Things You Missed from The Office!

“Conference Room, five minutes!” We need to have a talk. We aren’t fully disgruntled with you guys, but we are a little gruntled. You say you’re the biggest fans of The Office, but when we mention these gems that occurred throughout the series, most people look surprised. So, we need to settle this right now. …

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Most Ridiculous Things Celebrities Demand Backstage

We guess they call them divas for a reason! When big-time celebrities bring their shows on the road, they send a list of things they demand in their dressing rooms upon arrival. Whether it’s a plate of fresh-cut crudités, 1 fake tree on wheels, or coconuts cut in half and hollowed out for the musicians’ …

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Fun Things to Do in Orlando, Florida: Best Attractions

A train zooms over a Disney World park

Orlando, Florida, is a hugely popular destination. United States citizens and people from all over the world alike are drawn to this part of the U.S. let go of their cares and have fun. The mild climate and lush interior make it an ideal getaway not just for when school’s on break, but all year …

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Best Hot Tub Reviews and Brand Comparisons

Wooden circular outdoor hot tub

Nothing is better than relaxing at home in a hot tub after a long day. Those looking to design an at-home oasis and are searching for the “perfect touch” might consider a hot tub from one of these industry leaders: Jucuzzi, ThermoSpas, Caldera Spas, Hot Spring, Bullfrog Spas, or Marquis. Below are some of the …

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