Snoring Treatment Options

Snoring is the sound produced when one sleeps and there is much resistance to air movement. reports that about 45% and 30% of men and women snore occasionally. While snoring may just be annoying for some, it can result in serious medical conditions for others, like obstructive sleep apnea. There are plenty of options for managing and treating snoring.

Surgical options

Usually this isn’t the first option for treating snoring, it’s instead a method to use when lifestyle and behavioral changes haven’t produced desired results. It is a complicated procedure that is only undertaken when there is enough evidence that an individual is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, where the condition has become so extreme that it is the only option available to eradicate the patient from the dangers that he or she is experiencing. Surgical operations involve implanting stabilizers to remove any resistance of air when breathing. Some of the common surgical procedures for snoring, according to the Sleep Association, include: septoplasty, pillar procedure, somnoplasty, and coblation.

Olive oil treatment options

This is a home remedy to those people who have been snoring with a vibration sound from their windpipe. Nirogam recommends taking a small amount prior to bed to lubricate the throat to ease friction. Olive oil is also a naturally healthy substance, and can contribute to overall heart health.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Consuming alcohol, especially before bedtime, can increase the chances of snoring, according to Mayo Clinic. Since alcohol relaxes muscles, those of the throat and other tissues in the breathing system are relaxed, increasing their tendencies to vibrate when air passes through them.

Nasal sprays and rinses

This is a snoring treatment option that involves using nasal saline and rinses to increase the moisture in nose tissues while at the same time clearing congestion. It is mostly used when snoring is caused by an obstruction of the breathing system. It is worth highlighting that nasal saline can be made with a salt solution, which is readily available at home.

Theravent snore therapy

This is a treatment option that increases air pressure on the throat of a person experiencing obstructive sleep apnea, hence preventing the collapse of the airway when he or she breathes in. It involves inserting a strip over the nostrils of an individual, thus avoiding an individual from achieving full exhalation. This provides a large airway for an individual to breath without difficulties, which the company claims will reduce incidences of snoring.

Adjust the head of the bed

According to Mayo Clinic, adjusting the head of your bed is a homemade snoring treatment option that is readily available and easy to execute. Sleeping on a bed with a raised head means that when you breathe, the air does not need to move against gravity. Raising the head of your bead can easily be done with extra pillows or even a stack of clothes.

Snoring creates emotional and medical challenges for both those who snore and those around them. To better control snoring and related health risks, it is always advisable to see a sleep specialist to work with patients one-on-one to help deal with sleeping problems.


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