Online MBA Programs: Top 5 Reviewed

There are various MBA programs that students can take online, compared to a brick-and-mortar college. Some of these online MBA programs can be completed in less time than it would take in a brick-and-mortar college. Online MBA programs are ideal for students who would like to work at the pace they’d prefer. Many online MBA programs allow you a completely flexible schedule, that is perfect for working adults especially adults with children.

It can be easier for students to get accepted into an online program rather than a brick-and-mortar college. Online programs can also be more cost efficient compared to programs at brick-and-mortar colleges. The top online MBA programs are from Villanova, Notre Dame, Penn State, Sullivan, Washington University and Syracuse.

Villanova University Overview

Villanova University is just one of those colleges that offer an online MBA program. If the student selects Villanova University, students can finish the program at the minimum of 21 months.

Washington State University Overview

Washington State University is another college that offers a flexible online MBA program. The program at this college does take a little bit more time to complete than Villanova, but it’s still an excellent program.
In this program, students graduate within 22-29 months. Washington State University has been recognized as the top online MBA program. Qualified applicants may be able to have the GMAT requirement waived.

Penn State World Campus Overview

Penn State is another university that has the online MBA courses. Students need a total of 48 credits to earn their degree. This program is accredited by the AACSB. The online program at Penn State does require orientation residency. The orientation residency is scheduled for 5 days and it’s held at University Park in Pennsylvania. The orientation includes meeting your peers and professors face-to-face, as well as attending workshops and more so that students are fully prepared before they begin their studies.

Creighton University Overview

Creighton University offers an online MBA course as well. For students to earn their degree, they must complete 33 credit hours to graduate. This program allows students to finish in two years and eight weeks. Students have the option of completing the program in a quicker time period if they decide to take more than one course at the same time or they can take both online and campus courses.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Overview

The online MBA course at this university is accredited by the AACSB. The credit hours required to graduate from this program vary. There are two different MBA programs to choose from.

Finding the right college is important, and it’s important to find a college that suits all of the students needs. All of these programs and universities are rated the top in the nation. These programs from these universities also have an excellent reputation since they all have received numerous awards.

If students need more information about these programs or colleges, students can always find more information listed on their websites. All of their contact information is listed in this article so that they don’t have to do any research.



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