Pre-Princess Style: How Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Used to Dress

Before marrying into the royal family, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle sported different styles than they do today. From low-rise jeans, to casual blazers, to floral dresses, the two have come a long way in terms of fashion.

Take a trip down the memory lane with these old photos of the two royal princesses before their sophisticated style transformations.

Glitz & Glam

Here, Kate walks the streets decked out in a black, sequin dress paired with tall boots. Without a doubt, this is one of Kate’s classiest outfits she’s ever worn!


Fancy Pants

We certainly think this was one of Meghan’s best outfits prior to becoming a member of the royal family. Her high-waisted palazzo pants mixed with the unique, elegant tube top created an outfit fit for a star.

Flattering Color

In 2013, Meghan donned this fuchsia dress while attending Elle’s Women in Television celebration in West Hollywood. The dress fit perfectly.

Low-Rise Jeans

Another distinct fashion style we noticed with pre-royal Kate was low-rise jeans. Like in this photo, she was wearing low-rise jeans during a charity polo match in 2006, while hanging out with Prince Harry’s then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Silky Dress

The maxi dress, a trendy fashion style among women, is made of flowy and usually silky fabric. On a night out with friends in Mahki Club back in 2007, Kate sported a flattering and gorgeous one.

Perfect Combination

We’re not sure where Meghan took her fashion cues from, but she seemed to wear jeans and blazers frequently, similar to Kate, prior to becoming a part of the royal family. She sported this look at an event for the National Kidney Foundation in California in 2006.

Floral Prints

Kate also sported a floral phase when she wore this printed dress and pink blazer in 2006. To keep the pink theme going, she added a dark-pink purse.

Lacey Dress

Also in 2012, Meghan attended USA Network and The Moth’s presentation of A More Perfect Union: Stories of Prejudice and Power. She wore this lacey navy dress, which looked both classy and sophisticated.  

More Flowers

Another manifestation of her floral obsession, this outfit had red flowers printed all over the skirt. Perfect for a night out, this outfit did wonders for Kate.

Polka Dot Trend

Kate also didn’t miss out on the polka dots trend when she wore this red dress in another charity polo match of Prince William.

Patterned Prints

On a separate night out in 2007 in London, Kate was photographed wearing this patterned dress with matching stockings and boots.

Glittery Getup

Pink, green, yellow…What color isn’t Kate wearing here? Although this outfit is extremely colorful, it still shows off Kate’s classic look: chic and stylish at the same time.



At a fundraiser during the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012, Meghan was spotted wearing this formal dress. It was simple, sleek, and occasion-appropriate.

Wild Prints

For another night on the town, Kate wears a stunning black and white dress to impress the crowds. Truly, Kate pulls off the animal-print style here.


Back in Blue

Yet again, Kate sports another light blue dress with high boots, two fashion statements she seemingly preferred before she became a Royal. Here, it looks like Kate is on her way to a fun night on the town.


Mesh Sleeves

In 2007, Meghan attended the Golden Globes in this little black dress with oversized mesh sleeves. This look was a definite success.

The One With Hats

Probably the closest to Kate’s current wardrobe, this was an ensemble she wore at the wedding of Hugh van Cutsem and Rose Astor.

Chic & Sleek

Meghan’s evolution in fashion progresses here. Her overall ensemble at the after party of Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globes in 2012 is so on point, it’s timeless.

Oversized Knot

In the same Golden Globes event, Meghan sported this dress with white oversized bow. Simple, yet elegant all in one outfit.

Matching Colors

In 2005, Meghan was snapped wearing this blue dress with two front pockets in an event in New York. She made sure to pair it with a matching blue bag.

Trusty Jeans

Out on a random day in London, Kate decided to put on some comfortable jeans and a black blazer for her on-the-go look. Once again, she finished it with some flat boots for long, comfortable hours of walking.

Sleek & Sparkly

Following her fashion success at the last year’s after party of Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globe, Meghan once again aced this look with her sparkly black dress and an up-do.  

Laidback Style

In another instance of laid-back style, here Kate donned a jacket over black long sleeves and paired them with a denim skirt. She completed her overall attire with low-heeled boots, which were surely feet-friendly especially during long hours of shopping.

Classy & Chic

Meghan was photographed at the 2013 London premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire wearing this black dress with a peplum detail on the skirt. While it was very simple, she maintained a classy and chic vibe, especially with the crisscross detailed heels.

Go-To Fashion

It seems like Kate’s go-to style is none other than a pair of denim pants and a relaxed blazer for day strolling. Back in 2005, she was snapped with this outfit while she was out shopping at Gatcombe Park during the Festival of British Eventing.

Wardrobe Staples

Kate must have had a bunch of blazers and jeans back in the day because she constantly opted for the style. In this image, she was out shopping with her mother, Carole.


Attending the World MasterCard Fashion Week in 2015, Meghan sported this top and skirt with a matching jacket. The overall ensemble was so perfectly put together, it definitely makes the list of her good fashion choices.

Stylish Coat

While out on a stroll in New York in 2014, Meghan kept herself warm in this stylish fur coat. Underneath it, she sported a cute sweater and a denim skirt.

Casual Outfit

This photo was taken back in 2005, sometime before Kate’s college graduation. Here, she sported a cami top and light-washed jeans, a comfortable outfit to run a day’s errands.

Feather Prints

Here, Meghan attends an NFL Characters United event for Sports Illustrated in 2014. Wearing a gray, feather-patterned dress, she most definitely captured the spotlight on the red carpet.

Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock

Pure White

Before her Royal days, Meghan spent a lot of time on the red carpet, like in this photo. For a Much Music Video Awards show, the Suits actress wore this dazzling, embellished white dress.

Brian Patterson Photos / Shutterstock

Blue Beauty

This baby blue gown looks absolutely stunning on Kate. Without a doubt, even before she became a Royal princess, Kate wore gowns that truly showed her natural beauty.


Striped Skirt

Pre-princess days, Meghan also sported simpler outfits, like this striped skirt paired with a white, button-down blouse. Although it’s still a fairly dressy outfit, it’s a lot more laidback than any Royal outfit ever was.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Short Suit

Sure, Meghan starred in a show called Suits, but in this picture she is actually wearing one! We think her style not only looks chic, but also quite sophisticated.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Fiercely Fab

Yet another red carpet look, this multi-colored dress captures a stylish look Meghan sported before she married into royalty. Paired with a black clutch and fancy heels, this outfit looks perfect for any red carpet event.


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