33 Celebs Who Still Look Great at the Beach

Keeping a healthy figure is hard enough for the average American, and then there are celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez who still look effortlessly thin since their original rise to fame in decades past.

From models to movie stars, here are thirty-three bikini-clad celebs who look just as good today as they did years ago.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has hired a team of personal trainers to keep her in shape. They work together five days out of the week and one trainer focuses solely on strengthening her butt, by having Sofia do lots of squats and side leg lifts throughout the course of their workouts. It may not be for those who give up easily but it does yield results like you want them too!

Vergara may give off the impression that she consumes nothing unhealthy, but it is well known around the office that Vergara’s sweet tooth takes over on weekends. In an attempt to fight this temptation, she eats plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during the weekdays when there are no sweets available at work. One thing that Vergara will never indulge in is salt because every time she does her eyes swell up for days afterwards.

Kim Kardashian

How can Kim Kardashian-West (and the rest of her celebrity siblings) maintain this impeccable figure? It’s probably because they follow a rigorous exercise and diet regimen, just like her. She recently made headlines when she pulled out an old dress from Marilyn Monroe to show people how tiny it was; proving to them that weight loss is entirely possible for anyone looking for some inspiration.

Working out, Kim has found success using the HIIT approach five to six days a week. The first thing she did when it came to her diet was going KonMari style – getting rid of all junk food in her pantry and replacing them with healthier snacks like blueberries, poultry and sweet potatoes which are high in nutrients.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, one of Hollywood’s most stunning beauties who seems unreachable and elusive to many people due to her profession, has an interesting way of beginning. All day long she is tested by maintaining a straight spine while working out. Salma works out seven days a week for thirty minutes at a time either in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or running on the treadmill.

Hayek has always been a fan of making homemade vegetable and fruit juices for his patients. One reason he enjoys this is because Hayek remembers how he would make these types of drinks with fresh produce when he was younger. He never limits himself to just one type of juice recipe or dish even though he loves cooking so much; but Hayek has found that if you eat in moderation it can help keep weight off your waistline, which is an important goal for him.

Penelope Cruz

Before becoming pregnant, Penelope Cruz’s rigorous training regimen was far more extensive; these days she only does 90 minute Bikram yoga sessions three or four times a week. However, she still works out with Gunnar Peterson, her former trainer. All of those workout routines are now focused on physical strength and dance skills rather than what they used to focus on before: cardio endurance and flexibility exercises.

When it comes to Penelope Cruz, things are not so complicated. Keeping a balance between what she can eat and what she cannot eat is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her diet. Her belief in herself has allowed her to maintain both her physical and mental well-being throughout these years. It’s pretty clear why someone who eats avocados would also love vegetables – they go together like peas and carrots.

Monica Bellucci

Italian actress Monica Bellucci has starred in various notable films including The Matrix trilogy, Spectre, and The Passion of the Christ. However, at only 20 years old she doesn’t think she would be qualified to give beauty advice yet.

In contrast to this, she doesn’t work out and eats whatever she wants. All of these things mean that she’s constantly on the go due to all her endless commitments. It seems like her only secrets are just good genes though because we seem to see that no matter what happens or how hard we push ourselves, we’re never able to look as great as her.

Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria has found the secret to eternal youth. All of her baby weight has gone away and all it took was giving birth to one child- yep, she did it! At first, she let her body take its time adjusting to life after having a baby- it doesn’t happen over night you know. When she finally felt up for working out again, she did some cardio workouts before eating healthy breakfasts every day (because who doesn’t want eggs or toast?).

She stays in shape because of her diet. I could easily be a vegetarian…, Longoria says. Cooking with veggies is one of my favorite hobbies. Sugar is something she tries to avoid at all costs, but when she does succumb to cravings once every three months it’s worth it.

Jennifer Lopez

From her music videos, it was clear that Lopez’ body never rested. It turned out she had two personal trainers working with her to create a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen.

Additionally, she incorporates a variety of exercise routines such as kickboxing, abdominal exercises, and weight training. Her fitness regimen isn’t easy – there’s always something to think about! Nevertheless, she agrees with other celebrities that water is an essential nutrient for your body. Consequently, this prompted her decision to cut out coffee and alcohol from her diet completely. Consequently, she sticks exclusively to whole and unprocessed foods in order to eat healthy while providing herself with plenty of nutrients.


With an incredible body for her age, Rihanna shows us that you can stay fit regardless of how old you are. In order to do this though, she sticks to a set of strict guidelines that apply to anyone who wants the same result – including herself! Whether at home or abroad, RiRi eats regularly and wholeheartedly maintains her healthy lifestyle.

She utilized a machine called the Supraformer for the majority of her workout sessions. However, she did go to extremes with one particular Pilates inspired program- this one would push you past your physical and mental limits. Two personal trainers were always available for when she needed them most; yet that didn’t stop her from doing some serious self exercise either way. Eventually, after all was said and done, they would make sure to remind her to drink plenty of water; which is essential if one wanted well maintained health overall or even just great looking skin!

Carmen Electra

When I thought about what kind of lifeguard I wanted to see at the beach, my first thoughts were of Carmen Electra. Though she may not have done anything new in her workout regimen over the last few years – whatever works! And besides at such a young age, most people aren’t really exercising too often anyway. She loves to dance; and though it may sound clichéd, it just keeps her grounded and motivated in everything else that she does. Her favorite activities are aerobic strip tease DVDs; which we all know is excellent exercise.

To keep her body looking ready for summer, she drinks a tremendous amount of water throughout the day. In fact, before lunchtime she has already drunk two large bottles. To stay energized and balanced between those liquid meals, Electra also eats seafoods and fresh fruit or vegetables for a filling meal. Sushi is her favorite food group; therefore rice will never be eliminated from her diet because it contains all sorts of nutritious properties that are not found elsewhere.

Halle Berry

Having six-pack abs is no easy task. Celebrities such as Halle Berry are huge fans of MMA, and even train with kettlebells for good measure! For instance, she also adopted the keto diet to best suit her needs. As someone who was diagnosed at a young age with diabetes, Berry has been very conscious about what goes into her body since day one.

Berry said, If you’re anything like me, then maybe you can cure type 2 diabetes, he continued. You’ll feel the benefits of better physical endurance and health – and probably less acne.

Jessica Alba

For Jessica Alba, fitness isn’t just a trend but an integral part of her life. Every day she wakes up at 5 am to go for one of three different types of workout: spin classes, power yoga, or Pilates reformer. This gives her body constant challenges and enough rest time in between so that the routine doesn’t become tedious.

Her diet is also a major part of her daily routine. She follows a low-carb, high protein diet with minimal sugar and carbohydrates. However, she cannot deny herself when faced with temptation. If it exists, it needs to be eaten – even if it means eating too much afterwards for the feeling of being deprived. I don’t think that’s a healthy way to do things, Alba told ELLE Australia.

Amber Rose

As an artist, Amber Rose is always prepared for the beach. The show Dancing with the Stars has helped her tremendously because all of that dancing tones up muscles. But she doesn’t just dance–she practices yoga too. Yoga can make you lose weight, relieve stress, and build muscle–all things Amber needs to keep herself strong!

Rose also made a point to take small bites of food throughout the day so she would feel full longer, which one of these statements is true? A tool used for shrinking waists. In order to maintain her flawless figure, Rose said she wears a waist trainer 6 hours out of every 24-hour period; claiming it was convenient and cozy too.

Emily Ratajkowski

How could you not stare at her? She looks so perfect! I am sure it isn’t easy to maintain such an image, but unlike most celebrities she chooses to drink a cup of coffee every now and then. It is what keeps her sane during the day while dealing with all those obligations that celebrity life throws at you. When time permits, she will even go out for dinner – though always making sure to keep healthy choices when picking off the menu.

She kicks things up a notch when it comes to working out. Being outdoors is her favorite place, so she takes advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves; whether that means yoga, running or anything else. Although she doesn’t go to the gym very often, being active- even if it’s just for a short while- always leaves her feeling refreshed and fulfilled. She stands out as an inspiration among all the people who seem to be too busy getting nowhere fast.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is most well-known for playing a romantic lead in films such as Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, and most recently Dead Calm. She also plays an important part in the popular Underworld film series. And though she’s 48 now, Beckinsale maintains her body through modeling work – all without going under the knife!

According to New Beauty, she exercises often and fills up on protein such as chicken, eggs, and salmon so that she can maintain a healthy weight. Besides eating her greens of course, everything appears to be going well for her.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has a workout routine that everyone can follow. Apart from working out for various movie roles, she trains three times weekly at the gym. Among her favorite workouts are sprinting and interval running; with Eva getting much more out of these exercises than going through 45 minutes of slow-paced routine work-outs. When filming for movies, work-outs go up to five days per week.

Eva Mendes typically has a sweet tooth, indulging in Cadbury Creme eggs and negotiating with herself over when she can buy or eat one. Occasionally, she drinks caffeinated soda, but is uncertain if it’s sugar-free.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan’s body shape has changed since she lost weight. When she was skinnier, it seemed as if there wasn’t anything wrong with her figure- but now that Michelle is on a diet and trying to lose weight again, it requires some heavy duty workouts at the gym for her to stay thin. For example- Michelle gave up red meat from her regular diet about four years ago- which might be difficult for you to imagine!

Aside from trying to cut out dairy, she tries not to consume high amounts of carbs late at night before going to bed or doing photo sessions. She also goes to the gym three times a week for her daily dose of fitness; which consists of HIIT exercises (high intensity interval training) followed by weightlifting.

Ashley Graham

Despite her fame as a curvaceous and voluptuous model, Ashley Graham’s figure needs maintenance. She starts off every day with a nutrient-rich smoothie. Next up is a drink made of green vegetables such as kale, lemons, ginger, beets, apples and parsley which she swears will keep the doctor away – if not for today then for tomorrow at least.

After a long day of snacking at the office, Graham heads home for supper. Delicious meats and healthy fats were something she always looked forward to eating after work because they made her feel good. As part of her daily regime, she also practiced kickboxing which gave her all the exercise she needed without spending too much time on it every day. Now onto what really mattered – when it came to food, there was never anything better than this one indulgent dish that brought joy to her taste buds everyday.

Iskara Lawrence

Learning about how Iskara Lawrence stays healthy has left us feeling rejuvenated. She avoids unhealthy fad diets, binge eating and processed foods of any kind – preferring nutrient-rich foods that are high in fibre instead. This makes us happy since this takes her one step closer to her health goals. Another thing we were surprised by is the fact that she doesn’t drink coffee or alcohol at all – which just goes to show how dedicated she really is!

She has always been one to work out, even before she was signed with Nike. As seen by her toned body, squats were Lawrence’s favorite workout and Lawrence created the 8-Minute Abs app. Nowadays, aerial yoga – a hybrid of Pilates, dance and yoga done while suspended in a hammock – is how she spends all other free time (and drains away the stress).

Elizabeth Hurley

There has been little change in her ’90s fantasy girl from decades ago. She maintains a good figure from dieting and staying active, which is appreciated by us. Her workout schedule varies daily depending on what needs to be done at the time; she’ll take long walks with her dogs and stretch if there isn’t anything else pressing that day. When she exercises at home, she focuses more on abdominal workouts, butt exercises, and arm lifts. Occasionally though, Hurley will attend yoga or Pilates classes.

Throughout the day, Hurley never misses an opportunity to drink water. When she wakes up, she drinks two glasses and then goes on drinking all day. Making it a point not to eat anything that has been processed or comes from another place (even if it’s just because of how much easier it is). Eating only things from where you live or eating things from other places doesn’t matter; what matters is making sure they’re fresh. The main thing for her about being healthy is being conscious about what you put in your body.

Cindy Crawford

For her twice weekly workout routine, Crawford alternates between cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical, or trampoline), and weight lifting. If she can find time for more than 3 workouts per week, then she enjoys taking pole dancing lessons with friends. Her favorite activity is going to the gym – no matter what activities are planned for that day – three days a week; even if it’s just for 20 minutes.

Furthermore, she must be mindful about what she puts in her mouth. One of the restrictions she adheres to is abstaining from consuming manufactured food – preferring instead a protein shake or salad for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Gabrielle Union

Her heath had been a major concern for Gabrielle Union for years. In her interview with Women’s Health Magazine, she revealed that diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are all issues in her family line. As a result of this, Gabrielle Union has made getting lots of exercise into one of her priorities; making sure she does everything from going on runs to playing sports to cooking healthy meals regularly.

In addition to compound movements, Union exercises for at least 15-20 minutes each day by doing strength training, aerobic activities and Pilates. Getting sun whenever possible is one of her favorite ways to top off her vitamin D intake. After exercising, she also enjoys eating mostly vegan food options like salads or other healthy snacks; however she will occasionally indulge in dairy products or a piece of chocolate cake if she wants something sweet.


Gisele Bündchen is now 41 years old, and it’s still hard for me to believe this! But here she is; undeniably youthful looking after all these decades of modeling. Of course, Giselle does put in a lot of time and effort into maintaining her appearance – but it helps that the woman has had some good genetics going for her all these years too.

Her strict diet consists of mostly organic foods that she supports because she wants to help her local farmers. Gisele enjoys exercising outside, biking, horseback riding and skiing for example; all of which are among her favorite pastimes.

Reese Witherspoon

Just like the rest of us, Reese Witherspoon doesn’t always love working out. However, unlike many other celebrities these days, she at least manages to get some movement in six days a week. She even goes so far as to take up running! When it comes down to it though, her favorite form of exercise is yoga – but not all the time! You’ll find her using some Body By Simone supplements from time to time too!

Just like many stars today, Reese believes in maintaining a balanced diet. Back in the ’90s, this would have been considered bizarre due to all of the trendy crash diets around at the time. One nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, is a fan of Kimmie’s Glowing Green Smoothies; which have grown incredibly popular among celebs these days for good reason! Reese loves her carbs – especially at night time – so she never restricts herself with what she eats (unlike most other people).

Gwen Stefani

Since she left being the lead singer for No Doubt, Gwen Stefani has maintained her youthful appearance. When asked what her secret to staying young was during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said it is all about eating well and exercising hard. Everyday around noon, Gwen takes part in a rigorous workout consisting of HIIT exercises, circuit training and full-body aerobics which last for one hour.

Compared to Gwen’s, Stefani’s diet is more relaxed. Her main goal is staying on track with her eating habits so she can maintain a healthy lifestyle; which includes things like being vegan and working out regularly. She does occasionally eat carbs such as spaghetti, bread, or rice in order to stay toned but aside from that, Stefani drinks lots of water- just like many other fit celebrities do!

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s interest in maintaining her well-being has only grown stronger as she enters her 50s; Simone De La Rue and Body by Simone are two organizations Garner collaborates with. She commits to at least one hour of training each day: four to five days a week for strength and cardio, depending on the shoot schedule.

Any form of workout cannot escape the power food has over it. Garner adheres to a strict diet, but Kelly LeVeque, a celebrity nutritionist and author of The Be Well by Kelly Diet, is still one of her clients. Despite this, she does not restrict what or how much she eats in any way. In fact, Garner loves to cook and bake, so she allows herself every opportunity for indulgence that won’t cause harm to either herself or anyone else- because it all comes down to moderation after all.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts exercises rigorously to maintain the illusion that she is only thirty. Roberts practices yoga four times a week for one hour and studies its teachings 4 times each week. Practicing this at such high frequency allows us to empathize with her fatigue; even though she doesn’t enjoy it. She also performs step aerobics for 40 minutes every time, in order to avoid the monotony of routine workouts.

Her love for food may not be all encompassing, but according to Roberts, it should at least be enjoyed. She has a weakness for carbs, though prefers wholesome versions of them (just as the rest of us) if given an option – and sees meals as much more than just sustenance. It’s one opportunity she takes advantage of in being a stay-at-home mom where she gets to spend quality time teaching her kids about what they put into their body – even though that means the occasional lecture at mealtimes. You must eat the good food to get the good stuff, Roberts repeats happily.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t help but be noticed when she walks down a red carpet. This chick has been working out really hard, and because of that she has an amazing body. She goes to the gym seven days a week – even twice on Sundays- because it’s her hobby. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing HIIT or just lifting weights for muscle mass, this girl always finds time for cardio too.

In order to maintain her strict self-discipline, Hilary avoids keeping unhealthful food in her refrigerator. It was hard for her at first but now there are many foods she can’t eat because she only consumes 1500 calories each day. Avocado and tuna salad is one of Hilary’s favorite high protein, low carb dishes. Fruit is one of Hilary’s snacks because it has less calories than other foods and is high in nutrition. Dairy products were difficult for her too so she decided to cut them from her diet altogether.

Cameron Diaz

What’s the secret to Cameron Diaz’ trim figure? Variety. Her workout routine changes often, which is why she never gets bored and always works different muscles each time. When it comes time for an outdoor workout session, Diaz prefers activities such as yoga, Pilates or weight lifting to keep herself feeling healthy.

Diet is the key to weight loss. Almost all fried foods have been eliminated from the diet of this former fast-food junkie. As an alternative, she plans to follow a Mediterranean diet. Ever since she has followed such a healthy lifestyle plan, Diaz credits it for her glowing complexion, improved health, and stunning appearance – all thanks to this new regimen which provides high quality nutrients; helping her lose weight without having to starve herself or completely change her lifestyle

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, stepdaughter of Hollywood royalty Kurt Russell and daughter of American icons Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn, achieved fame for her work in films as an A-list actress during the 2000s. Though she has since been forced to take fewer acting jobs due to aging out of some popular roles, Kate Hudson refuses to let herself go without a fight.

Women’s Health magazine quoted Kate Hudson talking about her routine of working out three to four times per week. She also does not deprive herself when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life, even if she only drinks moderately now and then. This attitude has led to her looking great for her age – which is all we can really hope for!

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais uses both treadmills and weight lifting exercises to stay fit. Her food choices are healthy, but she doesn’t overindulge herself. Moderation is key – she doesn’t want to be too thin or too large.

Once, she confessed that if it was pizza night and she was with her kids then they would indulge in a few slices of pizza. She would make up for it the next day by having something healthier.

LeAnn Rimes

Platinum-selling country singer, who has maintained a slim figure throughout her career, is no mean feat; but LeAnn Rimes makes it seem easy. She is one of the youngest Grammy winners in history and has won every single award she’s been nominated for during her career. All that hard work appears to never have hurt this dynamic performer.

The formidable physique of Rimes stems from a well-balanced diet that gives her the energy and vitality she needs. As far as nutrition goes, Rimes is all about taking in as many nutrients as possible through wholesome meals and snacks. Even though she recently promoted cauliflower bowls for cravings, she isn’t giving up her favorite foods like pizza or cake. She does indulge in sweets every now and then.

Sandra Bullock

What are ways to maintain one’s health as a busy woman? It can feel difficult at times. Actress Sandra Bullock has been working hard with celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue, who created the Body by Simone System which helps make getting healthy easy. To stay fit, she switches between high-intensity cardio and weightlifting every 10 minutes – keeping her body in top form even though she is constantly going from project to project.

Fresh food and quantity managements are what Bullock believes in. As she prefers hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, sugar- and gluten-free options according to her famous opinion, she advises people to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day while trying maintain a healthy metabolism. Maintaining health is paramount because it increases longevity!

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson is a well-known and critically acclaimed actress who has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest films, including; Hustle & Flow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Date Night. She achieved her greatest success when she won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role from Hidden Figures.

She is the type of person who sets her sights on what she wants and never lets go, says Henson’s trainer, as InStyle. Her attention to detail is unmatched. Her workout routine should also include an hour or two of weight training and cardio.

Charlize Theron

Despite her age, Charlize Theron’s physique has been a staple in Hollywood. Charlize is a serious, focused and all-around professional, said her personal trainer who added she likes to incorporate ballet into her workout regimen for strength training purposes. In addition she does Pilates for some extra muscle toning.

To prepare for her various roles, Charlize Theron spends time at the gym doing a variety of exercises such as pushups, crunches done on bicycles, squatting with kettlebells, and stepping up onto benches. She also makes an effort to eat healthy food and steer clear of fatty foods or sugary meals.

Sheryl Crow

Even though it is well-known that singer Sheryl Crow gets most of her needed vitamin D from the sun, she still works hard at maintaining an attractive appearance. Every morning and night before bedtime, she spends 20 minutes meditating to stay stress free and clear headed. In addition to this routine, Crow also trains at the gym up to three times a week where she starts off doing 10 minute brisk walks on the treadmill before moving onto plyometric exercises such as planks and pull-ups.

A Pseudo Macrobiotic Diet is what Crow eats (to put it in her own words). In order to maintain this diet, she always sticks to eating only plant-based foods with a good amount of fresh produce and some lean meat. Out of her liking for seafood, most of her dishes would contain Omega-3 rich fish like tuna and salmon. Although she does snack quite often, each time she finishes one, it wouldn’t go over 200 calorie mark; giving her lots choices from fruits and nuts while still maintaining the level of energy needed to work out during the day.

Christie Brinkley

In the past, Christie Brinkley has been a vocal advocate of vegetarianism. As a young girl (at 12 years old), she abstained from eating meat – and still does to this day for much of her life as well as during her periods when she works out consistently. Though it’s clear that she loves fitness (she changes up her routine every now and then just so she can stay interested), Ms. Brinkley always keeps in mind what is healthy for the body – whether or not it be an animal-based diet or an all-vegan one.

Because she is always on the go, she only has time for what she can squeeze in. Even when creating musicals, it’s enough if there are opportunities to dance. There’s a place for both of these things but there comes a point where it becomes too much; Brinkley knows this well because even though she loves doing everything it would take her all day if possible – so even now she does yoga during her free time instead.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen exercises every day for two and a half hours with no exceptions, according to her own accounts. She starts off the workout with some resistance bands followed by box jumps, jumping rope, and lifting weights; she does it all in intervals of four sets each.

She claims her healthy living is a major factor in her success. As much organic produce as possible, minimal sugar consumption, loads of water and decent sleep are staples of her diet according to this article.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Even after turning fifty, Jada Pinkett Smith still looks young. With twenty years of experience in the industry, she has consistently managed to maintain her status as a role model and influencer when it comes to beauty and poise. According to Jada on her self-titled talk show Red Table Talk, taking care of your body is an expression of self-love.

According to Jada’s interview with BET, she does 20 minutes of cardio every day. This is not the only thing that she exercises on but also includes weights and a variety of other options. Though, it isn’t all working out because she likes to take some time off occasionally to de-stress her body.

Melanie Griffith

You would never guess that Melanie Griffiths is a 64-year-old woman given her fitness levels. The actress has revealed how she maintains this level of physical fitness despite growing older – posting an exercise video to Instagram showcasing all of the exercises she does each day.

Griffith’s workout routine shown in the video also consists of strength training and cardio. While she wants to maintain as much muscle mass possible, this is still essential because when she starts aging her body may not be able to do so naturally. Hiking and other outdoor pursuits are some of her favorite things too.

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt, well known for her appearances in Mad About You, Twister, As Good as It Gets and Cast Away – has lived healthily throughout her long Hollywood Career. What is Helen’s Age Defying Secret?

It is not there for her. When Helen Hunt appeared in a recent issue of Healthy Living Magazine, she stated that she does not diet or go to the gym but rather leads an active lifestyle which will most likely provide benefit.

Charlotte Ross

Considering her age, it is no chance that Ross is a fitness nut. She has been putting in workouts at the request of her personal trainer who suggested adding weight training to her routine. Even though she puts in a lot of work, she takes care of herself by practicing yoga and getting massages when pain starts emerging.

Ross owes her healthy living habits and physique to consuming fluids, drinking decaf green tea, and taking omega-2 pills. She also works out regularly and eats mostly vegetarian food options.

Christy Turlington Burns

Christy Turlington Burns firmly believes that eating well makes you feel good about yourself. Her approach to food and healthy living is simple: moderation. I’m not the kind of person who’s going to go on a binge or deprive themselves of food, she said.Since I was in my early twenties, every year, I’ve done this juice cleanse just to reset my body. As for her diet – Christy follows both veganism and vegetarianism which means no red meat but seafood is permitted.

Burns has been practicing yoga and working out regularly ever since her late teens. As a six-time marathoner, did you know she had done this too? I can hardly believe I’m about to start running another race; it’s amazing how quickly time goes by. When she completed the 26 mile course of 10 hours and 48 minutes, Burns felt grateful for being able to do something so strenuous yet rewarding at such an old age.

Kirsten Dunst

Kristen Dunst is enjoying both her commercial and critical success through the roles she has played in films such as Spider-Man or Melancholia. She has also been successful on television, playing a major role in Fargo’s second season and appearing in other popular shows over time. Even though this actress always seems to be busy, she manages to maintain a high level of fitness while continuing to work hard at whatever project she takes up next.

At 40 years old, her skin is just as flawless as it was when she was 20. She has perfected the art of keeping it that way – avoiding the sun and using organic products from head-to-toe to maintain her natural glow. In addition to this, she exercises for about an hour every day which helps to keep her body toned. Healthy eating has become second nature for this woman who takes pleasure in sports such as tennis or bike riding when she isn’t working or going out on dates with friends.

Kristin Wiig

If it weren’t for Krisitn WIig appearing like an athletic 48-year old woman, many people may have found it shocking when she was cast as Cheetah in Warcraft. It is because of her vegetarianism that Kristin Wiig has such a beautiful beach body at only 38 years old.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristin Wiig subsists on tofu and soy instead of meat. Alongside this, she drinks plenty of water and cranberry juice daily. When it comes time for a sweet treat, her go-to is either melted cheese sandwiches or Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Courtney Cox

Friends and Scream star Gale Weathers’s co-star, Courtney Cox, has also managed to maintain an impressive physique. Cheat Sheet claims that the 58-year old actress works out with a personal trainer to keep herself fit.

Aside from lifting weights, Cox has also played a large role in maintaining her physique due to her diet. One example is the amount of coconut water she drinks as part of her low-carb routine. Cox doesn’t drink coffee either – we don’t know how she manages but we’re at awe!

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, who is 52-years-old and best known for her performances in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, has been able to maintain a healthy body all through her career. She does so by eating nutritiously; most of what she eats consists of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and milk from organic sources.

To create a work like Kill Bill, it is necessary to be in good physical shape. Doing jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches and squats will keep your body strong and healthy no matter what project you are working on next.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour enjoys playing golf when she can, but also practices Pilates to keep things interesting. Ever since high school, she has been attending the same Pilates class to strengthen her core and abs. She says that isometric exercises are what keeps her body tight – a major perk of being an athlete!

When it comes to eating, Seymour prefers not to eat anything else besides what grows in her own garden. To make things even sweeter for herself, she regularly drinks the finest French wines.

Demi Moore

Here are some of Demi Moore’s secrets on how she manages to look so young for her age. When it comes to working out, she is intense – putting in 3 hours worth before starting a job followed by an eight-mile jog afterwards. Without work commitments, her schedule revolves around staying fit and toned; focusing mainly on her arms, stomach, and thighs (with targeted sessions).

As much as possible, Moore tries to eat only organic and natural foods. She usually does so by eating a raw vegan diet; excluding all cooked food from her diet for most of the time. However, celebrities such as Uma Thurman or Natalie Portman also follow this trend; even if they don’t always do it successfully!

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