Some Of The Kardashians More Interesting Fashion Choices

Everybody can agree the Kardashians are one of the most famous socialite groups in the world, but surely, not everyone sees eye to eye on their fashion choices.

Sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie have all served stunning Red Carpet looks before, but they’ve also sported some questionable outfits along the way, some of which you won’t believe are real. Everything from Gucci to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kohrs these looks leave something to be desired.

Walking Disco Ball

Sequins can be flattering in some cases. Here, though, we’re not entirely sure Kim’s full-blown sequin dress is necessarily a flattering fashion choice, unless she’s off to the disco.

Liam Goodner / Shutterstock

A Size Too Big

This button-down dress looks way too large for Kylie, and the random opening in the back seems unnecessary. Maybe she should have ordered a smaller size instead?


Big Ball of Fur

This huge, furry coat is not the best fashion choice around. On the contrary, we’d bet it’s rather cozy and warm enough to keep you running errands on a winter day.


Mesh Ensemble

It’s hard to believe that Khloe, the fashion icon we know today, went through this dressing phase. Mixed with a pastel pattern, the mesh sleeves did not help the dress in this already boring ensemble.

Grey Wasp / Splash News

What A Waist

As if the two-toned dress wasn’t enough to emphasize this interesting fashion choice, Kim added a belt to her outfit. Overall, the clothes seem too thrown together.


Extra-Large Belt

Kendall is also popular for sporting some of the most daring red-carpet looks while still maintaining a classy vibe. This ensemble, though, went overboard, especially with the droopy shoulder and the laced-up skirt.

Savoir Flair

Shiny Glam

Laced up, this dress is not a fashion success for Kim. The outfit is very shiny and mixes multiple fashion designs, like its stringy front and too-big pockets.


Out of Focus

There’s so much going on in this outfit, with the leather jacket, leopard-print dress, and orange heels. Individually, each of these articles of clothing would probably make quite the statement, but together? Not so much.

Nancy Rivera / Splash News

Spooky Look

We’re not sure if Khloe was channeling an early Halloween when she wore this outfit, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a scary choice fashion-wise.

S Fernandez / Splash News

Color Mismatch

Even Penelope seemingly disapproved of her mom’s ensemble in this photo. The blue and green don’t go together well, especially with the contrasting gingham and flower prints.

Daily Mail

Monotonous Get-up

Another one of Khloe’s early fashion mishaps, this getup strictly followed shades of blue as its overall theme. Just like it’s monochromatic palette, the outfit isn’t too exciting.

Xavier Collin / Splash News

Sequins & Slippers

Maybe Khloe was trying to find a loungewear set that didn’t look so lounge-y. Still, the blue sequins don’t seem like the most comfortable option.


Extreme Gold

Gold is good, but in moderation. Who would have thought someone could wear too much golden yellow, though? Well, leave it to the Kardashians to do so!

DFree / Shutterstock

Silky Brown

They say that simplicity is beauty, but we think this look was oversimplified. The dress did little justice to Kourtney’s amazing features, and we can all agree it’s not the prettiest dress around.


Mixed Patterns

While it was already perplexing to figure out the pattern on this suit, Kourtney’s decision to wear it was even more confusing. The color combinations and fabric cut make for a unique outfit.

Daily Mail

Silky Dress

Kourtney must have spent too much time hanging out with Kim, as she started adapting her fashion choices. We think her black silk dress should have stayed indoors, but she felt otherwise.

True Love

Red Stripes Galore

This ensemble looks like something someone would most likely wear in the early 2000s. Stripes can be a solid fashion statement, but this dress looks extremely simplistic for a carpet event.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Tailored Drapes

This dress looks like it was made from some drapes from one of the Kardashian’s lavish mansions. Although it’s a bit out there, the dress does prove to be one-of-a-kind.

Instagram / @kyliejenner

Buttoned Up

We’re not sure what makes this outfit a good choice to run errands in, but apparently Kim believes it is. The buttoned skirt and lacy top seem more appropriate for a meeting.

Liam Goodner / Shutterstock

Distressed Coat

For a supermodel like Kendall, it seems unlikely that she would wear a droopy, loose outfit. The long coat’s yellow color and distressed design combination looks very casual.


A Furry Coat

Kendall’s red-patterned set goes well with her clean white sneakers. She should have just stuck with those though, as the additional fur coat seems rather off.

Savoir Flair

Unplayful Bodysuit

Deliberately mismatched bodysuits, like this one with red, gold and green piping, look confusing. We’re not sure if she’s going to the gym or a fashion show.

Savoir Flair

Wrong Shoes

A shirt and track pants make for a perfect airplane outfit. But, when paired with snakeskin heels instead of sneakers, we don’t think it projects a confident fashion sense.

Savoir Flair

Unnecessary Latex

Almost all clothes seemed tailored-fit to Kendall, like this gorgeous red floral dress. Unfortunately, we find the latex top unnecessary and a bit out of place.


Too Basic

Kylie opted for this sleek, black dress with zipper details on the sides for her Met Gala debut in 2018. While she probably wanted to keep it simple, we think it’s too basic for a fashionable evening.

Fame 10


Here, Kim is wearing a leather jacket with her portrait on it because what else would look better on a piece of clothing?


Big Sleeves

This jumpsuit is characteristically large, with its massive sleeves and long pants. We think this look Kylie donned at the 2019 Grammys donned a beautiful color but looked a bit oversized.

Fame 10

All Leather

Leather can look classy and put together, but it can also be too much, like in this photo. Moral of the story? A little leather goes a long way.

Style Caster

Far-Fetched Combination

While we appreciate this daring take of pairing a sweater and a maxi dress, we don’t quite understand its purpose.


Denim Shorts 

Was Kylie attempting to trend barely there shorts here? Because that’s exactly what we see with her overly ripped denim shorts. Even more, the netted tank top adds little to the overall strappy outfit.


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