These Celebrities Missed The Mark With Their Halloween Costumes

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have failed at coming up with creative Halloween costumes at one point or another during our lifetimes, but not like this! Rather than try to come up with something fun and original, these celebrities decided to steal their sister’s dresses or wear what they had in their closets—and the results are hilariously embarrassing. If you have ever had an off-the-wall idea, don’t follow in these celebs’ footsteps.

Sasha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher as… this.

If you saw them on a red carpet or out for dinner, you might think they’re oddball costume fans who’ve taken things a little too far. But Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen were actually seen in these costumes… whatever these two are supposed to be.

Katy Perry as a Flamin Hot Cheeto

While it’s great that Katy Perry loves Cheetos, we’re not sure we can totally relate to her choice of costume for Halloween. If we were going to a party and dressed up as Cheetos, though, hers is probably one of the better examples of how to do it. Props to Katy for actually dressing up instead of just wearing a red dress with orange shoes.

Michael Strahan As Serena Williams

I’m still trying to figure out what Michael Strahan was thinking when he dressed up as Serena Williams. First of all, why would you ever dress as a professional athlete who is NOT male? But, even more importantly, how can you ignore his face? That wig looks nothing like Serena Williams’ Afro! Then again, if you watched him on Live with Kelly and Michael, it makes sense.

Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson

Matt Lauer wasn’t alone in his Pamela Anderson Halloween costume, but he may have been a little too exposed for a network morning show. Anderson was a famous Baywatch star, and she wore a red swimsuit as part of her costume. But Lauer clearly took it too far when he showed up dressed as her – completely shirtless – with nothing but body paint to cover his chest and stomach.

Aaron Carter As A Pimp

Remember Aaron Carter? Back in 2000, when NSYNC and teen pop were at their height, he burst onto the scene with a song that asked us to hit me baby. Since then, he hasn’t had much luck with career longevity, but at least his Halloween costumes are fun. Who else can say they dressed up as a pimp for Halloween?

Tori Spelling As A Peacock

It’s no secret that Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott love Halloween. The couple used to dress up as cartoon characters and take their kids Trick-or-Treating. Tori took it one step further by dressing up as a peacock for Halloween – and we can totally relate! You’ll also enjoy our other celebrity costume fails.

Jason Biggs As Dorothy From Wizard of Oz

It’s no secret that Jason Biggs was one of 2011’s most talked-about Halloween costumes. The actor showed up to Comic-Con in San Diego dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, rocking a sparkly dress, blonde wig, and ruby slippers. But apparently, his look didn’t go over so well with his fans.

Heidi Klum And Seal As Eve And The Apple

This year, supermodel Heidi Klum and husband Seal dressed up as Eve and an apple. It’s cute for about 0.4 seconds until you realize they’re both way too old to be playing Adam and Eve—unless they were re-enacting when they fell in love in The Garden of Eden before everything went downhill. Nevertheless, we can totally relate to their costume fail; it happens to us all sometimes.

Chris Colfer As A Sexy Bug

You’d think that since Chris Colfer is an out gay man, he would have no problem dressing up in drag for a costume. However, when he appeared on Conan in October 2011 dressed as a sexy ladybug, his sexy getup left everyone scratching their heads. He later explained to People magazine that it was all part of his commitment to do something each Halloween that is different and challenging. It didn’t seem too challenging to us!

Holly Robinson Peete As Lil Wayne

The 21 Jump Street actress shared her Lil Wayne costume on Instagram, but there was just one problem: She obviously didn’t listen to his songs before picking out her outfit. If she had, she would have realized it wasn’t a good idea to mimic his look with green contacts and long dreadlocks.

Perez Hilton As Miley Cyrus

The famous celebrity reporter dawned this questionable get-up combining Miley Cyrus with a vampire for reasons unknown. I guess that we give it an “A” for creativity but still a failing grade for just being too weird.

Justin Bieber As A Naughty Twister

Remember when Justin Bieber hosted SNL, and he did a sketch about a one-on-one game of Twister called Naughty Twister? I’m just going to leave that here. See if you can spot him on your own.

The Hanson Brothers As Some Weird Costume Mix

We’ve seen our fair share of celebrity fail moments over the years—celebrities are, after all, only human. But not many of them can compare to what is arguably one of music’s biggest fashion faux pas of all time: when Hanson donned some questionable costumes during an appearance on Dancing With The Stars in 2009.

Courtney Cox As A Sad Sunflower

If you’re anything like us, you like to see your celebrity idols having fun. Who doesn’t? You know that feeling when you think about your favorite celebrity goofing off and suddenly feel like it’s OK to cut loose and be a little silly? It’s an awesome feeling—so why not try to capture that energy for your own party?

Savannah Guthrie As Prince Charles

The Today Show host dressed up as a prince, but her costume was a little too realistic. Viewers took to Twitter to ask Guthrie if she lost a bet for sporting Charles’ signature beard—and trust us, she wishes it were that simple. In Guthrie’s defense, though, at least it wasn’t as bad as Miley Cyrus or Heidi Klum…or Steve Carell!

Marc Jacobs As Sexy Trany-Devil

Marc Jacobs is an LGBTQ fashion icon, which means he is perfect for turning gender roles on their head every once in a while. However, if you want to do that without anyone noticing it, then perhaps don’t dress up as a sexy transvestite devil at New York Fashion Week.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren As Dora The Explorer And Diego

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren stepped out on October 31, 2010 with a couple’s costume that just about everyone is going to have a hard time getting over. Jessica and Cash decided to dress up as Dora The Explorer and Diego from Nickelodeon’s animated series Dora The Explorer. What Jessica didn’t realize is that her tiny pink shorts would remind people of Dora’s tiny pink shorts too.

Alexa Chung And Fiona Byrne As A Hamburglar And McDonald Worker

What happens when you get two of fashion’s hottest models together? Magic, that’s what. When Alexa Chung and Fiona Byrne hit up London’s nightclub Annabel’s on October 31, they went for gold in their coordinating costumes. It was a cute display of friendship until it took a scary turn—they were just two girls having fun! Alexa dressed as McDonald’s mascot The Hamburglar while Fiona played his female counterpart, McDonald’s food worker.

Kate Moss As Cara Delevingne

Ooof. We’re not sure what was worse here—Moss’s lopsided blonde wig or her Joker eyebrows. And is that some kind of cape she’s wearing? Ugh. This is just sad. Moss has an interesting bone structure, but it just wasn’t meant to be wrapped in black lace and fake hair extensions.

Heidi Klum As Goddess Kali

Heidi Klum really brought goddess Kali to life, but she may have bitten off more than she could chew. The outfit appears to have been difficult for her to move in, which made it hard for her to participate in some of the activities during her family’s photo shoot. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her outfit malfunctioned after being doused with water, exposing far more skin than intended.

Joey Fatone As Half Man-Half Woman

Joey Fatone may be one of our favorite childhood Disney Channel stars, but his questionable Halloween costume takes center stage on our worst dressed list. One year, Joey Fatone was attending a party dressed as half man-half woman—and we’re not talking about having a man’s upper body and lady legs. Instead, he just wore an old woman’s dress.

Kyle Maclachlan As Cheez Whiz

When dressed as Cheez Whiz, he seems to be shouting I’m an actor! I know that sounds lame, but… give me a break! It doesn’t help that he has all of three followers on Twitter.

Al Roker As The Gingerbread Man

Al Roker dressed up as The Gingerbread Man for a Jimmy Kimmel segment. When asked by an audience member if he was going to beat his wife, Al Roker proceeded to chase down his wife and beat her with a spatula, and then threw her into a trash can. The whole thing was obviously staged, but that didn’t stop many viewers from expressing their outrage on social media.

Martha Stewart As A Surfer

Martha Stewart has made headlines on more than one occasion for over-the-top spending habits and attempting to beat insider trading charges. And that’s just her at home. Apparently, she thought, hey, surfers seem cool, I think I will dress like one for Halloween.

Hugh Grant As A Lion

Is that… Is that Hugh Grant? Yes, it is! And he’s dressed as a lion. Is he OK? Um, I think so.

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