Project Management Software

Effective project management strategies facilitate the critical components to accomplishing any project: deliverables, deadlines, and resources required to accomplish the deliverables and deadlines to hand over a completed project on time and on budget. Project Management is one of the most critical departments in any business because it ensures that the business services are executed in a way that is consistent with company policy, achieves the objective of the project scope, and is an overall positive customer service experience that creates opportunities for future work.

If you are working as a team on a project, it is even more important to coordinate the deliverables, deadlines, and resources and allocate project tasks and milestones accordingly. Project information must be easily shared among team members, ensuring every team member has the most up to date information and can coordinate the completion of their tasks accordingly. If one team member experiences an issue that delays the completion of their task, other team members can be affected causing additional delays in task completion. If project information is shared, and all team members where aware of issues that could potentially impact their tasks, it allows them the opportunity to mitigate the potential impact and subsequent delays in task completion.

The best kept secret of effective project management is project management software. Project management software provides a platform for team members and project stakeholders to view the project status real-time, providing the ability to track project details from a broad overview down to very minute details and project requirements. The ability to generate written and statistical reports of varying levels of detail and content not only supports access to better project information, but it also reduces the manpower requirement to regularly produce reports that are automatically generated or custom generated in the project management software.

Effective project management software will not only track these details, but also provide conflict management when project activities and tasks are at risk for delayed completion. For example, if the manufacturer of your large order of custom built windows experiences a factory fire and delays production of your order, other project tasks that will be directly or indirectly affected by this unforeseen manufacturing challenge are automatically rescheduled with notice to the team members responsible for task completion.

Project management software is also an effective business solution for coordinating tasks between team members by enhancing the ability to break down complex projects in component pieces, ensuring all deadlines and milestones are clearly delegated in a system that is based on accountability, and completion of tasks as delegated. It also assists in managing team member workloads, for example if you are able to see that a certain team member has deadlines for six different projects on the same day, it affords to opportunity to preemptively address the workload issues with the employee to prevent the slippage of scheduled deadlines for work activities. It could also identify if an employee did not have enough work activities, which creates the opportunity to further utilize the employee by assigning other tasks needing attention. This visibility is a great resource for project management because it allows greater control of project resources, and manpower is often the most valuable resource in getting projects completed on time and on budget.

If you are interested in trying free versions of project management software, the following software companies offer free versions: Proof Hub, Teamwork Projects, Volerro, Wrike, and Zoho Projects. Alternatively, if you are seeking project management software with greater capabilities, versions available at a cost include Microsoft Project Management, Workfront, Mavenlink, Teamgantt, Clarizen, Celoxis, and Liquid Planner.

The most important factors to consider when managing each project are the project deliverables, project deadlines, and project resources. With focus and dedication to accomplishing the project and making project information available to all parties involved, businesses can be successful in their project management endeavors in any industry.


History Facts - The American Revolution

  1. The American Revolution happened between the years 1765 and 1783. The aim of the conflict, pushed by the thirteen American colonies against Great Britain, was to gain independence through the creation of a sovereign nation. With the help of France, America eventually triumphed in this objective.
  2. American colonists who supported the fight for independence were called "patriots." Those who sided with the British crown, whose soldiers were called redcoats, or devils, were referred to as loyalists. Many of those who did not take sides in the war were called fence-sitters.
  3. One of the leading causes of the American Revolution was summarized in the slogan "no taxation without representation", wherein American colonists believed it to be illegal for them to be affected by laws enacted in British parliament without their input.
  4. Being taxed without proper representation was deemed oppressive, and this prompted the start of many protests. In turn, this led to the Boston Massacre in 1770, where British soldiers shot and killed protesters while being harassed in Boston.
  5. The Whig Party opposed constitutional monarchism in parliament. They also criticized the British government for their corrupt practices. This former political faction also refused to support the use of military force against the colonists to resolve the problems which had given rise to the American Revolution.
  6. During the American Revolution, some African-American slaves were enticed to fight in favor of the British who, in turn, promised liberty to those who supported the loyalist forces. Since some slaves chose to fight alongside their masters, this meant there were African-Americans on both sides of the conflict.

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