Saving Money on Razors

The subscription services of old have been exchanged for the new. The on-demand marketplace has been overcome with box subscriptions that place products in the hands of consumers on the buyer’s time. No more trips to the local convenience stores or major retailers to buy your goods. This movement has taken hold in the razor space with many of the biggest players in the industry jumping on-board. This timely service not only reoccurs at your beckoning, but it can save you loads of money. Bypassing the producer to retailer exchange, the consumer can avoid expensive markups and save some money each month. Below is a detailed review of a couple different companies opting for servicing in this space.

One of the most popular companies in the online razor subscription space is Dollar Shave Club. This club was founded a few years ago, relying heavily on their promotional intrigue for success. The advertisement can be found in the name of the company, with the first order a user is to place only setting them back one dollar. For the price, the return is great. The user receives one of three razors, of which they choose, along with 4 additional blades. The club brands three different blade and razor combinations, helping to cater to the wide range of individuals who could be sampling them. At a retail cost that comes in well over $20, there has to be some sort of catch, right? Attached to this promotional offer is a monthly re-buy that comes in the amounts of $3, $6, and $9. The $3 amount goes with their dual-blade razor and the highest amount goes with their most popular offering in 6-blade format. Each re-buy will send the user 4 additional blades and they can cancel this charge anytime they would please. At under $10 for 4 cartridges, it is difficult to find a comparison to compete with this company on a retail scale. The company also offers add-on products such as shave balm and creams. These add-ons are only $5 per month and they can be added at the user’s discretion. All-in-all you stand to save hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis if you are an avid shaver using this program.

A second company competing in this space is Gillette. Gillette is an avid competitor in the retail space, holding major precedence in some of the nation’s largest retailers. Scaling to the online market has given them an opportunity to extend their services to an on-demand platform. If you visit any retail location, you will find that Gillette’s 4 cartridge packs run anywhere from $25-$50. This is a major expense that can be avoided through the use of Gillette’s on-demand program. This offer is available for users on a subscription basis or as a one-time offer, leaving limited strings to comb through for the user. Each of their major sellers comes at a discount of at least $10 per 4-pack, with the biggest discount extending to $25 off for the popular Fusion ProShield brand. The company has made this service as easy as sending a simple text to re-order, giving the user the full on-demand experience. The company also offers additional products and product lines via their website that also extends to their on-demand program. These offerings all come in well below the retailer cost for these razors and cartridges, making this program a prime target for huge savings.

These are just a few mentions of the online retailers existing in the on-demand and subscription space. With companies moving towards the online marketplace to generate revenue, odds are you can find your favorite producer offering a similar service to the two mentioned. These services are a great choice for those who find themselves shaving often or daily. We all know how easy it is for blades to wear, but now it can be just as easy to get replacements in-hand. Avoiding the exchange from producer to retailer means lower prices for the consumers, which also leads to competition in the online space. If you have no particular blade or razor preference, doing some additional research can lead to deeper savings. These companies also shoulder the load of combing through the fine lines, ensuring customers of easy cancellation and reductions in re-occurring charges, reducing the bind on your funding. Some allow you to schedule out your deliveries over the course of a year, allowing you to order anytime from a weekly basis to bi-yearly coverage. If you haven’t combed through the companies tailoring their services to the online razor space, you are missing out on some great savings.


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