The Features that Make You the Ultimate Eye Candy

Put everything you know about romance and attraction to the side. We’ve got scientifically proven features that will boost your attractiveness by a land slide. Here’s what science says will help you land your dream date!

Luscious Lips

Lips are up there with the parts of the body that make the biggest first impression. From smiling to talking to kissing, lips play a huge part in our communication with others (ESPECIALLY bae). To make the most of this enticing feature, accentuate the lips with lipsticks in shades of pink and red for an irresistibly kissable look that holds your boo’s attention for longer. 

But while lips can be extremely irresistible, this next feature might take the cake…

Eye Contact

Nothing screams “I’m into you” quite like confidently strong eye contact with your boo. Besides being the window to the soul, powerful eye contact exudes confidence and is the most appropriate way to have an intimate interaction with a partner from across the room. Your eyes even dilate when you’re attracted to someone to send subconscious messages to that person that you’re feeling their vibe. 

This next attractive feature will you make you want to flaunt your curves; just not the curves you might be thinking of…

Irresistible Ivories

Chip Skylark isn’t the only man that notices a well-managed and pearly white smile. Obviously, no one really looks forward to kissing someone with rotting and yellow teeth, so keeping up with your oral hygiene keeps you and your love life in tip-top shape.

This particularly attractive feature dates back to our days in the cave when we developed evolutionary preferences to partners with indicators of good health. Good oral hygiene means better overall health, which can subconsciously score you a new love interest. Don’t skip the dentist and remember to brush and floss.

But with good teeth comes a great smile, which is why this next feature is ultra-attractive.

A Beaming Smile

Whether you’re giggling with friends or laughing at a lame joke on a first date, a kind and genuine smile makes everyone around you more comfortable and sends a subtle indication that you’re enjoying their company. Studies show that men are more attracted to women who smile often, and some even indicate that women are more likely to get “swiped right” on dating apps when they include smiling pictures in their profile. You’re happy, bae’s happy, we’re all happy. 

While these first few features may have seemed like no-brainers, this next one might surprise you…

A Voice of a Higher Octave

If you’re one of those talented people that can break a glass with the high pitch of your voice, this same trait can probably score you a date (kind of). Researchers think that men prefer women with a higher-pitched voice because it indicates a smaller body size (the ones that society seems to think is more attractive).

But whether or not you’re a soprano or an alto, this next feature is a sure-fire way to get a crush’s attention…

Curves of Wonder

Though a smaller body seems to be all the rage, a wide hip-to-waist ratio is just as likely to score dates. Preference to wider hips is another thing man’s ancestors learned thousands of years ago, as women with a smaller waist are thought to have prime childbearing abilities.

Regardless of the science and umbrella answers about what’s hot, nothing is hotter than loving yourself and being confident in your own skin…


Demi Lovato said it best – what’s wrong with being confident? Regardless of whether your face is symmetrical or you’ve got a picture-perfect white smile, your appearance isn’t everything. Your personality plays a huge part in relationships you build with everyone around you, and no one can resist wanting to hang out with someone that has a confident, friendly, comfortable-in-their-own skin appeal.

Plus, confident people are more likely to exude other attractive personality traits, like these next few entries…

Wearing Red — A Total Power Move

Have you ever wondered why you often see photos of powerful women, such as political figures and celebrities, sporting a fiery red dress or dawning candy apple heels? That’s because red is incredibly eye-catching and a fantastically powerful color.

Studies have indicated that men find women wearing red more attractive and sexually desirable, and often even go on to say that they are more willing to spend more money on a woman wearing this warm color. The sexy scarlet dress is the new little black dress. 

We know that what you wear can have an influence on your level of attraction, but what about how you behave?

Body Language

Body language is the universal language of attraction. Whether you’ve just met a spicy new beau or you’re trying to flirt with a cutie at a local café, your body language says it all. Turning to face toward a person with your hips and pointing your feet at them all indicate that you’re interested. A faint blush on your cheeks signals attraction as well, so don’t forget to add a touch before you walk out the door for a night on the town. 

While these past few traits have all been something we can all control a little, this next feature is considered one of the most important features in attraction. But it’s actually something that we can do very little about…

A Symmetrical Face

According to research, a symmetrical face might be the most important feature as far as the science of attraction. If you happened to have been blessed by the gods, you’d know that having a symmetrical face refers to when one side of your face matches up perfectly to the other. Most celebrities and models are lucky enough to flaunt this feature, but for those of us who don’t have it, little can be done unless you go under the knife.

But trust us, there’s easier things you can do to make yourself incredibly attractive…

Being Self-Aware

Understanding who you are and your best physical (and non-physical traits) helps you play up the best parts of yourself. Knowing what triggers you to be upset or angry helps you to avoid situations with people that might make a bad impression, and having a good understanding of what makes you happy can help you grasp who you really are and makes you happier overall. All the time you spend in your feels really counts as “self-care” and helps increase your self-confidence! So sexy!

Of course, this entry isn’t the only one that proves being who you are is attractive…

Genuine Authenticity

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! There’s nothing that boosts your self-confidence like being completely yourself and owning up to who you are. Pretending to be something you’re not can seriously put a strain on your everyday life from trying to keep up a front, and trying to be someone else attracts the kinds of people that aren’t really meant for you.

Being yourself helps you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with people like that you that share similar interests, and there’s nothing as attractive as someone in their raw form that exudes self-love. 

Being yourself and being vulnerable go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, it’s hard to be vulnerable though, which is why it’s an attractive trait if you possess it.


Many people are under the impression that women only like really sensitive partners, and maybe they’re not all wrong. Being vulnerable tells others that you’re completely comfortable with yourself—all of yourself. Leaving the weaknesses, the flaw, and the insecurities all out there is part of being who you really are.

Plus, being vulnerable is relatable. We all have insecurities, and when someone knows that they’re not alone in being nervous or weak, they connect with you on a deeper level because they can relate. Hiding your vulnerability can make you appear cold or stuck up and generally unfriendly.

So make sure to wear your heart on your sleeve!…

Be Courageous

While we know that vulnerability takes guts, having courage likewise makes for an extremely attractive personality trait. Portraying bravery in your everyday actions, such as taking calculated risks, can convey emotional resiliency and strength. Who wouldn’t want a partner who keeps them on their toes?

Speaking of spontaneity, this next feature is another hallmark of attraction…

An Open Mind

When you think of being open minded and spontaneous, a couple things might immediately come to mind. Skydiving, cliff diving, hiking, and more. But the truth is, you don’t have to stray from being a homebody in order to have an open mind. Scientists say that when someone is curious about the world and interested in exploring new places, activities, and cultures, they instantly become more attractive.

A large benefit of openness to experience is that they make us more empathetic, which is our next desirable feature.

Empathy is Key

To have empathy means to form bonds with others, to make an effort to understand others, and to become accepting of other people’s differences. When we do so, we dive deeper into our connections with others and it often leads to reciprocated interest, which is why being empathetic is such a desirable trait to have.

But to be empathetic, you have to be quite the giver…

Give Back

When you’re romantically interested in someone, sharing meaningful experiences with them is a top priority. In doing so, you must be a generous spirit, which is why studies have shown that people who are giving are more attractive. Whether you donate to charity, volunteer at a local organization, or organize a food drive, you can become more attractive while giving back at the same time. A double whammy!

Our next feature that makes you more attractive allows you to show off your playful side…

Why So Serious?

No one likes a Debbie Downer, which is why it’s important to let lose and show your sweet and playful side! While life can have its stressful, serious moments, shaking off the negativity and having a good time is super attractive. So next time you feel down in the dumps, look at the brighter side of things and remain optimistic to make people be drawn to you!

But while showing off your playful, fun side can be attractive, so can sporting your intelligent side as well…

Bring Out Your Inner Brainiac

No one likes having a conversation with no depth to it. In fact, according to research, we’re all scientifically wired to be more attracted to intelligent people. While some believe dumbing yourself down is the way to your partner’s heart, it’s in fact quite the opposite of the truth. So grab your flash cards, head to the library, and embrace each and every one of your intelligent brain cells.

Each of the features we discussed has to do with increasing your attractiveness, but romance doesn’t always have to be your goal…

It’s Not Always About Romance

While this piece mainly focuses on physical and emotional traits that make you more desirable in a romantic setting, we all know that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Studies may have shown that some men are attracted to curves and luscious lips, but that definitely doesn’t apply to the male population as a whole.

Plus, not everyone has the same end goal of finding a romantic partner. With traits such as giving back, keeping an open mind, and being self-aware, you can live a much more fulfilled, happy life being completely independent! Everyone is different and what makes you unique is what makes you special. Own it!

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