Petty People Who Got Revenge in Style

When someone has hurt you, the best thing to do is sit down, face-to-face, and have a grown-up conversation. You can explain how they hurt you and why, and then you can hug and make up. Or . . . you can channel your pain and anger into unadulterated acts of pettiness and revenge.

If getting even sounds better than getting along–or you just love a good revenge story–these people’s petty acts will give you some good ideas for the future!

Lessons for Bad Parkers


At first glance this is lowkey shade. The more we think about it the pettier–and meaner–it becomes! We’re not sure comparing a full-grown adult to a child will change the adult’s behavior, but we’re sure it will get their attention!

Covered Parking


Apparently, the owner of this car thought he deserved covered parking while the other shoppers should be relegated to parking in the elements like paupers. The store’s employees took revenge into their own hands by surrounding the car with grocery carts. Let the punishment fit the crime!

A Delicious Looking Booby Trap

Most of us have worked in an office at one point or another. Regardless of what Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute would have you believe, it isn’t ALL fun and games. Sometimes, people steal food right out of your lunch bag. Other times, they take way more than their share of delicious treats meant to provide a snack for everyone in the office. Whoever put mustard into this donut had enough of his greedy co-worker! Hope you like mustard, Bob.


Teenagers are delightful and we love to see them coming in large groups . . . said no one ever. This Starbucks employee takes “Hey kids, get off my lawn,” to a new level. So simple, yet so effective.

Zip It, Dave


When you’re sleeping next to someone who snores–or, trying to sleep–their snoring takes on a malignant tone. You start to wonder if they’re purposefully trying to rub it in that they’re sleeping soundly. That’s when things like this happen. This wife got the ultimate revenege on Dave by publically humiliating him to the tune of over 200,000 listeners. That’ll teach Dave to get a good night’s sleep!

You’ve Been Zip-Tied!


We’ve all been there. Driving through a busy parking lot looking for a space when we come across someone takes up two spots at once. Usually, we just keep driving past, muttering insults under our breath. While we were all whispering explatives, whoever zip-tied a shopping cart to this person’s vehicle finally did something about it. I wonder if they sell zip-ties on Amazon?

Fish Taco Tuesday


Remember Bob who was stealing food out of everyone’s lunch bags? He was the guy who inspired the mustard-filled donut. Here’s another way to get back at him . . . steal this, Bob!

Clingy Husband


The story behind this one is a tale as old as time–a wife found out her husband was cheating on her. Rather than incur a wrap sheet by slashing his tires or keying his paint job, she wrapped his car in saran-wrap. That’s some hardcore pettiness that actually took quite a bit of forethought and time to complete. Well done!



We think this is actually excellent marketing. Apparently, corporate isn’t as petty as we are.

Artistic License


Another brilliantly petty way to handle a bad parker. What these chalk-drawn lines are communicating is that parking is so easy even a kid can do it. It’s more subtle than the coloring page featured above, but it’s equally as belittling. Well done, Mr. or Mrs. Artist!

Pot Hole Humor


This tale of pettiness come to us from merry ol’ England. This pothole has been putting a cramp in the Notts villagers’ style for two years. Eventually, they decided if they couldn’t beat it, they’d throw a party for it!


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