The Most Hilarious Wrong Answers on Family Feud

Family Feud is one of the longest-running game shows on television. There’s a reason for that–people are just funny, especially when they’re in the high-pressure situation of being in front of lights, cameras, a live studio audience, and have to think on their feet!

These are some of the most hilarious “wrong” answers we’ve ever seen on Family Feud. We want to think we’d do better, but I guess we’ll never know unless we’re on that stage!

Name a Part of the Telephone . . .

“The bottom part.”

She wasn’t wrong. The bottom part is just as crucial as the cord, the buttons, or the receiver. There are just so many parts to choose from!

Name an Animal with Three Letters . . .



Very close. Numbers are hard. While this contestant could have gone with cat, dog, pig–so many choices–it’s hard to count when you’re under pressure.

What is Something You Squeeze . . .

“Peanut butter.”

Sometimes when we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we must squeeze them to ensure the PB&J is adequately mixed. This contestant was probably thinking about that. In that case, great advice!

Name Someting That Follows the Word “Pork”



Steve Harvey, the host of the show, calls this his favorite answer to date. We can see why. It’s accurate and, more importantly, clever!

A Yellow Fruit . . .



This may not have been our first response. Something more along the lines of lemon, pear, Golden Delicious apple . . . we’d like to extend some grace to the contestant for the fact that she didn’t forget what fruit is. Pressure can cloud our minds from time to time.

Name a Kind of Bear . . .



Well, he didn’t specify whether he meant bears in nature or bears in storybooks. This one is on Steve.

Name Something You Feel Before You Buy It . . .



We usually feel sweaters, scarves, gloves–things like that. But if some people like to actually “feel” their excitement, more power to them!

Name a Question Such As “How Old Are You?” That You Might Answer with a Lie . . .



Dear contestant, we know the lights are hot, the audience is noisy, and Steve Harvey can be intimidating. We’re not judging you. Also, congratulations on officially being an adult now!

Tell Me a Man’s Name That Starts with the Letter “K” . . .

“Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

We’re not sure if this contestant meant Colonial Sanders–which starts with a C–or Harland David Sanders’s real name, which begins with an H. Either way, better luck next time!

Name a Kind of Suit That’s Not Appropriate for the Office . . .


“Chicken noodle.”

We’re assuming this contestant thought he said soup. But if not, we still agree with her. There’s no place for chicken noodle suits in the office.

A Reason You Might Stay Indoors on a Beautiful Day . . .


“It’s raining.”

Okay. That’s fair. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Name something you’d probably never want the police to find in the trunk of your car . . .



Pickles belong in sandwiches and, sometimes, on the side. But never in your trunk. We agree with this contestant.

Name Something That’s Better Than Being Rich . . .


We can think of several things better than being wealthy, and none of them involve being poor.

Name an Animal Whose Eggs You’d Probably Never Eat for Breakfast . . .

Deposit Photos


This happy hamster is super glad the contestant didn’t want to eat her eggs. She’s also glad she’s never had to lay any. Win-win!

Something You Make Conversation About When You Meet a Stranger . . .


“Mutual friends.”

Maybe this contestant knows a lot of people. Perhaps she knows so many that she can safely assume every stranger she meets is a mere two degrees of separation from all her friends. If that’s the case, we wonder if all her friends mind that she’s talking to strangers about them.

Name a Children’s Story About An Animal . . .

“David and Goliath.”

Hm. Which one was the animal, again? Was it the small but mighty gentleman with the slingshot or the big guy with the sensitive forehead?

Name a City in the State of Georgia . . .



There’s a California, MO. and a Paris, TX., so there could be an Alabama, Georgia. There isn’t. But there could be!

Name a Holiday Associated with Christmas . . .


Um . . . not really. For a lot of reasons, not really.

Something You Wash Once a Week . . .

ABC/Adam Taylor


Most people wash more than once a week. That’s generally the preferred method. On a positive note, at least this contestant approves of washing at least once a week. Things could be worse.

Name a Word or Phrase That Starts With ‘Pot . . .

Deposit Photos


We have a feeling Steve was looking for something like pot-pie or pot calling the kettle black. Pot-potato doesn’t have a great ring to it. Pot of potatoes, maybe?

Name a Day of the Year When You Really Want to Be With Friends . . .



The last time we checked, December wasn’t a day. Maybe it’s a day in another country, though. It’s a crazy world out there; stranger things have happened.

Something You Might Buy That Could Be Phony . . .


“A horse.”

If this contestant has difficulty discerning between real and fake horses, I’ve got a guy I’d like her to meet.

Name a Number That Most Men Exaggerate . . .



We would have gone for their age or the size of the fish they caught on their latest fishing trip . . . but we think this is a legit answer, too.

Name Something You Might Put On Top of a Salad . . .

“Whipped cream.”

You might be on a diet if you get so tired of eating salad, you start layering your lettuce with dessert toppings.

Name Something a Rabbit Might Do In a Magician’s Hat . . .

“Fly away.”

Yes. That’s true. It would be magic if a rabbit flew away.

Name a Fruit That Comes In More Than One Color . . .



Okay, now name a dessert item that comes in more than one fruit flavor.

Name Something That Russia is Famous For . . .


It’s not that he was wrong. We just think he could have used more of his imagination to come up with an answer. Or any part of his imagination, really.

Name a Noisy Bird . . .



When you don’t know the answer, so you pass the question off to your friend “Chipmunk.” That’s what happened, right? Because that couldn’t have been her answer.

Real or Fictional, Name a Famous Willy . . .


“Willy the Pooh.”

This contestant must be referring to a real Willy because that’s definitely not the fictional one.

Name Something London is Famous For . . .

“I’m thinkin’ pasta.”

We’re thinkin’ that’s not a great answer. Other answers that might have been better include Big Ben, Oxford Street, and Fish & Chips.

What is a Name You’d Give A Boy Beginning with “H” . . .



You can name your child whatever you want. But if you’re looking for an H name, might we suggest Henry? Harry? Harvey?

Name Something A Burglar Would Not Want to See When He Breaks Into a House . . .

“Naked grandma.”

Accurate. Not exactly what we were expecting, but we have to concur.

Name a Type of Bean . . .


I’m assuming this contestant had an accent that lead him to believe this answer was an option.

Name Something Most Women Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Leaving the House Without . . .


“Their vibrator.”

We think this is what she heard, “What is something a woman wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house WITH.” We think. We’ve been wrong before.

Give Me a Word a Married Man Would Use to Fill in the Blank: I Would ______ for Sex.



That moment when you say something out loud that you meant to keep silently in your head.

Name Something You Feel Self Conscious About Doing Alone . . .


We assumed people would feel self-conscious about doing this in public. We were WAY off.

Name a Famous Arthur . . .


Maybe this contestant thought Steve meant “author.” Or maybe he thought Shakespeare’s first name was really Arthur. The world may never know.

We Asked 100 Men: Which of Your Body Parts Can Be Described By the Phrase “Cute As a Button?”

“His penis.”

We have no comment. We also think she would have been better off answering, “No comment.”

Name Something That’s as Scary to People As a Big Shark . . .



We know that’s right!

In This Bad Economy, What Might Santa Have to Do with One of His Reindeers?


“Eat one.”

That really escalated quickly!

If It Were Up to Me, I’d Never _______ Again.




Give Me a Boy’s Name That Starts with the Letter “H” . . .


To be fair, not everyone takes Spanish in high school. Some people take French or German. We’re going to assume this contestant took one of those classes instead.

Name Something That’s Hard to Do With Your Eyes Open . . .



Sure, if the lights are low, you’ve had a few drinks, and you left your glasses at home. Then, yes. It is hard to read with your eyes open.

Some Politicians Belong in the White House, Others Belong in the ______ House . . .


“If they’re good, they belong in the White House.”

This contestant decided not to take Steve up on his question. Just wanted to tell it like it is. It may not have made his team any points, but at least he got to speak his mind!

Tell Me a Traffic Sign That Best Describes Your Sex Life . . .


“Do not pass go.”

I guess she’s inferring her sex life doesn’t even deserve $200?

Name Something That a Person With Long Legs Might Not Be Able to Fit Into . . .


“Long pants.”

We would have answered exactly the opposite–short pants. But what do we know?

What is Something a Pilot Might Turn On After the Plane Takes Off . . .


“The engine.”

This is how most action movies about a plane crash begin. Maybe this contestant hasn’t seen many of those.

I Could Never Make Love to Someone Who Looked Like . . .


“My lovely husband.”

She explained herself after this one (which we think was a very good idea!). She said she only has one husband and he’s the only one for her. Nice save from a quick-thinking contestant!

What’s the First Question Someone Asks When They Wake Up From a Coma?


“What’s new on the radio?”

Solid priorities. That’s what that is right there.

Name Something Specific Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s You’d Like to Hold . . .


“The Mona Lisa. His painting.”

And here we were impressed because Leo DiCaprio has won Oscars and Golden Globes. We had no idea he also painted the Mona Lisa.


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