22 Times Pets Were Caught Red-pawed

Pet owners will be the first to tell you that while they love their animals, they know their pets are capable of plenty of trouble. From chewing up the furniture to stealing a snack right off of your plate, there are countless ways our furry friends get into mischief, and these pictures are here to prove it.

Caught in the act, here are just a few pets that misbehaved, with both funny and infuriating results.

The cat needs a drink


A tip to all pet owners; never leave your drinks unassisted. This cat was probably tired of licking it’s self and decided to take a sip of that drink to see what happens. Wait, did this cat really take a sip of the drink or it’s just playing with the straw? If it found a way to take a sip out of the straw, this would be considered the world’s smartest cat. Luckily the owner saw it before it went too far.

Muffin Thief


Ha, we found the muffin thief. This cat thinks it’s too smart to be caught by hiding behind the computer monitores, but not this time! To be honest, it’s the owners mistake to leave a half eaten muffin within a cats reach. It’s up to debate if the cat got the muffin or not, but it definitely got a piece because the photographer was too busy taking the picture.

Missing newspapers


If you were looking forward to reading the papers while drinking your coffee before work, forget it. This cat just ruined your morning. It got to the papers before you did and it also got caught while doing it. The owner followed this cat for awhile as it casually walked though the neighborhood. We can be certain that cats do have personality.

“I promise it wasn’t me”


Here the look of guilt says everything. The puppy eyes, the ears behind the head and mess on the floor are just a few of the evidences of the crime scene. In case you were wondering, it was in fact this adorable black Labrador that made this mess. But don’t get tricked, this guilty and cute facial expression is the dog’s instinct to get out of trouble. As we can see, dogs are experts on that.

Knock before entering


What do pets do when their owners are gone? Here’s your answer. These cats were caught either fighting or making up. If they could talk, they would say “Do you mind? We are busy here.” That’s a very awkward moment for both parties involved and it probably changed the whole dynamic of their owner to pet relationship. They both might need some therapy after this.

Mary Poppins gone wrong


In case you were trying to find the ballon thief, here it is. The black cat strikes again. Perhaps this cat is a little bit more than a thief. He might be following his dreams to fly. If that’s the case then cudos to it. Even though it seems like this time it hasn’t gone as planned, maybe next time it will. Keep on dreaming!

“Can I try it?”


The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this image is how cute this Labrador is. But taking a closer look you’ll notice there’s something odd about it. Yes, the green underwear. The owner was probably searching for this this underwear everywhere and found it in the most unlikely place. The lab’s look says it all. It’s almost like it’s saying “can I at least try it on?” Good try, but that’s not exactly how humans wear it.

Caged Rottweiler


It’s a fact that dogs hate cages and this Rottweiler is a perfect example of that. With half of his body out of the cage, this Rottweiler leaves one question up in the air. How did he manage to do that? If you notice the green crazy eyes, you might suspect this dog has super powers or maybe he’s just desperate to get out. Desperate times equals desperate measures. In this situation it might be more helpful to help the dog then take a picture. Poor dog.

“My house, my treats”

no attribution found

It is a known fact that cats are territorial. They can take over people’s couches, beds…you name it. Here, this cat was trying to be too clever while trying to go undercover to steal some treats. But sometimes thinking you are too smart can be detrimental. If this cat eat these treats it would probably get sick. Hopefully, the person that took this picture stopped the cat from eating it.

Wonderful day for a puppy


We all know how crazy it is to raise a puppy. It’s like raising a kid, but you don’t have to take them to school. But here, this Black Retriever looks like he needs to be taken to school to learn proper household etiquette. From the dog’s perspective, it’s a great day. It went out side to fetch some sticks, came back home and thought it was “cushion eating time”. Luckily, the owner caught it just in time.

Dough makers


When looking for a sous chef, here you’ll find a great candidate. The dough is not even prepared yet, and the cat’s ready to go. In all seriousness, before the owner caught the cat doing that he/she probably wondered why there were cat hair in the food all the time. But no problem. This image solves the mystery.

Pitbull thief


We have found who’s been responsible for making money disappear from our wallets. No, it was not last week’s shopping spree. It was this innocent looking Pitbull. Here, the Pitbull was caught post heist and doesn’t look guilty. The owner can be thankfully that the pet only stole small bills. Hopefully it stays like this. Be aware of the Pitbull thief!

Thirsty dog


The owner was probably asking “where did my water go?” Well, here’s the answer. It didn’t just vanish in thin air. This thirsty Australian Shepard drank it all. Next thing in a puppy’s list is to pee everywhere, but a smart dog owner, would surely take this puppy for a walk. We all know what dog pee smells like.

Smiling Bernese


Is this the new Calvin Klein model? No, but it could be. Meet the world’s cutest underwear smuggler, the smiling Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s proud of what he’s done. The owner was probably looking for it everywhere. Luckily it was found before it was too late. Maybe he’s just a professional underwear finder. Who knows. Anyways, good job pup!

Pretzel fan


Here’s the biggest pretzel fan in the world. If you thought you were, you’re wrong, but hopefully, it was the owner that ate that bowl. Are cats allowed to eat pretzels? That’s up do debate because this cat had no issues with it (at least from what we can see) and the photographer certainly does’t mind. But the moments after this picture would tell us more about this pretzel eating cat (suspenseful music plays in the background).

Pets versus owners

If this cat could speak in English they would say “yeah, I have your hair tie. So, what?” From what it looks like, it’s not the first time this cat is stealing a hair tie from the owner. The side eye tells everything. This is most likely to be another outdoor cat stuck inside a house and its talking the anger out on the owner, but watch out because revenge can be bittersweet.

Kittens and coffee


This cat owner just found out the reason why his/her kitten couldn’t stop running around the house the whole day. Yes, caffeine and kittens do not go well together. Given that the cup is nearly the size of that kitten, one sip of that and we can only imagine what happened to this person’s home.

Where did the baby go?


There’s a new bassinet owner and it’s not the newborn. It now belongs to the bengal cat, hopefully it’s not a random cat. Jokes aside, this cat was caught trying to claim the bassinet as a perfect napping place, but was caught red-handed. Yep, this bassinet belongs to the baby, get out of there!


According to his owner, Gaston, the dog, used to be a good boy until he decided to join the criminal life. It all started in this moment, when he was caught sneaking into his owner’s purse. We can only hope Gaston goes back to being the good boy he once was instead of the petty life of crimes. Watch out for Gaston, neighborhood watch alert!

The dog-cat plan


We all know that expression “if these walls could talk”. In this case, it would be “if pets could talk”. If they could talk to us, these pets would surely tell us a great story. It appears that they might be plotting some elaborate plan to steal food from the pantry or it could be a classic dog bullying cat situation. Whatever it may be, they were caught while doing it. Maybe another time guys!


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