10 Risk Factors For Ear Infections

Ear infections happen when the middle ear suffers from inflammation and fluid buildup, causing mild to severe hearing difficulties. Children in particular are more vulnerable to this condition, though adults aren’t totally in the clear, either. Are ear infections dangerous? Ear infections are definitely not worth setting aside. Serious complications arise when it is left …

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Ear Ye!: Discussing 10 Symptoms Of Ear Infection

Otherwise known as otitis, an ear infection is when a bacterial or viral infection affects the ears. Both children and adults can suffer from this, but the NIDCD says that the incidence is more common in five out of six children. So be on the lookout for the following ear infection symptoms… 1. Pain Inside …

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Get Rid Of Ear Infections With These 10 Methods

Closeup side profile sick young woman having ear pain touching her painful head isolated on blue background

Ear infections are no fun, no matter what age you are. Luckily, these infections don’t last long. In fact, with proper treatment, they clear up without permanently damaging the body.  Here are some popular methods people use to banish nasty ear infections…  1. Taking Pain Relievers Over-the-counter analgesics such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, and antipyrine and …

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