Swimming Pool Installation with Tips on Best Deals and Discounts

Are you fantasizing about having a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard? That fantasy can turn into a reality with proper planning. Here is an invaluable guide on installation (and how to get the best available deals).

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Swimming Pool

  • Have an architect do design work and a pool contractor for construction
  • Establish what you want the pool to do for you
  • Check the regulations in your state
  • Create enough space while landscaping for a pool to fit in

Types of Pools

What type of pool do you want? You have two primary types to choose from: above-ground and in-ground pools.

Above-Ground Pools

They include the following:

  • Metal frame pools
  • Rigid walls
  • Inflatable pools

Above-Ground Pool Installation

Above-ground pools are easier DIY projects than in-ground ones. In fact, installation only takes about two weeks to complete if you have someone to assist. However, a professional pool contractor can do it in a couple of days.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Here are the main types of in-ground swimming pools.

Vinyl Pools

Plastic frames, or sometimes metal, extend the pool walls slightly above the surface. The walls can be of plastic or aluminum but with vinyl lining. Manufacturers fit the walls with ultraviolet-proof covers, which can make the pools last longer than concrete. However, once they deteriorate, you cannot renovate them, only replace them.

Fiberglass Pools

These are ready-made pools that pros come and install in the dug-out space of your choosing. The manufacturers transport them to your location from the factory. Fiberglass material can last for more than ten years on the first installation and is algae-proof. Once it loses its luster, though, the only option is to replace it as opposed to adding another coat, as you may do with concrete.

Concrete/Aggregate Finishes

Concrete holds and retains water. You can add plaster and redo it in the future to enhance its longevity.

Alternative Finishes

The surfaces have other materials like tiles, stone, or pebbles, and different finishes. These types of finishes can last for a decade or more before your first renovation.

In-Ground Pool Installation

An in-ground pool requires a professional contractor right from inception. The contractor will help you decide the most suitable type of pool for you and draw up the plan. You can get your permits faster as well since the pros have experience and goodwill with the authorities.

The excavation process should be a combination of a professional excavation truck and handwork. It could help if you consider additional manual labor in your budget. You will also have a plumber installing the piping, and an electrician to mount inspected electric lines.

The remaining activities belong to the pool contractor. The pro will take care of the floor, pool walks, decking, and the surface. After that, they clean debris and fill the pool with water to the optimal level before they leave you with instructions on how to maintain the pool.

Cost of Installing Swimming Pools

Above-Ground Pool Cost

According to The Spruce, durable rigid-wall pools are the most costly. A pool that is not more than 18 feet demands up to $1,400. Resin or metal-frame pools cost slightly lower, between $600 and $1,200. You may consider the inflatable pools for the cheapest option, costing from as little as $50 for the kiddie types. The others cost between $350 and $900.

These factors also add up to the general cost:

  • Planning and travel costs if you are hiring pros
  • Cost of acquiring a permit, which varies from state to state (an average of $200)
  • Labor and equipment cost; even DIY projects require a helping hand and paid labor
  • Cost of other add-ons like ladders

In-Ground Swimming Pool Cost

Elaborate activities go into the installation of in-ground pools, and so the cost is naturally higher than with above-ground pools. According to Home Guide, concrete pools are more expensive to install by all standards. Compared to fiberglass, which can cost up to a high of $65,000 on average, concrete pools are still more expensive, starting around $60,000 (on average).

That being said, you can install some fiberglass pools for less than $20,000, while the lowest concrete pool installation cost is almost $30,000. Vinyl pools are less costly, with the highest cost being less than $50,000.

How to Get Deals and Discounts on Pool Installation

Want a pool on a budget? Keep reading.

Choose the Right Timing

You may not get good deals during summer and spring seasons when pool contractors are busy; typically, they bump their prices up during this time. During winter, the contractors are less busy, but low temperatures and snow may cause delays in project completion. Fall is therefore the ideal season: prices are down and contractors have all the time needed for total concentration on your project.

Other Ways to Get Good Deals

  • You can install materials like fiberglass at cheaper costs if you follow the proper DIY procedure.
  • Also, it is advisable to avoid the per-hour labor pay system with your contractor at all costs.
  • Buying equipment in bulk from one supplier can get you discounts, too.
  • www.blueworldpools.com currently offers above-ground pool installation for just $399 in certain locations

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what goes into installing swimming pools in your yard, you are ready to move to the next step. Although cost is a significant factor,realize that it all depends on the quality of the swimming pool you want for yourself.

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