Shocking Signs of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is often a silent condition that creates severe and dangerous conditions within the body. Yet, while it is often asymptomatic, there are several signs that you may be experiencing high blood pressure.

Curious to know some of these signs so you can better keep your health in check? Read on…


When high blood pressure shows symptoms, typically the condition has advanced to a life-threatening stage. One of the first and most common symptoms at that stage is a severe headache. It usually presents as pain in the back of the head, but the pain can be anywhere in the head.

If you get frequent severe headaches, and they often cause feelings of lightheadedness, or confusion, or you feel sharp pulsing within your brain, this could be a sign of a sudden dangerous rise in your blood pressure, indicative of a hypertensive crisis. In these situations, you should immediately seek help, even if you have to go to an emergency room for treatment.

Early intervention can prevent permanent damage in cases of heart attack or stroke during a hypertensive crisis. Don’t ignore headaches or the following…

Nose Bleed

If you have a sudden nose bleed for no apparent reason, you should consider having your blood pressure checked right away.

Doctors are unsure of how the two are connected, but patients presenting in the emergency department with epistaxis (nose bleed) have a higher than average likelihood of being hypertensive, and likewise those with nosebleeds who present with high blood pressure tend to have more difficult to control bleeding requiring more intervention to stanch the flow, such as packing and cauterization.

Given the connection between the two, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to experiencing unexplainable nose bleeding and have your blood pressure checked right away.

Experiencing cravings? It might be due to high blood pressure…

Craving Salt

People with high blood pressure have a higher tendency to crave salt, which ironically can make this condition even worse over time.

In a study of adults in Brazil (1), participants with high blood pressure chose breads dusted with a high concentration of salt twice as often as those in the study with normal blood pressure readings. The American Society for Hypertension reviewed the findings and believe they may help develop better treatments in the future, since 1 in every 3 Americans now have hypertension.

If you do this in the middle of the night, you might have hypertension…

Frequent Nighttime Urination

Some studies have demonstrated those with frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom to urinate, called nocturia, may indeed have high blood pressure. It’s long been established that hypertension damages the kidneys when it is uncontrolled for a long period of time. This finding just shows that there is a strong connection between the function of the kidneys and hypertension.

An individual who is waking up more than twice in a single night to urinate should take the issue to their doctor for review. The longer hypertension remains out of control, the more substantial the risk of long-term and permanent damage to the body as a whole.

This next cause might have you running to the eye doctor…

Blurred Vision

One well-known sign of possible hypertension is blurred vision. Often it occurs suddenly, though sometimes it develops slowly over time.

Hypertension often damages the tiny blood vessels within the eye, which can damage the retina and your optic nerve. When this damage happens, it can cause minor blood leakage into the eye, which can worsen over time, causing blurring that doesn’t go away with rest or time.

Always have sudden vision changes investigated by your doctor or an ophthalmologist right away, including if you experience the following…

Feeling Like the Heart is Pounding in the Chest and Head

If you have not been doing any vigorous exercising and you suddenly feel your heart “pounding,” whether in your chest, your neck, or in your head, this could be a strong indicator of high blood pressure.

Anytime the heart is forced to work overtime, you should immediately have the situation looked over by your doctor. Also, you should avoid consuming anything stimulating, such as caffeine or energy drinks, as they can make the pounding even worse while increasing your blood pressure immediately.

If you don’t get enough of this next thing, you might experience high blood pressure…


If you are regularly getting less than 6 hours’ worth of sleep on most nights of the week, it is crucial to have the cause of this improper sleep evaluated by your doctor. Never ignore the lack of sleep if it happens on more nights than not, as it can result in hypertension.

When you go to the bathroom, your urine might not always be clear…

Bloody Urine

Another potential symptom of high blood pressure is hematuria (blood in the urine). It’s a well-known complication of hypertension. It can cause serious damage to the kidneys.

Obviously, bloody urine can also mean other things, such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, or prostate issues in men, yet if present with accompanying signs, such as fatigue or headache, don’t neglect going to the doctor.

This next cause occurs in some women…


Hypertension during pregnancy, when it was not present prior to conception, is known as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), and when it presents with protein in the urine during a routine obstetrical appointment, it is then called pre-eclampsia, a potentially life-threatening complication for both mother and baby.

It is critical to follow the pre-eclampsia protocol set out by your obstetrician in order to keep yourself and your unborn child safe.

So, what all can you do to avoid high blood pressure?…

What Can I Do To Prevent Developing High Blood Pressure?

Improving your diet, quitting smoking, and taking control of your overall health and wellbeing are three easy ways to control your blood pressure.

Pay attention to your body and all the signs it presents to you. If your doctor prescribes anti-hypertensive medication, always take it as prescribed. Watch for unpleasant side effects and report any to your doctor right away.

With a few precautions and common-sense lifestyle changes, high blood pressure does not have to be a life-threatening disease. Always tell your doctor if you experience any of these concerning symptoms of hypertension. It is up to you to be your own advocate for good health. Following a few simple guidelines can keep you on the path of good health and prosperity for the rest of your lifetime.


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