The Craziest Wedding Dresses You’ll Ever See

To match how special a wedding ceremony is, brides typically seek out a wedding dress that is just as, if not more, special. When it comes to saying yes to the dress, brides look for one that best suits their personality and individuality.

While plenty of traditionally-styled dresses are sought after, many not-so-traditional styles are often featured for a bride’s big day. From pizza wedding dresses to dresses made of balloons, check out the most bizarre wedding dresses that will be sure to shock you.

They’ve got spirit, yes they do!

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This bride is passionate about cheerleading and it shows. She’s not alone, though, as her groom wore his cheer uniform right alongside her. Talk about dedication!

A Dress Fit For a Pandemic

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If you were wondering where all of the toilet paper went in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I think you’ve found your answer. At least guests won’t run out of tissues for when they tear up at the beautiful ceremony.

The Edible Wedding Dress

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This next design may be delicious, but some things belong better on a plate. Props to her, though, as she will never go hungry on her big day.

Pretty in Pink

If there’s one word to describe this wedding dress, it’s glam. Filled with glimmering pink material and heart designs, it’s clear this bride is dedicated to celebrating her love.

The Butterfly Bride

Butterflies are ethereal creatures, but they might not belong on a dress. For a nature-lover though, this might be a worthwhile option to consider if you want to express your love for them.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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This bride truly did not let any paper go to waste. The dress is perfect for those who tend to get bored at these events, as they can just knab a newspaper article off of her dress and have plenty of reading material for the rest of the night.

The Open Bar Dress

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Whether all of the champagne is for the bride herself or her guests, this dress is sure to make a statement. Though one wrong move and chaos ensues.

The Dedicated Mother

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Being a mother is a full-time job. Especially to three babies, the grind never stops. But, you might want to consider taking a small break to wear an actual wedding dress on your big day.

The Invisible Wedding Attire

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While most couples tend to want to stand out on their wedding day, this pair seems to want to do the opposite. Without the orange accents on the dress, we’d barely be able to see her at all.

The Wedding Dress Cocoon

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If you tend to get cold often, this might be the perfect dress for you. That is, if you don’t mind resembling a tampon on your big day.

The Pregnant Bride

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This next dress is hard to stomach, literally. This bride went above and beyond to make sure her baby would be showcased during her big day.

The Longest Trip Down the Isle Ever

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Wearing the world’s longest wedding dress to your ceremony is certainly a way to make a statement while making history. Getting the bride down the aisle was truly a team effort.

The Bubble Bride

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This next dress is unique, to say the least. If she wanted to showcase her curves however, this might not be the best way to do so.

Fairy Light Fairytale

Image credit: This Sweet Life

While this dress may be a fire hazard, it’s definitely set to light up the night with its design. For best results, have the wedding in the dark.

God Bless America, All the Time

Image credit: Elite Readers

This bride might be the most dedicated patriot ever. If there’s anything you take away from her wedding, it’s that she loves her country.

Buckled-Up Bride

All buckled up, this gown is sure to stay safe and secure. No worrying about wardrobe malfunctions for this bride!

Purple Hues

While purple is an important part of the rainbow, we’re not sure it’s ideal for wedding dresses. Looking more like a prom dress, this gown is filled with layers upon layers of purple fabric and topped off with elbow-length gloves.

Flamin’ Hot

Talk about red hot, this wedding dress displays quite the flames! We just hope the bride doesn’t catch fire when she says “I do.”

Too Gold to Be True

Reflective, glaring, gold. That’s the only three words needed to describe this wild gown!

A Cupcake Shelf

With this wedding dress, there’s no need for a cake table. Guests can just go up to the bride and take a cupcake straight off the dress’s skirt!


What’s better than a camouflaged wedding dress? A camouflaged wedding dress with teal lace outlining the edges, that’s what. Whichever bride decides to wear this gown for her wedding is sure to blend in.

Think Pink

Filled with glitter, flowers, and white bandages, this dress had to be included on our list of wildest wedding dresses. Plus, what’s not to love (or laugh) about the woman’s sparkly, matching hat?

Orange Creamsickle

This wedding dress looks more like an orange creamsicle ice cream than a dress. And the crown? We think it’s the cherry on top of it all.

Balloon Skirt

How does a bunch of balloons stay put underneath a tulle skirt? We’re not quite sure, but this model seems to be pulling off a unique take on wedding gowns.

The Skirt That Never Ends

If you think you’ve seen strange, large wedding dress skirts so far, well, this one might take the cake. We’re wondering just how widespread this dress skirt goes!

Pepperoni Pizza

Most everybody loves pizza, and we can tell this bride is one of those people. Decked out in cheese and pepperoni images, this dress is sure to please all pizza-lovers.

Angel’s Wings

Hopefully, this bride won’t fly away with her expansive wedding dress wings. Either that, or she might just shed feathers while walking down the aisle.

Balloons Galore

Ever heard of an entire dress made out of blown-up balloons? Well, here you have it. This bride better watch where she sits, otherwise one of the dress’s balloons might pop!

Octopus Arms

We’re not entirely sure what these long limbs are, but they do look similar to an octopus’ arms!

Shrek & Fiona

Is it Halloween or a wedding day? We’re not sure, but this couple seems to be enjoying dressing up as the world’s most famous ogre couple, Shrek and Fiona.

Fanned-Out Skirt


Is it a cake? Is it a skirt made of fans? It could be either, in our eyes. We’re wondering just how difficult it’d be to sit down in this gown!

Wild, Wild West

There’s a lot going on with this dress. One of the best parts, though, is the glittery cowboy boots. They go perfectly with the bride’s lacey umbrella, don’t they?

Two Unique Peas in a Pod

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This bride’s dress is made entirely from white balloons. The intricate design is sure to impress and leave guests wondering just how she managed to slip into it without popping any. This unique dress is matched perfectly with the groom’s interesting getup, as he sports swim trunks and sandals on his big day.

Dorito Queen


Who doesn’t love Doritos? This woman must love them a whole lot, considering her dress and her umbrella are made out of recycled Dorito bags! Think she ate them all?

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