Rich Kid Antics You Secretly Envy

No one puts the “extra” in extravagant like the rich. Whether you love or hate their excessiveness, it’s still pretty fun to see just how outrageous and decadent they can be, so take a peek at all the interesting, expensive ways these rich kids spend their time and cold hard cash. We won’t judge if you secretly want to be them, or not-so-secretly wish you had some of their stuff.

This Girl Has a Perfectly Color-Coordinated Life

noemidemeter / Instagram

You can’t have this much style and photogenic-ness without money. While dozens of these specially preserved pink roses are worth hundreds of dollars, they’re priceless when perfectly color-coordinated with a pink car worth hundreds of thousands.

This Guy Owns a Duffel Collection Worth More Than Most Homes

brokerichboy / Instagram

This collection of 60+ Keepall designer bags is worth over $300,000! That’s a different duffel bag every day of the week for at least two months, and if you’re rich enough to own this much luggage, you’d certainly be rich enough to vacation whenever and wherever. Sigh.

How’d You Like to Nap in a Private Jet?

followthenap / Instagram

Don’t mind him; he’s just off to sleep in luxury and style. Meanwhile, we’ll be dreaming of what it’s like to dream on board a private jet.

Oh to Savor a Fancy, Floating Breakfast Like This One

_isabellaviktoria / Instagram

Never mind that she’ll never finish all that food by herself. It’s all about the photo op, and this chic, pool-themed breakfast setup is every foodie’s dream.

The Rich Truly Have All the Time in the World

rkoi / Instagram

Would you rather have the watches or the Rolls Royce in this picture? We’d recommend the watches as they’re worth way more – over 1.5 million dollars!

We Want To Be Snacking in the Sky Too!

georgialouiseharrison / Instagram

Note: apparently, all you really need to enjoy your flight in the private jet is a doughnut and some Nutella.

Let’s Have a “Casual” Breakfast in Bali

bennyjurdi / Instagram

Nothing says excessive tropical vacation like a huge breakfast spread that’s far too large for any one person.

Take A Friend (Us!?) on Your Next Huge Shopping Spree

alissaviolet / Instagram

We get it. You love Louis Vuitton. But what, no Gucci or Prada?

Such a Decision – Traveling by Land or by Sea

mike10mt / Instagram

It must be hard deciding whether to take the car or the yacht or the Vespa. We’d take all three!

Wishing We Were Here Enjoying This Paris View

followthenap / Instagram

Granted, it’s a gorgeous view, but so is that beautiful breakfast tray that’s clearly being neglected.

There’s Nothing Quite as Fab as This Sandy Photo Op

alissaviolet / Instagram

Let’s just pose in a designer outfit in the desert with a camel. It’ll be so HOT (literally!).

Let’s Eat Fast Food but It’s Fancy

godofmarble / Instagram

It’s already weird enough that so many rich and famous people apparently love McDonald’s, but then they have to go and be extra about it with this fancy fry cup.

Time to Take to the Skies

restiyani026 / Instagram

Is a private helicopter or a private jet considered more expensive? Only a rich person knows.

New Life Goal: Swim With Apex Predators

skylerspringstun / Instagram

Peasants swim with dolphins. Miss Richy Rich here swims with jaguars.

Check Out This Guy’s Legendary Sneaker Collection

baderalsafar / Instagram

This shoe closet is bigger than most people’s bedrooms and it’s beautiful.

Envy This Causal and Yet Completely Glamourous Teatime

veronikaorchid / Instagram

Nothing like a simple cup of tea in your jeans, paired with a designer robe and slippers, next to your uber fancy dining table set with your finest china.

Rich Daredevils Skydive Over Dubai

jetman / Instagram

Bonus points to this guy for falling in style. The landmark behind him is Dubai’s artificial island, Palm Jumeirah, which cost billions to make, making this pic even more impressive than your usual skydiving photo.

She’s Hosting a Brunch Safari and It Looks Amazing

kseniiaburda / Instagram

Admit it: eating with a giraffe is now on your bucket list, but that’s going to be one expensive bucket.

What’s the Point of Having a Rainbow Car Collection Besides Showing It Off?

savant / Instagram

Feeling blue? Take one of your many blue cars. Feeling feisty? Drive one of your red ones.

Check Out Fancy Pants Here Lounging in Luxury

followthenap / Instagram

The robe. The birdcages. The chair. All so decadent, and all so, so out of budget.

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