RoundUp Lawsuit Against Monsanto: How To Make A Claim If You Qualify

Research suggests that Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer could potentially cause cancer. As a result, hundreds of lawsuits have piled up against the company. Those who have been exposed to RoundUp—which contains the suspected carcinogenic chemical glyphosate—may qualify for compensation. To those who think they may qualify, here are some important points to remember when assessing your case.

Learn Monsanto’s History

It’s understandable to not want to get involved in a class action lawsuit or an individual complaint against a company as large as Monsanto. But the truth is that Monsanto has already lost a major lawsuit against one cancer victim: Dewayne Johnson. This individual received a settlement of $289 million by a San Francisco jury. After courts later lowered the amount, Johnson still received a total award of roughly $78 million in damages. Although the drop was substantial, it still sent out a warning to Monsanto: their negligence to adequately warn people of the potential risk of their products has dire consequences. CNN reported that at least 800 similar lawsuits have also been filed against Monsanto.

While Monsanto continues to argue for the safety of glyphosate, compelling evidence has surfaced that the company compromised reports with independent researchers in the past. In fact, the company has a history of downplaying or outright denying the potential or incredibly real adverse health effects of some of its products. One of Monsanto’s past products proven to cause serious health issues (that the company defended) was Agent Orange, which the United States used during the Vietnam War.

Gather the Evidence

The first step to find out if you have a case worth pursuing is to gather all the related evidence. This can include medical reports, bills, and other financial information. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer and have been exposed to RoundUp may have a viable case. For example, farmers who work directly in fields using RoundUp may want to look into filing a claim. Other professionals who handle agricultural products sprayed with the chemical include landscapers and gardeners.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

The odds of you representing yourself and beating a giant corporation like Monsanto are slim. Why? Well, the legal process is quite complex and large corporations can afford top-notch legal defense. An individual’s best bet it to work with a licensed law firm. Preferably, it has demonstrated a strong track record in winning huge settlements from big companies regarding environmental issues such as exposure to dangerous chemicals. While a personal injury attorney may have experience in these type of cases, make sure they have a clear understanding of Monsanto’s deceptive history and settlements.

Ask the attorney for references, then try to find out if their previous clients were satisfied with the firm’s performance. Check online reviews to get further indicators of the attorney’s relationship with clients. Make a list of candidates and weigh the pros and cons of their services. Then make a decision based on which legal firm makes the most sense for you based on their performance and your budget.


Even if you don’t hear about Monsanto in the news much, do not be discouraged if you think the company owes you compensation for damaging your health. Meet with attorneys knowledgeable of Monsanto’s current series of lawsuits that point to negligence. Contact an attorney who offers a free consultation and wants to help cancer victims recover damages.

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