Parking Jobs So Bad They’re Good

Driving is hard. Parking is often harder. We’ve all come across that one person who parks terribly, or occasionally, we’re the offender ourselves. Sometimes parking within the lines feels like the most difficult thing in the whole wide world. Other times, people just aren’t paying attention and make some pretty cringe-worthy mistakes.

Thanks to the Internet, we’re not alone in our bad parking jobs. As you’re about to see, nobody’s parking skills are perfect, but many are downright frustrating and/or hilarious to witness.

Both of you should be ashamed!


If we had to predict how and why this parking monstrosity happened, we’d guess that the Corvette parked first and the Jeep parked second. We can understand to some degree why someone with an expensive car double parks because they don’t want their pride and joy scratched, but that’s the risk you probably should be prepared to take if you spend that much money on a car.

And when you park this bad, don’t be surprised when a Jeep owner with a wicked sense of humor blocks you in like so. There appears to be some room for the Corvette driver to attempt to crawl into their car, but not much.

Well, they’re not technically wrong…


*Sigh* While yes, the truck is green, it’s not the kind of green vehicle the sign is talking about. We admire the driver’s cleverness, as they saw a loophole and successfully took advantage of a poorly worded sign.

For the record, a “Reserved for low emission vehicles” sign would probably work better. However, with people like this truck driver, you just know someone might try and get away with parking a low-riding car in the spot. You know, claiming that their car is “low emission” because the emissions are emitted low to the ground?

Park like an idiot, and you could get called out for it


We don’t care what the driver’s excuse might have been. Fancy car or not (and this one doesn’t seem that impressive to us), only a selfish person takes up four parking spots for their vehicle. Why be a jerk and inconvenience so many other people trying to find a parking spot in the morning?

The more important question, however, is what petty, genius person keeps sidewalk chalk readily available for situations like these? 10/10 absolutely brilliant!

So what exactly does this person do at other stop signs???


DUDE. You’re kidding, right? That is not a parking spot. Honestly, that’s probably a traffic violation, if not at least a parking ticket-worthy offense. And it really sucks if that’s a busy parking lot, because this dummy inadvertently blocked the exit, and now everyone coming and going from this lot is going to have to rely on a one-lane bottleneck created by this idiot.

This is exactly why you should never park in front of a fire hydrant


Parking in front of a fire hydrant has been and will always be illegal, and this is one of the reasons why. The law isn’t just for the convenience of firefighters, who need easy street access to the water in case of a fire. The law is also to protect you and your car, because as you can see here, if you’re dumb enough to park in front of a fire hydrant, the consequence can be pretty severe. And in case you were wondering, the firefighters were pretty within their legal rights to break the car owner’s windows. Let this be a lesson to anyone dumb enough to test their luck.

Dummy see, dummy do


Really y’all? Really? This is the problem with people parking over the line. They start a chain reaction, and then everyone’s off the mark and anyone with an organizational bone in their body gets furious over this picture. Park in the lines from the start. If you can’t because the idiot next to you is over the line, sacrifice the spot to empty nothingness and start anew.

Even the law isn’t above the law


Well, this is awkward. We’re not sure why an officer decided to park in a fire zone, but clearly, they did so for long enough that another officer noticed and punished the offending driver. The only issue with have with this justice being served should be an obvious one: if the whole point is to keep vehicles out of the fire lane, why put two boots on the patrol car?

And we thought people’s parking lot parking sucked


If this car gets rear-ended, we won’t be surprised, let alone feel sorry about it. Parallel parking can be difficult, sure. But there are clearly no cars behind this one, so this should have been a fairly easy pull-in job. Not for this driver apparently. Even if they were in a rush, another twenty seconds to fix this mess wouldn’t have hurt, and definitely would have decreased the odds of their car getting slammed into at any time after this photo was taken.

Park in front of the trash, get treated like trash


You wouldn’t be mean enough to park in front of your neighbors’ trash cans on trash day, right? So why would you park in front of a big set of local dumpsters, effectively blocking the cans and making it that much more difficult for the garbage collectors? Also, wouldn’t that spot stink pretty bad? We’re glad the trash collectors were able to get their work done, and then teach that white car a little lesson.

Ridiculous, and yet impressive


Why the car on the left decided to park so close to the Camry on the right, we’re not sure, but we are kind of a bit impressed by the fact that the side mirrors are a mere centimeter or so apart. we do feel really bad for the Camry owner though, as they’re going to have a pretty difficult time getting into their car, probably crawling in through the passenger side.

And the award for worst parking job goes to…


However bad your day is going, odds are it isn’t as bad as this driver’s. We’re hoping no one was hurt (other than the driver’s pride), but this is definitely one of the worst parking jobs we’ve ever seen. Did the driver try to reverse really fast but the car was actually in drive? We’re not sure, but clearly, things did not go well.

Want to get your car immediately towed? Try blocking someone’s driveway!


Look, we get it, street parking is hard to find (and harder to actually park in if you’re not that experienced with parallel parking). However, that’s no excuse for blocking someone’s driveway, and it’s an illegal act. You wouldn’t want someone to trap you at home, so make sure to always be on the lookout for driveways.

That’s one big shopping cart


Shopping cart corrals are great for keeping carts organized and mostly damage-free, but in this instance, someone decided a corral would make for a great covered parking spot. Why this Honda owner thought that they had any right to park their car in the corral, we’re not sure, but annoyed shoppers would have every right to barricade this jerk’s car in by surrounding it with all the carts that are supposed to go here.

How dare they


We would have let this one slide by if the driver of this Jeep was indeed handicapped, but sadly, they aren’t. With no placard in the window and no disabled symbol on the license plate (which we verified before erasing the license plate number for the vehicle owner’s privacy), this driver is just rude and very, very inconsiderate to those who might actually need access to either parking spot.

Park over the line, and the line parks over you!


We’re biased, but this is definitely one of the more entertaining ways to get back at a terrible parker. Just keep a roll of yellow masking tape in your car, and be ready to strike whenever you see someone obnoxiously parking over the line like so.

Note: don’t use duct tape as it’s too strong, and peeling off the car’s paint you could get charged with malicious mischief.

Did this driver think it was opposite day?


Off the tops of our heads, we can’t think of a single truck that qualifies as a compact car. The one pictured above doesn’t even come close, however, as the tires clearly go over the lines on both sides, and that bed is wider than some people’s hot tubs. It seems the truck was able to fit, but in most compact spots, they probably would have either pinned another car in on one side, or made it really, really difficult to round the corner in a parking garage. Either way, shame!

That’ll teach Carl for parking like a jerk at work every day


There’s a story here, and it’s probably a fairly common one for some companies. Guy or girl parks their car terribly every day. Let’s call them Carl. It doesn’t matter that the lot is fairly empty and has plenty of free spots. It’s the principle of the thing. Common courtesy really. Carl should park in a way so others can park next to you. So one day, when Carl’s coworkers have had enough, they decide to teach him a lesson. Bravo Carl’s coworkers. Absolutely bravo.

Stuck on the median with you


We have so many questions. The first is how? Just how??? They’re not just “slightly” up on the median. The entire front end of the car is completely over it. Did they try driving through some spaces and not realize what was in front of them until it was too late? Why did they stop and park here, instead of just attempting to go the rest of the way over? Most importantly, did they ever, eventually live this epic parking fail down???

The shopping carts finally got their revenge


So from our perspective, it looks like this driver might not have parked that badly. However, we don’t know the whole story. Unless some prankster was being evil and chaotic just for the heck of it (and that’s a lot of effort for a small bit of payoff), there’s probably a good reason why this car has been barricaded in. Maybe they were reckless driving around the parking lot. Maybe they honked rudely for the cart collector to get out of their way so they could get this parking spot. Whatever the reason, the shopping carts (all fifty or so of them) got the last laugh.

Missed it by that much…


At first glance, this truck owner seems to be parked perfectly fine in this random, rainy-day parking lot. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll note that the 4×4 is almost exactly a tire’s width over the line (roughly 19.5-24.5 inches). It could be a lot worse, as this is probably one of the better bad parking jobs we’ve seen.

Not even close


What in the world happened here? Based on the frosted over windows, these drivers possibly couldn’t see the lot lines when they first parked (due to snow or ice covering the lines). However, that’s no excuse for whichever driver was second not lining themselves up with the other car a bit more neatly. Close only counts in horseshoes people!

Park stupidly, and be prepared for the passive aggression


Oof. While sidewalk chalk is typically a whimsical child’s toy, in this case, it was an instrument of petty adulthood vengeance. Whoever the secret chalk bandit was, we thank you for hopefully teaching this Nissan driver a lesson, and if all else making them feel really embarrassed when they returned to their car after the little league game.

Everybody’s wrong and nobody’s right


The gray truck is parked sideways. The white truck is parked up a snowbank. The Volkswagen is over the line. Why people? WHY???

If we were handing out grades for parking, it’d be F’s across the board.

Looks like someone was out of their jurisdiction


We hope that this officer wasn’t on their own turf. It’d be a lot more embarrassing if they weren’t and just up and got a ticket at their usual stomping grounds. Whatever the backstory here, you can be that after the initial shock and disappointment, the officer probably had to laugh at the irony at least a little bit.



Maybe, just maybe the Ford parked first, trying to take up two spots. However, even if that was the case, why would the Jeep on the righthand side park that close? Neither party wins in this situation, and at least one of them is going to have to crawl into their car via the passenger side, or in the case of the Ford, probably through the trunk. We hope they’re flexible enough for the task!

Can we give out detentions to student drivers this far over the line???


Think about how your “average driver” isn’t that great at driving. Now realize that with that average, it’s implied that 50% of people are actually worse at driving. Terrified? Us too.

Clearly, the driver was in a hurry, or else they’d have pulled back out and reparked. But they didn’t, and we’re judging them for it.

Sports car, meet compact car


We don’t want to agree with the stereotype that certain luxury car owners (Audi owners or otherwise) are egotistical, gargantuan jerks. However, the photo evidence here doesn’t give us much to argue against. If you’re really that worried about your car getting scratched, why park it in such a big parking lot in the first place?



Sigh. We’ve probably all pulled too far forward into a spot before. It’s one of the most common parking mistakes, and yet unlike parking over the sidelines, it can be a lot more accident-prone. People can usually tell when someone’s parked over on one side, and park their car more left or right to accommodate the error. When someone’s parked over the front or back line, however? You might not realize how far over they are until you almost kiss their bumper. Yikes!

The shopping cart strikes again

If you look closely at the left image, you can see this act of torture didn’t go unearned. The yellow parking line is just beneath the car’s muffler, so while the zip ties seem a little harsh, the driver will undoubtedly learn a valuable lesson.

In the end, all we can say is we hope that the car owner bought a pair of scissors in the store. If they didn’t, then they definitely need to go back in for a pair.

Park like a butt, and you’ll get a boot!


Vengeance is a dish best served ice cold, like the owners of these two car boots who decided to teach this Jeep owner a petty, valuable lesson. If you’re awful enough to take up not just two or three parking spots, but in fact, FOUR spots, then don’t be surprised when someone reacts negatively to your selfishness. Block three other cases from parking? Fine. Now you’re stuck here forever. Checkmate, jerk.


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