Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 features some seriously cutting-edge capabilities, and we’ve summarized these specs for your reading pleasure. The US pre-ordering begins March 2nd, and the release date is March 16th. We think you’ll want to mark your calendars for this one. Many people have been comparing the Galaxy S9 to the S8, and while the S8 is clearly the predecessor of the S9, there are some significant improvements that have been made, especially with the inclusion of the wildly impressive and extraordinarily capable Dual Aperture camera. Its skillful intelligence spans throughout multiple applications on the smartphone, from AR emojis to unlocking the phone through iris scanning and facial recognition.


Let’s start with the beauty of the phone’s exterior and work our way in. It’s of course made of high-quality glass and metal. Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, or Coral Blue color options create a new standard in phone hues. Whether you want a sleek, classic back or an eye-catching modern shade, the S9 delivers elegance and interest with a minimalistic design.
The S9 features an Infinity Display, which is a nearly bezel-less, edge to edge 5.8 inch screen. To add to the immersive flair, you can even set a Super slow-mo clip to be your lock screen. The icing on the cake is the screen sharing capability. You have the ability to sync multiple devices to your Samsung Account for a more cohesive and accessible sharing experience.


You can count on superior speakers, thanks to the S9’s stereo speakers. They are expertly tuned by AKG with the inclusion of Dolby Atmos for crisp audio. The surround-sound effect pairs extraordinarily well with the Infinity Display to create a portable movie theater-esque experience. In fact, Samsung states that the speakers are 1.4x louder than the previous Galaxy models. Thankfully, the headphone jack still comes standard as well.

AR Emojis

Let the Galaxy S9 create an augmented reality version of yourself as an animated emoji–all based off a selfie. Style the fashion of this AR “you”, and then 100+ facial movements and expressions of yours can be mapped. Your voice can even be applied to your animated emoji’s movements as it records. This option as well as the preset expressive emojis make for easy sharing.

Camera Capabilities

This camera is, in one word, revolutionary. To start, the 12MP Dual Aperture lens “adapts like the human eye”. How can this be? Well, with two adaptations, called f-stop modes, the lens expands to the F1.5 mode for well-lit clarity in low light, and sharpens pictures during daylight in the F2.4 mode. This makes for high quality photos no matter the level of light. This is the world’s first inclusion of theF1.5 mode in a phone camera. It’s safe to say this is innovation at work.
This same Dual Aperture lends itself to the unlocking capability from Intelligent Scan. Through face recognition as well as iris scanning, the camera can recognize your face and unlock your phone, even in low lighting.
Live focus and bokeh photo filter options allow you creative freedom when it comes to light management. These capabilities let you blur background lights and alter the shapes of those lights. Picture changing the street light glow in the background of a photo into a heart shape, and you’re on the right mental track.
The aforementioned “super slow-mo” video capability is more than just your standard slow-motion; this editing option boasts 960 frames per second. What’s more, motion detection capability means that timing the start of a video can be taken care of for you. No more trying to push a button at the correct moment; the S9 will detect the movement and start filming when this setting is turned on. More icing on the cake: optical image stabilization (OIS) allows for sharper action images.
Lastly, Bixby Vision camera is able to live translate text, like street signs! Yes, you read that correctly. Travel more fearlessly; all you need is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and an internet connection. You can tick better calorie counting off your to-do list as well–this same Bixby Vision camera can scan a food in front of you and assess the approximate amount of calories it contains.

Battery Life and Processing Speed

No more deleting important videos to free up room. Take advantage of conveniently organized unlimited storage through Google Photos– on top of the already spacious 64GB of storage, without any help from additional microSD cards.
Along with endless storage comes the reliable 3,000mAh battery life, as well as an increase in power. This power is thanks to Qualcom’s chip, the Snapdragon 845, which contains 4GB of RAM. (This chip is exclusive to the US; other countries’ Galaxy S9s contain a different chip.)

Final Words

The pre-order date in the US for Galaxy S9 is March 2nd, and the release date is March 16th. Mark your calendars, because this is one to watch. The price in the US is $719.99 and many carriers are offering $500 off at launch.
The release of this Samsung Galaxy S9 marks a new frontier in the realm of camera capabilities. It touts higher quality photos as well as more creative editing options, not to mention the first-ever F1.5 mode in a phone camera. Considering the Bixby Vision camera capabilities, OIS, and iris scanning as well, and it’s safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is truly a high-quality smartphone that holds, “The camera. Reimagined.”

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