company is very particular about the brands they work with and create. Only high-quality items are featured in the store. This special attention makes people feel more secure about their purchases.
  • Customers can talk to personal stylists to find the right look.
  • Brides and grooms can consult with wedding specialists.
  • Those who need help with design can talk to design specialists. Beauty stylists are also available for those who need this.

Top-selling Styles for Women

Sandals by Tory Burch

One style that is popular among customers is the flip-flop sandal by Tory Burch. The sandals cost a little over a hundred dollars. The slip-on sandal is also a current favorite. Top brands of the style are Dolce Vita and Steve Madden.

Pricing & Discounts

The prices run between $70 to over $100. The company is holding a sale right now that may take off up to 41 percent.

Tank Dress from Leith

Another coveted style is the tank dress from Leith. Simple and chic! Need we say more?

Pricing & Discounts

The price is normally $49, but is currently on sale for $29.

Leather Clutch by Selena

The simple leather clutch by Selena is another top-selling style, and for good reason. Who doesn’t need a handy stylish clutch?

Pricing & Discounts

The popular style is currently on sale for $39.98. The original price is $99.

Top-selling Styles for Men

Slide Sandals

The slide sandal is a current favorite for men. One of the top brands is Birkenstock.

Pricing & Discounts

If you’re interested in these sandals, the price can go between $44 to $134 dollars.

Crewneck T-shirt

Men also like the crewneck t-shirt style. Top brands of the style are Robert Barakett, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Madewell.

Pricing & Discounts

The prices for these shirts run between $29 and $59.

Killer Whale Trucker Hat by Goorin Bros

Another style to highlight is the killer whale trucker hat by Goorin Bros.

Pricing & Discounts

You can pick up this hat for $35.

Ways to Find Deals & Discounts

Sign up for the company’s newsletter! There, you may receive special limited offers you may not see otherwise. This is also a good way to see when items you are interested in are discounted.

If you shop online, you may get a discount if you leave an item in your cart for some time, as the company wants to keep your business. Just be sure you don’t delete cookies.

You can find out about discounts if you follow the company’s social media platforms, as deals are sometimes mentioned there as well.


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