These Comparison Photos Really Tell a Story

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but what about pictures that show more than meets the eye? After all, the best pictures allow us to compare one thing to another and recognize differences, whether it’s how two people look differently or the actual size of something we once thought was small.

Here, we’ve gathered interesting photos that are guaranteed to shake up your perspective on how you look at things. Keep reading to find your favorite

Titanic vs. Modern Day Cruise Ships

In 1912, the Titanic made history as the biggest ocean liner to ever measure over 800 feet long and weigh more than 50,000 tons. While it was considered massive at the time, modern-day cruise ships now can measure twice its size. They weigh around 200,000 tons, and measure more than 1,200 feet long.

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An NBA Player’s Hand vs. An Average Hand

NBA players are typically large in build, so it is not surprising to know they have big hands. When compared with an average hand, the difference is mind-blowing. NBA players also typically have longer fingers and wider palms, just like the photo below.

Nova Scotia High Tide vs. Low Tide

Gravitational force causes tides, and this photo perfectly portrays how it works. The left side shows a deck submerged when the tide is high, while the the other photo shows the deck without water, just 12 hours after low tide.

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Son vs. Dad

Pictured here are a father and son with quite the height difference.

Reddit / u/SFRoussimoff

Moms vs. Dads

Parents can have different parenting styles, and this picture is a classic example of that. Notice while the child’s mother carefully holds the child as they slide together, the father has a different approach. Either way, the kid looks happy in both pictures!

Girls’ Life Vs. Boys’ Life

Pay attention to how these two magazines portray the opposite sexes. The magazine covers encouraged girls to prioritize their appearances, while they encouraged boys to believe in their dreams and set goals for their futures.

Reddit / u/MonkeyScales

Humans’ Color Vision vs. Birds’ Color Vision

Unlike human eyes, birds’ eyes see things in a different light. The picture below is a representation of how differently humans’ and birds’ eyes see.

Reddit / u/tanzaniteflame

Human Hand vs. A Baby Monkey

When we talk about monkeys, we usually picture them measuring about the size of a human. Considering this notion, one wouldn’t think they could be so tiny at birth. As depicted below, though, monkeys can be as little as the index finger.

Human Arm vs. T-Rex Tooth

Another fascinating comparison is the size of a human arm juxtaposed with a Tyrannosaurus tooth. While the one in the image is not an actual T-Rex tooth, the representation still made a good sense of its size. One can clearly see how huge the extinct animal was, just by seeing the size of its teeth!

Human Skeleton vs. Gorilla Skeleton 

Humans and monkeys are both primates, making their body structures extremely similar. Just look at how similar the bone structures are in this photo.

The Fun Post / Sapientiam

The Size and Population of Russia vs. Bangladesh

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of land area, and its population is about 144 million. As for Bangladesh, it has a comparably smaller landmass, yet a population of about 163 million. Looking at the map, we could say that Bangladesh is more densely populated than Russia.

Reddit / u/Indigoji

Human vs. Traffic Light

We see traffic lights everywhere on the road, and oftentimes they are hung above a tall pole. Because of the distance and high elevation, some traffic lights appear small although they are not. Just take this picture for example, where a man stood side by side with the traffic light, and they looked almost the same size.

Mother and Daughter

A mom decided to make a half face comparison of her and her daughter, and the result is amazing! They looked so identical, it could pass for a photo of a person with a rare skin condition in which only half of her face ages. 

Reddit / u/Hazjohn

Floppy Disk vs. USB

Remember floppy disks? Pictured here, you’ll see an entire box of floppy disks with a USB on top. Comparatively, all the disks would likely hold the same amount of storage as the single USB. Thank goodness for technology, right?

Reddit / u/Gar1986

NBA Players vs. The Rock

Retired professional wrestler commonly known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson’s hefty size is truly impressive. While he already measures 6’4 feet tall and 265 pounds, some NBA players still fare larger than he is. In some cases, these basketball superstars can stand 6’8 feet and weigh 275 to 300 pounds. 

Twitter / @TheRock

Video Recording in the ’90s vs. Present Day

Video recording has evolved immensely over the past few decades. For one, it used to take many devices to record video. These included a cam recorder, a tape, and a screen display and monitoring. Today, though, all these are fused into a single smartphone that can take care of all the recording tasks.


1946 Calculator vs. 2021 Calculator

Imagine wanting to use a calculator back in 1946 and realizing an entire room was the computing device. Thankfully, technical innovations have allowed calculators to develop into smaller, portable devices. Plus, they’re included in all smart phones!


Arctic 100 Years Ago vs. Arctic Now

The Arctic region lies at the northernmost part of the earth and is predominantly covered by ice. But, compared to its condition a century ago, today, a great quantity of ice has dissolved, as the picture below shows.

Reddit / u/Sumit316

Michigan at 9 a.m. vs. 11 p.m.

The image below features the same spot in Michigan lake at two different times. The one on the left was taken around 9 in the morning, while the one on the right side was captured two hours later. This is an example of radiation fog, which usually forms during nighttime but eventually disappears in the morning sun.

Reddit / u/BigBlackMan_

Icy Yesterday vs. Sunny Today

Utah and Illinois are two U.S. states known to have drastic weather changes. One day, it might be cold and snowy, and the next day, it could be clear and sunny. It’s common for such drastic weather changes to occur in the Midwest.

Reddit / u/bird_law_101

The Size of A Hailstone

Hailstones aren’t usually too large, unless the storm is serious. Generally, a hailstone measures from 5mm to 15cm in diameter and can be seriously damaging especially to low-withstanding structures.

The Size of Tornado vs. The Size of Wind Turbines 

Tornados are severe, threatening weather patterns that can cause serious damage, especially when they hit the ground. They can measure around 500 feet tall, making them extremely dangerous and scary. The contrasting difference of a tornado’s size compared to a wind turbine is almost as scary as it is fascinating. 

The Fun Post / chakalakasp

The Size of Moon vs. The Size of the United States

The moon’s diameter is 2,159 miles (3,474 km), which is actually 27% of Earth’s diameter from the poles. A much more amusing comparison is the United States’ combined land area, which is approximately the size of the moon’s half circumference!

The Fun Post / JohnDoe045

Burning Candle on Earth vs. on Space

A burning candle emits a mix of reddish-yellow and blue flames, but what about a burning candle in space? Well, there is a stark contrast, as the one in space burns a pure blue flame. Moreover, the flame’s shape in space is like a dome, as opposed to what we see here on earth, which is slimmer and taller.


Canada’s Lakes vs. The Rest of the World

With 563 lakes spread across the country, Canada holds the most number of lakes than any other country in the world. No wonder so many people enjoy traveling there!


Cacti Can Grow Huge

Cacti are one of the most popular indoor plants and are known to thrive well despite low water supply. However, not so many people are aware of how big it can grow. As depicted in the photo below, a cactus can actually grow as tall as a tree.


Acacia Erioloba Have Long Thorns

Acacia Erioloba is a species of tree most common in Southern Africa. It grows sharp thorns as long as four to five inches, but be careful, as these thorns can do serious damage.


Planes Can Transport Heavy Military Tanks

The military tank is one of the strongest and heaviest vehicles on earth. On average, these tanks can weigh about 50 tons. More surprisingly, there are planes that transport them!

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Da Nang Airport Smoking Section vs. Non-Smoking Section

Ever wondered just how much smoking can impact something? This photo is a great example. The ceiling tiles with darker color belong to the smoking section of the Da Nang Airport, while the whiter ones belong to the non-smoking section. This image is not only a representation of smoke causing damaged surroundings, but more importantly, how it can cause deteriorating lungs.

Reddit / u/larebareblog

The Country with the Tallest People

The Netherlands is known for breeding tall people. We’re not sure why, but on average, males average six feet tall, while females typically stand five feet and seven inches tall. To date, they currently hold the tallest group of people in the world.

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