Such Incredible Timing On These Sports Photos

Most sports are action-packed from start to finish, and photographers can’t be found missing all the best moments. There are those expected shots of every big play and then there are those caught off guard candid shots that portray raw emotion in its purest form – it doesn’t matter if it’s during a botched goal or an overjoyed celebration after scoring one.

In this gallery, we’ve put together some of the most perfect pictures from sports events that professional photographers managed to capture with just the right timing. Be prepared for some hilarious and amazing moments; these shots are something you don’t want to miss out on seeing.

I Didn’t Know Chewbacca Was A Powerlifter

Her hair was whipping around so much from the wind; I wonder if it will affect her performance. She can’t stop the show to fix her hair though, so there is nothing she can do about it.

Almost Pure Mermaid

It looked at first glance like a giant mermaid emerging from the waters, but then upon further inspection I realized that it was two young women.

Apparently Physics Doesn’t Apply Over Ice

A move like that requires years of rigorous training. It doesn’t look natural at all.

Umm…Excuse Me Sir

They both have their eyes on the ball. This looks terribly off-key, though – it appears someone is about to break out in song.

Mike Tyson Wanna Be

It’s not right to interfere with the players. It’s far worse when you hit them while they are trying to grab the ball.

London Bridges Falling Down, Falling Down

This is some major yoga skills. Some girls are using their heads to make it happen. They look like coffee table ornaments when they do it though.

Direct Connection

Boxers are capable of delivering blows with such force that it equals up to 1,800 pounds per square inch -about the weight of one ton. Even this fighter cannot stay untouched by that power as he feels it reverberates through his jaw bone.

I’m Just Gonna Reach Over Here Real Quick

Kobe Bryant is completely oblivious to the fact that this girl wants to take a selfie. He seems like he has something else on his mind, so she walks away disappointed.

Almost Looks Alien

The layer of water covering him was devilish and cruel. He looked like a ghastly creature rising from the deep when he came up for air.

Is He Up or Down?

He’s so close he could kiss himself- just like James Brown used to say. It’s an incredible sight.

I See You

When you see a bull charging right at you, deep down inside, you know that maybe this isn’t all just one big mistake after all. You’re hopeful for this guy because he deserves another chance at living his life without regretting what could’ve been but never will be now.

Swing And a Miss

The girl in the back of the room with her mouth hanging open as she watches my attempt to show them how it’s done.

Is She Looking Backwards

Watching a UFC fight reminds me of how much they risk their neck each time they throw a punch or take one from the other fighter. They twist it so far backward, risking permanent damage to their necks with every attack. It astonishes me that more fighters haven’t had their necks broken during the fights yet.

Father of the Year

That kid would have gotten two black eyes if it weren’t for the person sitting next to him who jumped up and saved his face.

Chomp Chomp

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in this picture. It doesn’t seem like the game is being played correctly though.

Foot to the Face

He was supposed to kick the ball, but instead, he stuck his head out for it. This is what we call playing soccer bravely.

Sorry About Your Jaw

That ball was flying at well over 100 mph just before it made contact with him. If he wasn’t knocked out cold by the blow, then it must have been some kind of miracle.

Umm, Where Did Her Head Go?

Gymnasts are such extraordinary beings. They can contort their body into just about any position imaginable. This one girl was making her head pop out of view, it looked really cool!

The Whole World Is Upside-down

She has a full view of her surroundings. I wonder what she could be looking for behind herself since it seems like she could use all the help she can get in this race?

That is an Odd Way To Pick Your Nose

A ball to the face? Sure, he’s going to have some trouble breathing for a while.

Is This Where The Term Bulls-eye Comes From?

Of all the places a bull could gouge a person, that would have to be the worst place. Ask anyone who has ever taken a sharp-pointed horn up their butt and they’ll tell you it’s no picnic.

Face Meet Hurdle, Hurdle Meet Face

Pretty sure runners are supposed to jump over hurdles. This guy must be really unlucky today.

Got it!

He had no idea he was on camera while at a game that was aired nationally. And now, this dirty habit has become his claim to fame across social media platforms.

Is That a Leg Instead of a Head

She was really caught up in this movement – so much so that she managed to knee herself right in the face.

That’s Unfortunate

One second he was about to take his turn at bat. The next, he collapsed onto the ground clutching what remained of the old tree stump. Why did he choose such a weak stick?

Did He Just Body Slam Her?

He was supposed to swing her around in the air, but instead, he shoved her head into the ground. They will not get full points for that move.

Is This a Chin-Stand?

Gymnasts are different from other people. It’s either because they were born without bones, or their real ones were removed when they started running and flipping around the world. This might be why she can do this.


That looks like a broken body contorted backward. It’s surprising his limbs and head don’t just pop off the moment he moves to take another step forward.

It was an experience.

Being able to watch it happen in person would be incredible! I can’t wait to see what comes of it all.

If Wizard of Oz Was in An Ice Rink

This isn’t the most ideal way to skate. Skaters generally score points by staying on their feet and not crashing through walls.

Riding In Style

When a bull is done with you, it will find a way to get rid of you- often by violently tossing you from its back.

Just a Little Further

LeBron James seems to be putting himself out there for everyone to see. He doesn’t seem concerned about the cameras following his every move even when he’s out in public.

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