Samsung Galaxy S9 Preview

There is a lot of hype surrounding the February 25th launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9. Until the official launch date, it is a guessing game about the features and design of the new Samsung model. A trail of leaked videos, patents and photos fuels speculation about what this new phone offers. Samsung Galaxy’s S9 is the answer to iPhone’s latest 2017 launch of iPhone X.

Camera Rumors

The 2018 launch invitation seems to indicate that this Samsung model is relying heavily on innovative camera technology, including the words “The Camera Reimagined” as part of the ad copy used. Rumors suggest that a variable aperture and slow motion video feature will be part of what distinguishes this model’s camera from its competitors. If this expectation is realized, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 may surpass the Google Pixel 2 camera as the best in the market. According to TechRadar’s sources, the “word on the street” indicates there will be a 12MP Dual Pixel lens that includes optical image stabilization and a variable aperture capable of being switched from f/1.5 to f/2.4 to adjust for lighting variances. Another noteworthy leak relates to speed. Evidently, the S9 box uses the words “super speed” and “super slow-mo” to describe the camera.

Snapdragon 845 Processor

The good news does not end with the camera. CNET reports that a Snapdragon 845 processor will be at the heart of the Samsung Galaxy S9. This processor is capable of delivering an impressive 30 percent power boost. Practically speaking, this would mean surpassing the S8 model’s 16-hour maximum battery life by about four hours. In the mobile world, this big jump in battery life is remarkable.

Security Features

Based on the leaked photo of the Samsung S9 box, there will be a new and improved iris scanner to replace the S8 model scanner which proved to be a big disappointment after being hacked. The new scanner is expected to be faster and work better in different lighting.

Rumors have also surfaced about face recognition technology. Snapdragon 845 does empower Samsung with the potential to support face mapping technology. Superior accuracy is one of the anticipated benefits of this Samsung model’s face recognition hardware since Qualcomm can handle up to 50,000 dots of infrared light to identify facial features. This is 20,000 more dots than Apple’s technology can handle.


As rumors go, one of the most exciting speculations being made relates to storage. Mass production of a 512GB chip has leant credibility to these rumors. Whether these new chips are being manufactured for the Samsung Galaxy S9 or some later model is unclear, since linked photos of the box show 64GB.


Another rumor being bandied about is that this latest Samsung model will offer users radio over their phone. CNET cited Tom’s Guide’s report about Samsung’s activation of FM radio chips in future models. If this turns out to be true, then what this means for users is that they will be able to listen to the radio without using other apps or streaming services.

Design and Specs

CNET believes that based on Poetic Cases’ protectors made for the Galaxy S9; black, silver and gray appear to be the colors of choice. Consumers should not be surprised though if they get a surprise color option, since some rumors still linger about purple phones. While there have been some guesses that the Galaxy S9 will have a modular design, many speculators expect the S9 model to be designed much like the S8 phone. TechRadar also noted the possibility of a phone back with magnets to hold hardware accessories such as zoom lenses.

A Reddit user’s photo that was first published by SamMobile and then cited by CNET in the article written by Justin Jaffe on January 19, 2019, Everything we know about the launch date, specs and price provides some clues about design. The photo resembles what could only be described as a Galaxy S9 retail box. Specs listed on the box included a 5.8-inch Quad-HD+ and a sAMOLED screen. Also referenced on the box details were a 8-megapixel front cam and two 12-megapixel cameras on the back.


Until the launch date, the many rumors circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S9 are for the most part unverifiable. Based on some calculated guesses after catching a glimpse of boxes and patents depicting details yet to be officially verified, this model appears to be an improvement on the S8 model, particularly related to camera improvements and battery life. Soon the speculation will be past history, as users ultimately make the decision about how valuable model upgrades truly are.

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